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Student Multi-Touch eBook Creation


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Learn how to create Mult-Touch Books step by step with lots of examples.
This session will show you how to get students away from consuming content to be creators of content and then publishing it as a digital book. Digital creation can engage students at any grade level while enhancing their writing, understanding and critical thinking skills.
You will learn start to finish workflow on how to manage a collaborative approach to creating eBooks with multiple apps. Attendees will see many sample eBooks that students have created to give you ideas and inspiration. Class portfolio creation has never been easier!

Published in: Education
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Student Multi-Touch eBook Creation

  1. 1. Student eBook Creation Step by step
  2. 2. Jeremy Reid @jReidEdu
  3. 3. “Turn your class away from solely consuming content to be creators of content”
  4. 4. Newest Completed eBooks
  5. 5. Apps
  6. 6. Created by: @jReidEdu The 5 C’s of eBook Publishing
  7. 7. 1. Collaborate Work online in groups Google Drive & Docs Research & learn
  8. 8. 2. Create Take notes Write paragraphs, articles, chapters Layout Create Comics, Concept maps, Video’s, Graphics…
  9. 9. 3. Collect Get copies of student work Pages or Chapter(s) Google Drive or Classroom
  10. 10. 4. Combine Student Book Captain(s) collect & collate work Edit Design Cover Table of Contents Introduction to Book
  11. 11. 5. Circulate Export as ePub format Upload the completed book in iTunes Producer Available in iBooks Store
  12. 12. Book Captains Important leadership role tech support helpers
  13. 13. More eBook Samples
  14. 14. Book Creator Easy to use!
  15. 15. –Austin Kleon (Show your work) “How to be exceptional. The first step is to stop trying”
  16. 16. Practice Challenge… Create a short eBook one of the following topics Tell me about your Favourite Animal Vacation bucket list Show your work!
  17. 17. Resources: My iBooks My Blog: Book Creator Help & Their Blog Book Creator Teachers Guide To keep learning follow: #ibookschat #adechat #ipaded #ipadchat