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Codigos html


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Codigos html

  1. 1. Soledad Ferreiro José Miguel Muga jmuga@bcn.clImagen de visualcomplexitiConnecting Congress with CitizensCreciendo en la Red CiberCiudadana 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly "Libraries create futures: Building on cultural heritage" Milan, Italy. Tuesday 25 August 2009
  2. 2. Chile, Library ofCongress Population 17.000.000 Congress 1811 38 senators; 120 deputies Library created in 1883, 261 employees 11.130 visits daily
  3. 3. The Chilean Library of Congress contributes to parliamentary rolesand functions, preserves its legacy and brings Congress closer to the citizens
  4. 4. Landmarks 2003: The Speaker of thefor Citizens Senate requested the Library to bring Congress closer toWork Citizens 2004: New vision and mission 2005: Financial support from Inter American Development2009: A citizen library is Bank IADBplanned for 2011 2008: A research unit for products and services development was created
  5. 5. Congress concerns related to citizensGeneral disenchantment with politicsPoliticians, Legislative Process not wellregarded and understoodYoung people not votingSenior Citizens do not feel taken intoaccount in political decisions
  6. 6. New Approach for the LibraryUnderstanding the community from people ´s concerns and not their needs This means Monitoring parliamentary, political, social and technological trends, Exploring, Checking with peers, Pilot projects and Continuous evaluation
  7. 7. New Approach for the LibraryAs a Social Interaction Environment andnot only a refined RepositoryWhere Citizens receive ContextsAre trained in New CapabilitiesAnd develop Relationships thatexpand their Possibilities for Action
  8. 8. People are not individualconsumers of information but rather nodes in a human network thatcollectively interprets and evaluates their worlds
  9. 9. experiences
  10. 10.  Civic education: Children, Teenager and Young adults Connecting Parliamentarians with Citizens Targeted Inclusion Cultivating disclosure experiences
  11. 11. Civic Education
  13. 13. Civic Education
  14. 14. Civic EducationCivic education is not information: it is about making sense Parliamentary work is easier to understand by role playing
  15. 15. Research for Civic Parliament 2020Education participants UK Australia Canada Chile New Zealand
  16. 16. ParliamentariansCitizens ask your mp
  17. 17. Parliamentarians Fostering social networksCitizens • 471 questions, interviews, events in Youtube • 167 Podcasts on law in easy language Podcaster • Legal Facebook 6.696 Fans • Legal and Senior Citizens Blogs 2.400 members
  18. 18. Social Web allowsconversations, making andsharing judgements, findingnovelties and disseminating them inside a community
  19. 19. Targeted Inclusion
  20. 20. Targeted Inclusion major leagues The library creates conditions for the expression of citizen voices: technological platforms and skill developmentsponsoringa blog for seniorcitizens
  21. 21. Targeted Inclusion “I am an agent that promotes “I feel alive” democratic values” “I keep away from “I can understand loneliness” the members of parliament” “I communicate with the world of the parliament”relate to peers” “I can link to the Congress” “I’m out in the world”
  22. 22. Cultivating disclosure Clay Shirky Don TapscottDon Tapscott
  23. 23. Cultivating disclosure
  24. 24. Next StepsExplore 4 questions:1. Who is the citizen who visits us , who needs us and who ignores us?2. How do we empower citizens in the political arena?3. How do we promote Congress, parliamentarians and parliamentary democracy?4. How do we learn more about our communities?
  25. 25. DjVu image index Corrected OCR OCR to be correctedÍndice:El_Gaucho_Martín_Fierro.djvu
  26. 26. OCR to be correctedágina:El_Gaucho_Martín_Fierro.djvu/51&action=edit&redlink=1
  27. 27. Our major challenge is not being “modern” The challenge is to resolve conflicts that modernityproduces with traditional values
  28. 28. Soledad Ferreirosferreiro@bcn.clJosé Miguel www.b