Website and blog - social media hubs for financial advisors


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See how advisors have integrated their social networks and built a community using their website.

Discover how Arkovi and seamlessly integrate together to ensuing archiving of all communications.

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  • Successful website presence The first step any advisor take should be to define the goals of your website. Most businesses should have at least three: to create an online presence, to differentiate your business, and to communicate efficiently with consumers.
  • Why should you blog? A blog is a tool designed to build community around your unique skills, ideas and areas of expertise.  It’s a place where you can showcase your personality, passions, interests, and allow your visitors/clients to share your stories onto their social networks. Maintaining a blog that portrays your thoughts and insights can help your website stand out and help consumers better understand your business. Blogging is probably one of the most powerful tool available to financial advisors to differentiate themselves, gives readers a reason to come back to your site and increase your search engine visibility
  • When blogging, persistence is key! Here are 3 tips to be successful while blogging: Create Remarkable Content! Promote the Blog with Small but Consistent Messages Review Analytics From Past Blog Articles
  • 8 tips to blog successfully Have fun Before starting the blog, make sure it's something that you will enjoy doing. You need to be passionate about your business and your writing, Jeanjean says. Nobody will talk about a boring business — or a boring blog. Post compelling content Choose the topics that interest your target audience. When advisor blogs fail, it's usually because the advisors spent too much time talking about themselves and their services. Instead, you should focus on your target audience, with content that is unique, valuable and interesting to them. You can discuss things outside of your business, like a hobby or an event you recently attended. Focus on seasonal topics and other issues of interest to your audience. If your clients are affluent, active retirees, for example, consider posting information about travel. Engage your readers & encourage conversations Keep your readers engaged by responding to their comments. You must respond to every comment posted on your blog, whether it's good or bad. If you ignore comments, people will feel neglected and will stop visiting the blog. Also make sure your blog has a link to allow visitors to subscribe to it or to your newsletter. Post frequently Gain a loyal readership for your blog by posting frequently and consistently. At a minimum you should post four times a month, but it's better if you can do more. Whether you are blogging on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, he says, make sure you stick to a consistent schedule. Make your posts easy to share Ensure readers can share your work with others through social media. Include social media widgets on the blog, such as links to Facebook and Twitter, so readers can post your writing through these media. These widgets are generally free of charge and easy to install if you use one of the popular blog platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger Spread the word Promote your blog through other aspects of your marketing campaign to get the word out. Post recent writing from your blog on your LinkedIn wall, Jeanjean says, or "tweet" about it on Twitter. Or you can promote the blog in your e-newsletter by including a list of the most popular articles. Don't forget to include links from the newsletter to your blog. Track your web traffic Use web analytics to help you choose topics that will interest your target market and bring more people to your blog. Using an analytic solution such as Google analytics, which is free of charge, will allow you to see which are the most popular topics on your blog and which posts are being shared. You can then use that information to write more blog posts on those topics, which will keep readers interested. Invite others to contribute Give your blog a different perspective by including other bloggers. Invite guest writers, such as team members and centres of influence to contribute to your blog, Each contributor will write differently and bring a unique point of view to the blog. That will help you to attract and retain a wider readership.
  • Social media integration Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can help you connect with and contact those within your core community. For this strategy to work, your blog should serve as a central hub. What Does Social Media Integration Look Like? Social media integration is seamlessly incorporated as a result of simple icons, like/retweet buttons, or by embedded media. Social media integration may invite viewers to follow your organization, join a discussion, share content or provide feedback. Additionally, number of likes and retweets can be displayed, providing your organization feedback on the social success of your posts or your organization’s reach.
  • Integration: A Simple Process At Advisor Websites we’ve made integration easy. All it takes is a simple copy and paste of the social media site’s URL into the input fields located in the Marketing dashboard and your website will be linked, increasing its search engine ranking and exposure of your organization’s website and business.
  • Video Integration: Another Simplified Process YouTube videos are an excellent way to share content, market your organization, or to provide how-to or instructional advice. In fact, 77% of marketers plan on increasing their use of video marketing, making it a top area marketers will invest in for 2011 (Stelzner 24). In the past, embedding was often problematic due to coding issues or incompatibilities. Understanding the value of video strategies means that Advisor Websites designed video compatibility into the advisor websites platform. Simply copy and paste the embed code given by YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler (all of these sites are supported) to embed your video and add an interactive touch to your website.
  • Social Media Integration: Part of the Big Picture The benefits website owners stand to gain by integrating popular social media tools with their marketing attack plan are tangible. With a little time investment, and some copying and pasting, today’s modern websites provide a plug and play environment that harmonize different web platforms into one cohesive marketing unit, allowing each unit to add value, and ultimately helping your organization achieve its bottom line objectives.
  • Website and blog - social media hubs for financial advisors

    1. 1. WEBSITESYOUR SOCIAL MEDIADIGITAL HUBPresented by Loic Jeanjean – Sales & Marketing Director at Blane Warrene – CEO at Presented by and
    2. 2. AGENDASuccessful web presenceWhy you should be blogging + 8 tipsSocial media and your websiteConnect with the new generationComplianceContact details Presented by and
    3. 3. SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE PRESENCE Loic Jeanjean Director, Advisor Websites Presented by and
    4. 4. WHY YOU SHOULD BE BLOGGING Blogging establishes you as an expert in your field. Blogging moves your site up in the search engines if you update your site regularly. Blogging can be an easy way to interact with customers and potential customers. Blogging is a great way to provide additional value to your customers. Presented by and
    5. 5. PERSISTENCE IS KEY Presented by and
    6. 6. PERSISTENCE = RESULTS Presented by and
    7. 7. 8 TIPS TO BLOG SUCCESSFULLY Have fun Post compelling content Engage your readers & encourage conversations Post frequently Make your posts easy to share Spread the word Track your web traffic Invite others to contribute Presented by and
    8. 8. INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITES Presented by and
    9. 9. INTEGRATION MADE EASY Presented by and
    10. 10. YOUTUBE DELIVERS GREAT RESULTS Presented by and
    11. 11. LOIC JEANJEAN DIRECTOR - ADVISOR WEBSITES Advisor Websites is a global leader in website software for the financial industry. Our award-winning web-based platform is used by financial professionals to create and manage compliant and user-friendly websites. Website: Ask me about our free trial at or call 1-888-946-3188 Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Facebook:  LinkedIn: Presented by and
    12. 12. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS USED Blane Warrene CEO, Arkovi Presented by and
    13. 13. INSIGHTS How financial advisors use social media:  Help clients  Communicating with a new generation of heirs  Share their thought leadership Plus tips for taming the fire hose of social and online data Presented by and
    14. 14. SOCIAL TIMELINE 2009 - exploration of social networks and how they could work for industry 2010 - first regulatory guidance as firms “test the waters” 2011 - more clear regulatory guidance & emergence of many firms active on social media 2012 - momentum trending as more than 50% of industry shows activity Presented by and
    15. 15. CONNECT WITH NEXT GENERATION "Theyre used to looking things up on the Internet," says Henry Becker, a Maryland-based RIA. So Becker provides information that clients and their children can use. He finds that his readers forward his newsletter or blog posts without his explicitly asking them to do so. Presented by and
    16. 16. COMMUNICATING WITH A NEWGENERATION Risk of losing majority of assets when clients pass on Heirs have questions - and need a new trusted resource Blog is hub with satellite Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter for sharing and conversation In Becker’s case - he attributes 20% increase in AUM to social media engagement Presented by and
    17. 17. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Russ Thornton, Georgia-based RIA, finds that his social media activity reinforces clients’ understanding that he has opinions about financial advice. Using social media to share one of his blog posts, or even a few lines of commentary, lets him communicate more frequently with clients. "Its a way of letting them know Im not asleep at the wheel," he says. Presented by and
    18. 18. SPREADING THOUGHT LEADERSHIPRaise visibility & reflect leadership among clients, prospects & peersCandid and embracing new opt-in economyCan glean insights on clients from their social profilesShares commentary and expose a glimpse of personality and/or firm culture Presented by and
    19. 19. PROVIDE USEFUL INFORMATION Pam Horack, a North Carolina- based financial planner, notes that hits to her website hit rise when she posts to her blog— which she aims to do weekly— and follows up the blog post with an announcement on her Facebook page. "There is a direct correlation," she says, with hits up 40% to 66% in some instances. Presented by and
    20. 20. EDUCATING INVESTORSFocus on educating young adults and familiesStrategic planning around weekly blogging and Facebook interactionBe a go-to place for clients and prospectsPositive SEO impact to overall online presence *(Google has validated content more important than SEO mechanics) Presented by and
    21. 21. STEPPING STONES TO SOCIAL MEDIAListening is criticalMatch the social network(s) to your firm cultureSimplicity with a planArchive, monitor & measure Presented by and
    22. 22. BEFORE YOU ENGAGEHave a Policy Who is authorized Which platforms to use Social Media Policy Approved Technology How to respond to negativeHave a social media archiving solution that works anytime, anywhere. Presented by and
    23. 23. BLANE WARRENE CEO - ARKOVI Arkovi is the premiere financial services social media solution for archiving, compliance and monitoring. Get your Free Social Media Resource Center at Ask us for our Free RIA Social Media Policy Kit at or call866-222-2334, x707 Connect with us on Twitter: arkovibackups Presented by and
    24. 24. CONTACT DETAILSArkovi – Social media archiving & complianceBlane Warrene – CEO | 1 866.222.2334 - Websites – Award winning website softwareLoic Jeanjean – Director | 1 888.946.3188 - Presented by and