LinkedIn for College Students & Graduates sample deck


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77% of all jobs are now posted on LinkedIn. This is just one of many reasons why students need to learn how to build their online professional presence (long before their senior year) to network internship and job opportunities.

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LinkedIn for College Students & Graduates sample deck

  1. 1. building digital presence how to make linkedin work for you for college students and recent grads s a m p l e d e c k
  2. 2. billions upon billions of searches are done on linkedin every year presence on linkedin (or lack of it) can make and break first impressions linkedin profiles rank near the top of page one search return two professionals per second join linkedin daily why linkedin is a big deal g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 linkedin gives students and grads a professional global place to promote themselves
  3. 3. 48% of recruiters post jobs on linkedin and nowhere else on social media. - bizmedia 98% of recruiters use social media to find talent and fill jobs. - media post game changers g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 73% of job seekers aged 18-34 found their last job through a social network. - pinstripe 80% of hiring companies use linkedin to find talent. - smart recruiters 77% of all jobs are posted on linkedin. - social media today
  4. 4. start building your professional presence now! g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 42% of hiring managers say they view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience. - linkedin contact info headline summary job experience endorsements recommendations education presentations publications projects honors & awards languages test scores volunteering & causes
  5. 5. quick start add professional looking photo profiles with photos are 7 X’s more likely to be viewed claim your custom URL show you are serious about building a sharp online presence g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 fill in all the blanks and links enter contact info and add any other sites or social accounts you can attach to professionally
  6. 6. 6 Brandon Bett Senior at U of W-Whitewater majoring in Marketing Brandon Bett Senior Year Marketing Major with B2C social business experience seeking June 2014 job placement position the brand called you g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3
  7. 7. social business etiquette 101 g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 comments you make on linkedin pages will post to your home page feed, and may show up in search rankings stay true to your experience, seek advice, ask for help, show gratitude and always be real mean profane tactless negative tasteless dishonest controversial personal stuff
  8. 8. learn more now g o t p ro file ? g e t fo u n d! ℠ m u lti e d g e m e d ia © 2 0 1 3 We work with career services to tailor best programs to their needs via lectures, workshops and course development. Young Professionals For College Students & Recent Grads Students learn how to create and build a polished professional presence on LinkedIn, establish credibility, how to network contacts, seek job opportunities and what “social in the workforce” means today. Extra Credit For College Professionals & Team Leaders Your campus staff is one of your most valuable assets. We teach department teams how to optimize their LinkedIn presence and unleash brand advocacy across their workforce. 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn 101 Should Be Standard Curriculum learning curves Multi Edge Media principals, Mary Toomey and JJ Rusch, help companies and professionals craft digital presence and social business strategies. Toomey, a LinkedIn Certified Trainer and Veteran Sales Pro, and Rusch, a Creative Marketing Strategist and former Publisher, are on a mission to help others find their multi edge. As mothers of teenagers, the duo is passionate about helping students look their professional best online.