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Evostar 2014 Introduction to the conference


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Introduction to EvoStar 2014 conference in Granada, Spain

Published in: Engineering, Technology, Business
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Evostar 2014 Introduction to the conference

  1. 1. JJMerelo @jjmerelo EvoStar 2014
  2. 2. Welcometo Baeza!
  3. 3. Willies, Rivas, Merelo, Esparcia, Castillo, García, García, Another García, Antonio, Antonio but not the Antonio you're thinking about, and many other persons which encouraged us greatly but, really, we needed help hauling all those oil boxes instead. Performance Distributed Asynchronous Parallel Conferencing using High Performance Evolutionary Algorithms (with a high performance)
  4. 4. Travelling tapas crawling problem (TTCP)
  5. 5. Constrained EvoCoin Packing Problem
  6. 6. Use local operators
  7. 7. Checking our results We wantWe want YOU to fillYOU to fill out ourout our surveys!surveys!
  8. 8. Make EvoStar your own Friday, 25th, 15 mins. After last talk, ETSIIT cafeteria: Constitution of the EvoStar society You are all invited!
  9. 9. Let's trend the topics! Http:// @evostar2014 #evostar2014
  10. 10. Picture by @fergunet Thank you very much! Enjoy the conference!