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Why Free, Libre, Open Source Software at the university


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An invitation to work and advocate FLOSS software at the university and a description of our experience from the Free Software Office at the University of Granada

Published in: Education
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Why Free, Libre, Open Source Software at the university

  1. 1. Fostering free software at the University
  2. 2. The source of open source
  3. 3. Four freedoms JJ Merelo University of Granada Free Software Office
  4. 4. Freedom to choose
  5. 5. Freedom to switch
  6. 6. Freedom to spend
  7. 7. Freedom to innovate
  8. 8. Freedom to increase your mojo
  9. 9. Hey! That's 5 freedoms!
  10. 10. Did I convince you?
  11. 11. Free Software Office, University of Granada Serving free software (and the university) since 2008.
  12. 12. Be transparent!
  13. 13. Be coherent!
  14. 14. Provide epiphanies!
  15. 15. Ride the wave!
  16. 16. Never surrender!
  17. 17. Looking for international partners Any question? Suggestions?