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S5Health story with testimonials

  1. 1. S5Health’s Consumer Health Management Portal was developed to improve thequality of healthcare and health outcomes for millions of people living withdiabetes, and other chronic conditions and improving the general health andwellness of all consumers. The system offers interactive online tools and visual :dashboards to easily track trends and trouble areas, connect withcaregivers, payors, suppliers and other patients, manage prescriptionmedication and compliance, and provide rewards and incentives for healthybehaviors.
  2. 2. Building Tools from Consumer’s Perspective S5Health’s founder is the father of type 1 diabetic. 30 years in ITwith 15 of those years in healthcare IT In 2007, founder started an IT company, SDM offering BusinessIntelligence(BI) solutions to corporations Daughter, Courtney diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 yearsago and struggled with diabetic blood sugar management as itfluctuates during the day. In 2009 founder used SDM’s BI platformand built a set of diabetic tools to help her better track andmanage her condition Courtney’s A1C levels improved by 1.5 points and she felt better.Her doctors wanted to know what she was doing. Riley Hospitalfor Children using the toolkit and made available to other patients37% of patients say they are interested in using online tools thatcould help them assess, monitor and manage their health.Deloitte 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers, March 2009
  3. 3. New Delivery and Coordination Models RequireENGAGEMENT WITH CONSUMER
  4. 4. Health Plans and Payers should offer a variety of services or tools bothto members and to providers Individuals Providers • Health/wealth planning and • Tools and resources for management virtual interdisciplinary care • Risk assessment delivery teams • Personal Health Records • Tools to support better • Connected personal access to clinical and patient medical devices • Health & information • Trusted clinical Wellness • Tools to support cost/quality information Coaching transparency • Collaboration tools and • Tools or services to provide trusted sites coordinated, integrated care • Benefits selection • Tools to enhance access (e- • Provider selection visits, telemedicine) • Incentives program for • Tools to streamline healthy behaviors administrative processes S5Health tools in blue, tools in green provided in-house
  5. 5. S5Health Empowering Patient’s to Live Well Provides high tech, yet easy to usetools, that allow consumers to upload, Patient Echo Systemvisualize and share with echo system,any biometric data from any device toengage in healthy monitoring. Allows consumer to securelycommunicate with echo system Social Media (Facebook like tools) forcollaboration between patients tocaregivers and patients like themPatients can track DME and prescriptiondrug information to ensure compliance andreduce cost Allows consumer to participate insurveys and proactive behavioral rewardprogram offerings to increase compliancy
  6. 6. Engage, Track and Reward Members while Reducing CostsS5Health platform makes it easy to inspire members and employees to sustain healthy behavior Use our rewards program or integrate your existing reward program Create a strong wellness strategy with a positive financial impact by offering participants a solution unique to their needs and wellness goals, consolidated into a single patient view Increases engagement through communication, social, clinical, financial and educational information Aligns appropriate incentives with desired behavior and patients willingness to change Validates program activity Engage participants through the value of choice Online technology has the power to track, integrate and reward every success 6
  7. 7. Real problems facing Consumers, Provider and PayorsConsumers “My insulin needs change during the day depending on many factors, what I eat, what time I eat, etc...I can’t keep track.” “Most devices only allow for 90 days of data storage, so keeping track of dosages over time is difficult.” “My …(device) can not download the data into other systems.” “I have a hard time keeping track of all the medications my family uses” “I would like to interact with other patients like me to see how they manage their childs diabetes…”Providers “Unfortunately, many patients cannot digest the statistical biometric information in order to make the necessary behavior modifications..” “Even though this …(device data) is critical to review before making dosage, or medication adjustments, in most cases, my patients don’t have access to this information.” “Some patients want to be more proactive and would be if they had access to actionable tools..”Payors “Healthcare cost have risen every year with no relief in site…Consumers have to become engaged in order to control cost ..”S5Health’s Consumer Health Management System solves these issues 7
  8. 8. Consumer Testimonials “We’ve seen things come and go for  “I am all about technology so I jumped on diabetes management,” the Carmel, board immediately,” Jennifer said. “I like Indiana mother said. “So far, I think (the S5Health for the fact that it is user friendly, S5Health) diabetes portal is the most all the information is there in one place, flexible, engaging diabetes tool that we you can customize it with notes, carb- have used.” insulin ratios, doctor appointments, and “The ability to upload and have all the data more. It’s nice that once you upload the together in one place is the best part of this information that with the click of the tool. Also, having it be web-based is mouse it can be sent directly to the great. I used it last week to fill out a form doctor/nurse practioner. We are that Riley needed to get a diabetes contemplating the idea of the school management plan to the school nurse inputting the data each day so that nurse. Because I had (my daughter’s) the paper/folder doesnt get lost in transit.” basal rates, corrections, and food ratios entered on the website, I was able to fill out - -Jennifer is a mom new to the the form at work on my lunch hour and fax Diabetes World, as her 8-year-old son it to Riley.” Gavin was diagnosed in January 2010 -Krista Duncan, their daughter Molly, diagnosed at age 2 and now a 14- year-old in high school. 8