Aug 2012 NACADA Tech Talk #1: Trends


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"I want to talk today about two big themes that will be repeated frequently this week – the ways that colleagues are using technology, both enterprise-wide technology and social media, to enhance & maximize learning. And I’m going to touch on the ways institutions are using technology to maximize their work. We see both of these trends every day on the web, in newspapers, at conferences, and on our campuses."

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Aug 2012 NACADA Tech Talk #1: Trends

  1. 1. Goals today Understand use of technology to maximize learning. Understand use of technology to maximize institutional efforts. All photos morgueFile unless otherwise attributed
  2. 2. Graphichttp:// DachisMY1Yxk Group
  3. 3. Maximizing LearningLearning Principles Design Principles Interest-driven Shared Purpose Peer-Supported Production-CenteredAcademically-oriented Open Network
  4. 4. Learning PrinciplesInterest-drivenPeer-supportedAcademically-oriented • Interests should be pursued, followed, & developed. • Learning in the context of peer interaction is powerful. • Intellectual growth thrives when learning is directed towards academic achievement and excellence.
  5. 5. DesignPrinciplesShared purposeProduction-centeredOpen network • Today’s online communities provide many opportunities for shared projects. • Connected learning environments providing tools and opportunities for learners to produce, circulate info, & curate. • Learning resources, tools, and materials are abundant, accessible, and visible across settings.
  6. 6. 2012 Horizon Report Mobile Apps Tablet Computing Game-based Learning Learning Analytics
  7. 7. Mobile Apps“Higher education institutions are now designing apps tailored to educational and research needs across the curriculum.”
  8. 8. Mobile Apps Institutional MapsLaundry & Bookstore Lines Orientation Events Grade Checking Project Management Annotated Readers
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Go Blue Single Sign-On Travel Registry Trip Summary Personal Class SchedulesCollege of Medicine, Engineering, and Business Apps Conference Apps Alumni Magazine Laundry
  11. 11. Tablet Computing Ideal for one-to-one learning & valued for their portability.Tablets are an important tool for units working in a paperless (or paper-reduced) environment.
  12. 12. Tablet Computing Imaging in Laboratory Classes Field Research Lecture Capture Textbook ReplacementAdmissions/Orientation/Outreach Boomer Sooner
  13. 13. Game-based Learning When students readily connect w/the material, opportunities for deep learning are increased. Recognized trend that has not impacted advising units noticeably.
  14. 14. Maximizing Institutional Effort Learning Analytics: College life, quantified. Analyzing student information to allow institutions to maximize student learning & the student experience.
  15. 15. Data-Mining is “a way of finding patterns and trends inlarge datasets using statistics and machine learning.” - Audrey Watters
  16. 16. Maximizing Institutional Effort Learning Analytics: College life, quantified.
  17. 17. US Dept of Education Report on Learning Analytics
  18. 18. Technology is a tool to implement your vision & mission Shiny Object Syndrome (just because you can doesnt mean you should)Pick one tool that matcheswhere your students are & do it wellTie tool(s) to goals & already existing programs; layer, layer, layer
  19. 19. University of North Texas first-year seminar class
  20. 20. University of North Texas first-year seminar class•Build a professional LinkedIn profile•Conduct informational interviews•Participate in group discussions•Connect to professional organizations also on LinkedIn•Understand the value of networking
  21. 21. The Global Community for Academic AdvisingNACADA’s multi-pronged approach: Development of technology infrastructure & competencies