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About Jon Herman

  1. 1. Introducing a Key Player in Creating and Assessing Marketing Research Initiatives Contact Info: Jon Herman jjjjherman@aol.com Jon Herman—Presentation
  2. 2. About Jon Herman • 100% of education self-financed • B.A., Psychology • Conducted behavioral psychology research • 15 Years Research Experience • Nearly all consumer and FMCG • Positive experience with several many sectors to draw on including, but not limited to: home care products, personal care products, jewelry, electronics, dietary supplements, small appliances, insurance and cosmetics. • Strong methodologist/market oriented • Worked across small and large organizations • Extensive experience with FMCG clients and their needs • Build team collaboration to further grow business • Married 12 years • Three children • Active lifestyle and part of the community • Achievement oriented •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 2 Jon Herman—Presentation
  3. 3. Deconstructing The Work History of Jon Herman Information Resources (1994-1996) • Field Data Collection to understand the basics of research and team management Audits & Surveys Worldwide—now GfK (1996-2001) • Programs focused on FMCGs in-store sales optimization (controlled store testing, optimizing sales solutions) – Energizer in-store location testing • Customer Satisfaction/Mystery Shopping – Quick-Serve , Telecommunications, and Automotive assessments to transform customer experience Northstar Research/Invoke Solutions (2001-2004) • Primary Research focused on innovation, product development, and segmentation – Amway Artistry Product Development and Earnings Study/Direct Mail work with Columbia House – Quant/Qual with General Mills/Unilever for early and late stage New Product Optimization. Synovate (2004-2005) • Concept Testing and Forecasting for Campbell’s/Reader’s Digest/Crayola – Consumer repositioning program for AAMCO that produced revenue growth of 20-30-% The Nielsen Company (2005-2008) • Strategic initiatives focused on innovation, pricing, shopper marketing, segmentation, and brand equity – Initiated concept testing and forecasting program for Samsung to optimize NPD pipeline – Global brand equity platform to assess consumer demand for switching across various business segments InsightExpress (2008-2009) • Digital Media, Innovation, Direct Mail, Panel, and Media Optimization. – Digital communications and message testing program for Allstate online. •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 3 Jon Herman—Presentation
  4. 4. Two Case Studies • Client Example #1 • Client Example #2 – Required a formal program – Global program to assess to assess New Product brand switching Development ROI – Required feedback to create – Developed protocols that global marketing program, but were accepted over other marketing would be distributed Agencies of Record locally – Created normative hurdles – Worked closely with region and local and database metrics teams. – Forecast new products – Assess switching and underlying – Included as part of early and motivations late stage innovation hurdles – Lower than initially thought and – Moved program in-house switching was typically within brand family – Recommendations varied by market and buying segment, but targeted new ATL/BTL triggers. •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 4 Jon Herman—Presentation
  5. 5. What This Experience Brings to Your Organization •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 5 Jon Herman—Presentation
  6. 6. Expectations (A Simple Four) An opportunity to bring my innovation skills to grow existing and new brands. An organization of A place for me to collaboration/ comfortably settle teamwork for the long term Long term commitment to excellence in brand strategy •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 6 Jon Herman—Presentation
  7. 7. Questions and Answers • I am open to answering all your questions •Creating Opportunities for Growth Page 7 Jon Herman—Presentation