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Cubism Presentation


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Cubism Presentation

  2. 2. INFLUENCES ON CUBISM• Paul Cézanne changed styles and habits• Variations of tone and color• Geometric shapes: cylinder, sphere, cone• Varied approach while revisiting subjects• “My one and only master… Cézanne was like the father of us all”. -Pablo Picasso Large Bathers – Paul Cezanne – 1899-1906
  3. 3. INFLUENCES ON CUBISM• African art has influenced Fang Mask 56 – the many art movements Fang tribe• Motivated artists to create their own interpretations of what they saw• Themes adapted from African art• Distorted African masks Les Demoiselles influenced the earliest cubist d’Avignon – Pablo paintings. Picasso – 1907
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION TO CUBISMCubism is a form of Characteristics:abstract art which • Objects are shown fromemphasizes the two- multiple perspectives atdimensionality of the once.canvas. • Everything is portrayed with geometric shapes. The Guitar • It portrayed a “new Player – Pablo way of seeing,” which Picasso – 1910 infused observations and memories into paintings.
  5. 5. EARLY CUBISMLes Demoiselles d’Avignon – Viaduct at LEstaque – GeorgesPablo Picasso – 1907 Braque – 1908
  6. 6. ANALYTICAL CUBISM (Or, that period of cubism where it’s really hard to tell what anything is, and who the artist is.)Characteristics of Analytical Cubism:•Objects are “analyzed” from many perspectives.•Artist incorporates many (if not all) of theseperspectives in the painting itself.•The painting, instead of directly showing thesubject, “evokes a sense of the subject.”
  7. 7. Fruit Dish, Ace ofClubs – Georges Braque - 1913
  8. 8. Still Life With a Violin –Georges Braque – 1912
  9. 9. The Guitar Player – PabloPicasso – 1910
  10. 10. Portrait of Daniel- Henry Kahnweiler –Pablo Picasso – 1910
  12. 12. GUESS THE ARTIST!Ma Jolie – Pablo Picasso – 1911 Violin and Jug – Georges Braque – 1910
  13. 13. SYNTHETIC CUBISM (or, thank God, I can actually tell what I’m looking at in this painting!)Characteristics of Synthetic Cubism:•Objects are still drawn from multiple perspectives,BUT…•They are more discernable,•And they are more colorful.
  14. 14. Black Fish – Georges Braque – 1942
  15. 15. Le Jour – Georges Braque – 1929
  16. 16. Three Musicians – Pablo Picasso – 1921
  17. 17. Still Life With Mandolin and Guitar – Pablo Picasso - 1924
  18. 18. OTHER NOTABLES• Juan Gris is considered the “Third Musketeer” of Cubism• Fernand Léger painted World War II inspired Cubist paintings, which created social commentary of the time he lived in• Robert Delaunay spun off of Cubism with “orphism,” which is just cubism with more circles• Marcel Duchamp didn’t always paint, but when he did, he painted cubism.
  19. 19. Guitar and Clarinet – Juan Gris – 1920