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How brands are using Pinterest to drive traffic, sell goods, improve blogger relations and how you can measure ROI of your pinterest program. featuring case studies from Sony Electronics, Chicquita Banana and Hass Avocados

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  • What this session is:Why you should CARE about pinterest – basically traffic to your website, selling your products, and reaffirming your brand values3 case studies - Sony, Chiquita banana, and Hass avocodoPinterest is not just for B2C -Examples of what real brands are doing and how THEY got started, results they have seen. Tips and tools for efficiency and timesaving. Because we have only 30 mins this will not include intensive how-to or pinterest etiquette
  • Reiterate that both B2B and B2C brands are on Pinterest
  • This slide thru army: We know there are shopping sites, publishers, consumer goods. - but also look at IBM (buiilding a smarter planet, big data) and GE (badass machines, in the GE Garage) and think about your company values, themes. Use that to springboard your pinterest ideas – think about your own search keywords and what your customers are searching for.
  • What’s more dry than doing your taxes, right? But look at the boards: Simple like turbo tax, Refund splurges, TurboTax loves small business, etc.
  • You were wondering what the Village People were doing there.. They are telling you that if you buy a uniform for work, it may be tax deductible. And linking to the blog for more info.
  • Less than two years after its founding, Pinterest drove more referrals in January than Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MySpace combined, according to Shareaholic. Pinterest is nipping at the heels of Twitter and Google and is well on its way to the No. 2 spot behind Facebook, which drove one-fourth of all traffic in January. Referrals from Pinterest increased to 3.6 percent of all traffic in January 2012, from 0.17 percent in July 2011.
  • - Why you might CARE about pinterest – basically traffic to your website, selling your products, and reaffirming your brand values- Examples of what real brands are doing and how THEY got started, results they have seen. - Tips for efficiency and timesaving.
  • (March 2012)
  • (March 2012)
  • 68.2% women31.8% men (March 2012)biggest demographic for Pinterest: women ages 25 to 34Same group who: Account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health careMake 80% of healthcare decisions and 68% of new car purchase decisionsInfluenced $90 billion of consumer electronic purchases in 2007Represent a $2.4 trillion market
  • Pinterest lets you set up sub-blogs built around a particular interest or topic. So you can post all the cute pictures of pugs on one board and all thepictures about the economy on another. It also lets you search everyone else’s boards easily.When I look at the people I’m connected to on Google+, most of the posts I see are from a small number of tech-savvy ‘early adopter’ social media windbags.
  • Pinning in tech, geek, photography and products since December 2011
  • Add Jenn B photo and title
  • Ground work laid – pages optimized for search, no proactive work needed to explode trafficVisitors were engaged: 11,400 printed recipes, over 2,400 joined the newsletter, almost 10,000 engaged with our interactive Ripesness-2-Recipes toolGreat multiplier effect on other social networks: so, since it began in mid. nov --> to date, there have been over 457,000 total Pinterest visitors.  this huge Pinterest explosion has had a great multiplier effect with other social networks. (over 3,300 Likes just for the Banana Oatmeal recipe, nearly 4,000 new Likes throughout the site total since the Flood, 65 Google +1's for that one recipe, and almost 100 total)SEO Authority: and even better, this heightened social activity generated a large amount of additional authority for the entire domain!  our Banana Oatmeal recipe page very quickly rose to be ranked #1, and has armed the Chiquita Bananas site to outrank massive competitors,, and!
  • Engage on other sites – Pinned It!Connections – build blogger DBBecomes easier – have to get going, but viral effectLow barrier to entry, high ROI – easy to setup, not a lot of daily management, but connects you with influential people
  • videos – hint: change the linkMore engagement = more followers = more power-- specifically, more power in search – Google loves high user value and rewards you for it. If Google sees that people are loving and interacting with your content then you get more search equity, more than just link juice – perceived user value.
  •! – if the pins are not yours, then try and determine why they’re so popular? If it’s a particular type of recipe, maybe consider creating similar recipes in the future
  • JJ: add one or two more
  • JJ – add one or two m ore
  • Following user – check out profile e.g. read their description to make sure not really political or religious if doesn’t align with your brandBest time to engage – Saturday morning Integrate with content calendar including offline activities e.g. Ad campaigns and holidays
  • Pinterest - pinning interest and ROI

    1. 1. Pinning Interest & ROI Jenn Barber, Sitelab Callan Green, Sony Moderator: Jenn Juckett, BusinessOnline
    2. 2. Our goal is to connect everyone in the worldthrough the things that they find interesting.
    3. 3. Are Brands on Pinterest?  Blog and Website Brands  Celebrities  Ecommerce Brands  Education Brands  Fashion Brands  Food, Beverage, and Foodservice Brands  Government Brands  Healthcare and Hospital Brands  Media Brands  NGO  Retail Brands  Sports, Tech, and Travel Brands YES!
    5. 5. So What?
    6. 6. Why so pinteresting
    7. 7. Isn’t it all girls? Nope
    8. 8. 28% are well off
    9. 9. 50%havekids
    10. 10. 11,716,000 visitors in January 2012
    11. 11. Sony ElectronicsCallan GreenSr. Social Media
    12. 12. The Process Getting Started Pre launch • Personal use of platform • Research existing brand pins and community • Planning of potential boards and user acquisition • Analysis of assets Soft launch • Test pins, frequency, engagement to develop strategy • Grow audience by interacting with brand fans • Monitor, measure, report out • Involve and excite employees • Gain traction with timely boards
    13. 13. Launch Launch and Gaining Traction Launch • Utilize other channels to promote • Blog, Facebook, Twitter • Increase Pin frequency and board creation to keep momentum • Outreach to media and bloggers • Analyze success Maintaining Momentum • Ongoing promotion via E-blasts, PR and social • Creation of content designed specifically for Pinterest audience • Introduction of new programs (ie Pin Deals)
    14. 14. Strategy How to achieve your goals Acquisition Questions to ask before determining your strategy • Why are you devoting internal resources to Pinterest? • How does it tie into your overall business goals? Drive Sales • How will you measure success? • How do you want to be viewed on the platform • How will you compete for eyeballs? Branding Sony’s Strategy • Build community and engage with fans • Pins and boards focused on driving sales, brand affinity or community acquisition • Pin relevant content
    15. 15. Results Results from the first 6 monthsOn Pinterest:• Over 2,900 brand followers• 2,900+ re-pins from Sony content• 1,400+ Likes on Sony Pins• More than 2,700 Pins from the Sony website• Most popular board: Commerce driven “Brand new Products”• Most popular pin: Commerce driven “Pin Deals”Pinterest to Web• 800 percent increase in traffic from Pinterest to Sony Store website• 2.5 times the traffic driven by Twitter to website• Pin-it button has received more than 10 times the clicks than “Tweet This” button• More than 4 million brand impressions (via Curalate dashboard)
    16. 16. Jenn BarberSocial Media Strategistpinterest/
    17. 17. Case Study #1 - Chiquita Huge Traffic Driver, organically  Nov 2011 - Drove over 121K visitors  Jan 2012 – Added PinIt button  March 2012 - Almost half of total site visits from Pinterest Engaged Visitors – Print, Share, Newsletter Signups Multiplier Effect – social media activity Generated Additional SEO Authority for Banana Oatmeal Smoothie recipe #1
    18. 18. Case Study #2 – Hass Avocados Use to find trends and connect Low Barrier to entry , high ROI Becomes easier once integrated Collaborative Boards – “How to get 1,000 followers in 30 days or less” Use Pinterest to engage elsewhere and find influencers Connect with Influencers
    20. 20. Pinterest Profile Optimization1. Links are still “dofollow”2. Include search keywords: 1. Board names – show in URL 2. Descriptions 3. Image File Names3. Be Specific – “Florida Beach Vacation” vs. “Places I Love”4. Engagement = Followers = Power5. YouTube videos only6. Limit length of image to 5K pixels
    21. 21. How we measure Success1. Traffic Driven to Website2. PinReach Score3. Number of Followers4. Repins and Likes5. Most Popular Boards6. Individual Pins – Yours?!7. Influential Followers
    22. 22. Wrap up
    23. 23. Get Results Don’t reinvent the wheel  Focus your boards on the core keywords you use in your SEO – this will also give you solid starting place for image groups  Add Pin It and Follow buttons  Use your pins (visual content) everywhere – images on Facebook, pinterest, blogs Research what your ideal client is pinning  feed their inspirations, solve their problems Pay attention to image optimization Track your results with tools like Curalate and Pinreach
    24. 24. Helpful ToolsMeasurement Curalate - Pinreach – pinterest reach and analytics If This Then That -
    25. 25. Q&A Jenn Barber Social Media Strategist SiteLab Interactive Twitter: @jbarber5000 http://pinterest/jbarber5000 Callan Green Senior Social Media Specialist Sony Electronics Twitter: @CallanPaola Jenn Juckett Marketing Director BusinessOnline Twitter: @jennjuckett
    26. 26. More helpful stuff Addendum slides
    27. 27. Tips – Setup1. Email for notifications2. Add “Pin It” and Follow buttons3. Connect elsewhere4. Profile Name + Profile Picture5. Profile “About” – NOT Corporate6. Collaborative Boards7. 15-18 Boards / 12-15 Pins each8. Boards – Characters Max + Cover9. Beautiful Pictures #1 – Upload
    28. 28. Prepare your blog for pinning Prepare Your Blog for Pinning. Install these tools:  Pin It Button for Websites – on your website or blog. Embed the button wherever you have “pinnable” content – including your blog, content pages, and products for sale.  Follow Me Button for Websites - on your home page, email footer and newsletters/email marketing.  Pin It Bookmarklet on your browser to make it easy to pin from the web!
    29. 29. Tips – Engagement1. Engagement = Followers2. Don’t follow user, follow boards3. If following user, check out profile4. Go to original source before re-pin5. “Pin It!” button on website?6. Don’t forget video7. Setup anytime, engage strategically8. Integrate with content calendar
    32. 32. Sources Brands on Pinterest Pinterest infographic infographic/ (March 2012) Referral Traffic source (Jan 2012) Optimize pinterest images for SEO Three cool tools for pinterest