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Online Banjing services offered by Hddc bank

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Online Banking-Jonlen

  2. 2. PRESENTATION PATHMeaning & Definition of E-Business.Need & Importance of E-Business.Applications of E-Business.E-Banking or On-Line BankingPros & Cons of E-BankingE-Banking Services offered by HDFC BankProcedure for online BankingConclusionBibliography
  3. 3. E-BUSINESS-Meaning & DefinitionE-Business means conducting a business using the internet. It includes buying, manufacturing, selling & managing both internal & external information required to run a business.E-Commerce is a branch & a sub-set of E-Business.E-Business is defined as the application of information & communication technologies in support of all the activities of business.
  4. 4. Need/Importance of E-Business.1. Increased Competition2. Cost Reduction3. Revolutionary Changes4. Globalization of Trade & Commerce
  5. 5. Applications of E-BusinessE-Business is applicable in various fields such as ticketing, travelling agencies, communication, banking, shopping etc.
  6. 6. E-BankingE-Banking is a system allowing individuals to perform banking activities at home via the internet.E-Banking allows you to conduct bank transactions online.It is also known as electronic banking, online banking or net banking.Electronic banking is a service that allows customers to access their bank information, conduct financial transactions, make deposits, withdrawals and pay bills through the Internet without having to physically visit their bank. It provides the convenience of accessing banking facilities from the comfort of their home or office
  7. 7. Advantages of E-Banking1) Freedom & Access to Bank anytime and anywhere2) 24*7 service3) Useful to NRI’s4) E-Banking offers a wide range of on-line services5) Time saving & cost effective6) Attracts future customers7) Instant details of A/C’s & Transactions8) Better fund Management
  8. 8. Disadvantages of E-BankingE-Banking in India is at infant stageSecurity ProblemsLow internet connectivityHigh cost involvedLow density of telephone lines & Computerized banks in India.
  9. 9. E-Banking services offered by HDFC Bank1. ATM2. EFT3. EMT4. Online Credit Cards5. Net Banking on Mobile6. Insta Alert Service7. E-mail Statements8. Payment of Bills & Taxes
  10. 10. HDFC Net Banking Services1) ATM 24-hour access to Cash - Withdraw up to Rs.15, 000/- per day on your ATM Card and Rs. 25,000/- on your Debit Card Personalised Cash Withdrawals – Save time on your cash withdrawal transactions.View Account Balances & Mini- statements - Get details of the last 9 transactions on your account with the mini-statement, along with your account balance. Change ATM PIN - Change your ATM PIN any time.
  11. 11. 2. EFTHDFC has introduce e-Monies National Electronic Funds Transfer Service. Through this facility you can now transfer funds to other Bank accounts or make your credit card payments for any bank across India at your own convenience through HDFC Banks Net Banking facility.3. EMT- Transfer of money by electronic means is EMT. NRI’s can send money to their families in India.
  12. 12. 4. Online Credit CardsHDFC Bank Net Banking service is available for Credit Cards also. Using your HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can now access your Credit Card account from home. With NetBanking you can view your card account information.5. Net Banking on Mobile On your Internet enabled mobile handset, you can conduct transactions on a WAP site specifically configured for mobile phones. Services: View summary of SB or FD a/c, fund transfers, bill payments etc.
  13. 13. 6. Insta Alert ServiceThe Customer must register for the InstaAlert service and receive updates on your account as and when the select transaction happens - all this without visiting the branch or ATM. Alerts are sent either on the mobile or e-mail.7. E-mail Statements HDFC Bank introduces Email Statements for all its Savings & Current account holders. Option to maintain the statement on email, print it or save it on a CD.
  14. 14. Payment of Bills & TaxesOne can pay phone, mobile bills, GVAT, CST, Income Tax, Service Tax, Advance Tax Payment etc online.
  15. 15. Procedure for Online Banking1) Logon to the Banks website.( Click on login button3) Enter User ID & Password4) Once logged in, u can view you’re a/c.5) Once transactions are complete, logout.
  16. 16. Thus e-banking plays an important role today. It is 90% safe. There are various security concerns also. It offers a wide variety of services to customers & it benefits both the customers as well as the banks.E-banking is not fully developed in India. It may be still at its infancy stage, but in the near future, it will popular all over.
  17. 17. BIBLIOGRAPHYREFRENCES1. E-Commerce & E-Business-DR. C.S.RAYUDUWEBSITES1. En Wikipedia2. www.eHow.com3. www.ebanking.com4. www.bankersonline.com5.