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Shaklee Newsletter January 2011

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Shaklee January 2011

  1. 1. Stay Active Julie Quigley 18658 W. Ballou Road Wilmington, IL 60481 (815) 768-9525 JJanuary 2011 Volume 1, Issue 1 Is It Time To Diet Already?If January 1st is time for your annual were published in 2008. And the result is showed that a high protein dietdiet, you are like most Americans. there is not a lot of difference between with added leucine could preserveAnd if you begin a diet every January them! The low carbohydrate diets are muscle mass during weight loss.its pretty clear that none of your diets slightly better at 3 to 6 months, buthave worked very well or for very theres little or no difference by 12 or 24 Shaklee has incorporated thatlong. months. Worse yet, by 24 months most breakthrough into their "Cinch Inch of the weight has returned on all 3 diets. Loss Plan" and has publishedAnd youre not the only one. The clinical studies showing that CinchNational Center for Health Statistics Well, you knew that. Doesnt the weight preserves muscle mass duringjust released the latest numbers always come back? Well it doesnt have weight loss and increases muscleshowing that 34% of Americans are to. The problem with most diets is that mass when working out.obese, 32.7% are overweight and 6% you lose muscle as well as fat. Thatare morbidly obese. Thats a 48% lowers your metabolic rate, which makes So if you are saying "Is it time toincrease in obesity since 1988! It it almost impossible to keep the weight diet already?" again this January,also means that over 2/3 of all Ameri- off long term. the answer is: "Yes, it is. Its timecans are now either overweight or to Cinch it and take that weight offobese. But there is another way. Several years for good!" ago a doctor at the University of IllinoisWhile its tempting to say "whybother", you should resist that temp-tation. If you are significantly over-weight its not a question of whetheryou will develop diabetes, heart dis-ease or hypertension - its a matter ofwhen.So which diet should you choose thistime - low fat, low carbohydrate, highprotein or something else? Twostudies comparing the major diets
  2. 2. Page 2 Stay Active Happy New Year!! Another year has passed and a New Year is coming Sometimes change can be hard, but I know if you with a chance for a new beginning. Every year at this set your goals and follow through we can grow as time, we take the opportunity to dream, to set goals, a person. People everywhere are dreaming of a and to create the plan for all that we wish to accom- life of freedom and independence. People every- plish in the coming year. I encourage you to do the where want to know how to achieve better same, and when you do, I hope that you feel as health. People everywhere want to do more than excited as we do. 2011 gives an opportunity to make just get by financially. I wish each and every one changes in our lives. Here are some popular New of you a wonderful yar of health, happiness, and Years resolutions… dream fulfillment, for yourselves and for all those whose lives you touch. We are deeply grateful for I will Exercise... your friendship and your passion for Shaklee and I will Eat Healthy... support you all have given us. I hope I can con- I will Quit Smoking / Drinking... tinue to give you quality customer care. Thank I will De-Stress Myself... you! I will Spend More Time with My Family... I will Focus on the Positive Aspects of Relation- ships... I will Stop Complaining...“I believe that the human being is themasterpiece of creations andthat it must live in harmony with nature.” -Dr. Forrest Shaklee There are 4 components to the Cinch program... Cinch Shakes – creamy and Cinch Energy Tea – This Besides losing inches and delicious, laced with leucine delicious blend of green, losing weight, following to maintain muscle, 5 grams white and red tea helps the the Cinch Plan: of fiber in creamy vanilla, body burn fat. Also in Pome- granate flavor..great hot or Lowers cholesterol levels chocolate or café latte Lowers triglyceride levels iced. Lowers blood glucose levels Cinch Bars – Crunchy and Cinch 3-in-1 Boost – This and good and 10 grams of pro- combination multi vitamin/ Helps normalize blood pres- tein, including leucine again mineral, blood sugar regula- sure to maintain muscle. In pea- nut butter crunch, chocolate tor and fat burner is taken decadence and our NEW one with each meal. CINCH BAR.
  3. 3. JJanuary 2011 Page 3Help Your Knees Feel Better Vivix ordering Item #: 21200Creaky knees? VIVIX could be your answer…..How much weight are you carrying? Your knees bear the brunt of your body weight, so its crucial that you maintain a healthy body mass indexAre you exercising? Regular exercise is essential to maintaining knee strength. Without it, your muscles weaken, leaving your joints without ample supportAre you overusing some muscles and joints? For example, repeatedly engaging in the same activity -- whether for work, recreation, or exercise -- may loosen tendons or damage cartilage and eventually lead to injuries and possibly even arthritis.The resveratrol in grapes has long been heralded for its heart-healthy properties. But the same compound “Recognize thatmay also help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, writes Joseph Maroon, MD, in his you are abookThe Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life product ofHow It WorksResveratrol stops inflammation the same way aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do -- by inhibit- nature and thating the molecular switch that turns inflammation on and off in the body. Still hurting despite taking your painmeds and supplements? No one is suggesting that resveratrol will ever replace pain pills. But results from your veryseveral early studies show that the compound could someday have a place in joint care. In fact, in a recentstudy, researchers found that injections of resveratrol helped soothe inflamed joints in animals. And while itsnot clear how much dietary resveratrol would be needed to help arthritis, grapes and grape juice have lots of existenceother health-promoting qualities, so adding those to your diet certainly cant hurt. depends upon other products of nature.” -Dr. Shaklee Alternatives to Common Cough MedicinesIf you would like information on safe natural I keep all these in our kitchen cabinet inways to keep our immune systems strong the winter and we just increase our useall throughout the winter, please contact of them if we know there are virusesme. I will be happy to send you information going around. Children can use themon: all if they can swallow tablets...Shaklee Defend and Resist Echinacea If not use Incredivites multi for chil-( use only at first signs of a virus or dren and Chewable C and Alfalfacold and then take at least 4 to 6 )Shaklee Vita C, Shaklee Vita D, OptifloraCapsules, Shaklee Premium Garlic andstrongest of all ... Nutriferon.
  4. 4. Always Safe, Always Works and Always Green At Shaklee we believe nature holds the answers to a long, healthy pro- ductive life. We strive to bring you life-enhancing, whole-health prod- ucts and we want you to know we take many steps to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of every product. Julie Quigley 18658 W. Ballou Road Wilmington Visionary Compensation Plan for Today’s Economy Phone: (815) 768-9525 As America’s number one natural nutrition company, Shaklee has paid more that $5 Billion in com- E-mail: missions, all while helping families like yours live healthier richer, and happier lives. Now is a great time to partner with Shaklee in these exciting new categories! Wellness—the next trillion-dollar industry Social Marketing™ -917 million users worldwide Green Household Product Market—19% projected growth U.S. Natural Product Market—Approaching $7 U.S. Skin Care Market—$3.2 billion Anti-Aging Market—$162 billion worldwide Home Based Business—$70 billion worldwide Imagine working in these industries from the comfort of your home! January Events: LIVE YOUR DREAMS 2011 – SATURDAY JANUARY 8, 2011 What are your New Years Resolutions? Better Health? Travel? Pay off Debts? A new Car? Join us for our Kick Off Event Saturday January 8, 2011 9:00 - 11:30 AM 2647 Barcoo Bend - New Lenox New Years Message from Roger Barnett (via DVD) Terrific Promotions, Income and Incentives Leaders sharing their Shaklee Success Stories Taste the brand new Cinch Meal Bars Everyone is invited this will be a great event!