What I Can Do For You 2011


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What I Can Do For You 2011

  1. 1. What I can do for you… <br />John Dutton<br />
  2. 2. What I can do for you…<br />Executive Summary<br />2<br />What I can do for you…<br /><ul><li>John Dutton is a pioneering business leader and management consultant who has delivered multimillion dollar improvements to many firms around the world.
  3. 3. Most recently at Intergraph he led efforts at initiating a PMO office while managing and proposing new projects for some challenging customers as well. These efforts came to a close with a major slow down in the business.
  4. 4. He also worked at North Highland where he provided management and information technology consulting services to clients and at Sabre Holdings where he led global consulting and implementation services.
  5. 5. Prior to this effort he provided management consulting services to clients as a member of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and then independently.
  6. 6. His career also includes leadership activities at Boeing in information systems management, financial management and large scale initiatives. </li></ul>John Dutton <br />
  7. 7. What I can do for you…<br />3<br />Executive Summary<br /><ul><li>He is particularly adept at working in other cultures. He has collaborated with and provided services to businesses in Asia, the Americas and Europe to prestigious firms including:
  8. 8. He has provided services in a wide variety of industries and domains:</li></ul>John Dutton <br />
  9. 9. Achievements<br />4<br />John Dutton <br />
  10. 10. Achievements<br />5<br />John Dutton <br />
  11. 11. Achievements<br />6<br />John Dutton <br />
  12. 12. Achievements<br />7<br />John Dutton <br />
  13. 13. Service Improvement<br />Process Improvement<br />Product Improvement<br />Project Management Standards<br />Customer Service Analytics<br />Service Design & Deployment<br />Sales Force Effectiveness<br />Consultative Team Selling<br />Process and Activity Analytics<br />CQI/TQM Quality Programs<br />GAP Analysis<br />Best Practices Research<br />Benchmarking<br />New Product Development<br />Target Costing Assessment and Deployment<br />Voice of the Customer<br />Stage Gate Methods<br />Broad and deep business experience … <br />Executive<br />Enterprise<br />Strategy<br />Business Management<br />Market /Competitive Intelligence<br />Strategy Development <br />Operational Strategies<br />Enterprise Performance Management<br />Mergers & Acquisitions Integration<br />Financial Management<br />Business Landscapes<br />Business Assessments<br />Industry Landscapes<br />Value Mapping<br />Competitive Analysis<br />Reporting and Analysis<br />Process<br />Business Planning<br />Economic Forecasts<br />Multi-year/dimensional Models<br />Budgeting & Multi-variatePlanning<br />Profitability Analysis<br />Advanced Cost Management<br />People<br />Human Performance & Organizational Effectiveness<br />Stakeholder Analysis<br />Change Management<br />Employee Surveys<br />Communication Planning<br />Executive Coaching <br />Group Facilitation<br />Leadership Development<br />Employee Development Programs<br />Performance & Competency Management<br />Organizational Transformation<br />Change Management/Training<br />Group Facilitation<br />Technology<br />Human Performance & Organizational Effectiveness<br />Technology Proposals<br />Systems Analysis<br />Business Requirements<br />Software Selections<br />Systems Implementations (ERP, etc.)<br />IT Strategies<br />Systems Architectures<br />Technology Maps<br />Organization Transformation<br />Database Design & Management<br />Migration Planning<br />Change Management<br />Development Methods (Structured, Agile, etc.)<br />8<br />John Dutton <br />
  14. 14. 9<br /> Strategy Articulation Map – Intergraph PP&M …<br />Organization <br />Drivers<br />Vision<br />“To help organizations see the world clearly…”<br />Values<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Results Orientated<br />Innovation & Leadership<br />Honesty & Fairness<br />Mission<br />“To empower governments and businesses around the world to make better, faster operational decisions…”<br />Market <br />Differentiators<br />Superior Software<br />Superior Services<br />Understandable representations of complexity<br />Commitment to Customer success<br />PP&M<br />Organization<br />Objectives<br />Higher Utilization<br />Implementation – 60%<br />Consulting – 40%<br />Improved Project Margins<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Employee Development<br />Knowledge Management<br />Critical<br />Organization<br />Processes<br />Project <br />Management <br />Service Design , Development & Delivery<br />Implementation & Service Promotion<br />Staff <br />Utilization<br />Attract, Develop, Retain the best people.<br />Other<br /><ul><li>Project Plans & Standards
  15. 15. SOW Management
  16. 16. Project Estimation
  17. 17. Key Messages
  18. 18. Pricing Models
  19. 19. Margin Management
  20. 20. Billing Rates
  21. 21. Incentives
  22. 22. Resource Management
  23. 23. Impediments?
  24. 24. Distractions?</li></ul>John Dutton <br />
  25. 25. Revenue, Margin & Utilization Improvements<br />10<br />Collaboration - sales/marketing , implementation and services?<br />Customer needs - product/services evolution?<br />Competitive Landscape - products and services<br />Market position by industry and region?<br />Impediments & incentives to achieve higher utilization?<br />Assessments - product, skills, behaviors … ?<br />Impediments to higher utilization?<br />Current utilization tracking? <br />Education and training?<br />Executive sponsorship?<br />Resources to support change?<br />Current service model continuum?<br />Current change management strategy?<br />Organization readiness and resistance?<br />"AS IS" - "TO BE" service methodology articulation?<br />Project estimates/rate effects?<br />Project quality control and tracking?<br />Revenue enhancement opportunities?<br />Obstacles to improving project margins?<br />Current project planning/estimating standards? <br />Organization commitment to Project Management?<br />John Dutton <br />
  26. 26. 11<br />Service Design, Development & Deployment …<br />Key Customer Messages:<br /><ul><li>Time to Value
  27. 27. Value Maximization
  28. 28. Usability
  29. 29. Other</li></ul>Self-service?<br />Customized Workshops?<br />Training Events?<br />Subscriptions?<br />Stakeholder Analysis?<br />Readiness Assessment?<br />Communications?<br />Help Desk Access?<br />Service Tiers?<br />Bundled or Unbundled?<br />Hosting?<br />Root Cause Analysis<br />Incident Resolution Fees<br />Proposals<br />Estimates<br />Gap Analyses?<br />Recommendations?<br />Business Cases<br />Opportunities for more benefits from best utilization?<br />Product Upgrades/Enhancements?<br />John Dutton <br />
  30. 30. 12<br />Project Management Processes & Practices …<br />R – responsible, process owner<br />A – approves, accountable<br />C – communicates, confers, collaborates<br />E – executes the effort<br />One possible solution - an example for process improvement …<br />John Dutton <br />
  31. 31. 13<br />Commitment to People … <br />Developed and deployed new visual employee profiling approaches.<br /><ul><li>Visual methods which integrate critical organization competencies.
  32. 32. Employee development.
  33. 33. Organization transformation.
  34. 34. Succession planning.</li></ul>Example Profiles: <br />Tim Nelson<br />New Product SME<br />Observations & Feedback<br />Development Planning <br />Work Assignments<br />Julie Holt<br />Product Development<br />Observations & Feedback<br />Development Planning <br />Work Assignments<br />John Dutton <br />
  35. 35. 14<br />John Dutton - Personal Profile<br />Career Orientation<br />Ideas Matter<br />People Oriented<br />Make thing work better <br />Get Things Done<br />Planning, innovating and creating …<br />Oriented toward tangible, visible and measurable results.<br />Strengths<br /><ul><li>Broad and deep experience.
  36. 36. Include strong abilities in interpretation, leadership, innovation, synthesis, communications, initiative, team player, mentoringand research & analysis .
  37. 37. Mental skills - abstract, innovative, intuitive, thinking out of the box.</li></ul>Values<br />Honesty & Integrity <br /> Customer Satisfaction<br /> Knowledge & Creativity<br /> Loyalty &Trust<br /> Affiliation & Autonomy<br />Do the right thing …<br />Personal Mission Statement<br />Make the world a better place through analytic and creative synthesis; considering external and internal conditions, strategic interests, people, processes and technology.<br />Special Interests<br /><ul><li>Program and Project Management
  38. 38. Organization Change Management
  39. 39. Strategy Articulation
  40. 40. Solution Architectures
  41. 41. Process Improvement
  42. 42. Leadership and Group Facilitation</li></ul>Management Style<br /><ul><li>I prefer to lead and contribute by utilizing personal experience, expertise and knowledge for problem solving.
  43. 43. I apply various administrative practices in managing, monitoring teams.
  44. 44. I enjoy teaching, training and mentoring people.</li></ul>My Preferred Activities<br /><ul><li>Implementing, seeing a finished product or result,solving practical problems, and working through people.
  45. 45. Focus on practical matters and special interests.
  46. 46. Achieving results thru influencing others.</li></ul>Environmental Preferences<br /><ul><li>Create trusting and fair environments to improve success.
  47. 47. Collaborative activities and decisions.
  48. 48. Intelligent teaming and collaborative sales.
  49. 49. Customers first</li></ul>John Dutton <br />
  50. 50. 15<br />Why John Dutton?<br /><ul><li>Vision, leadership and communication skills
  51. 51. Broad and deep experience
  52. 52. Integrity in relationships and services
  53. 53. Mutual respect in interactions
  54. 54. Collaboration and teamwork
  55. 55. Program success and customer satisfaction
  56. 56. Bias for making change happen
  57. 57. Industry and consulting experience</li></ul>John Dutton <br />