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Jeff Smith

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Ted Evaluation assignment

  1. 1. Jeff SmithLessons in Business from prison TED June 2012 By: Joshua McPherson
  2. 2. “[We need] to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and the tremendous untapped potential in our prisons.” (Jeff Smith)” Jeff Smith was an ambitious politician and rising star of theMissouri senate who was incarcerated for one year 2009-2010 for conspiracy to obstruct justice . During his one yea stay in prisonSmith learned a lot about the prison system and how its inmates could have the chance or should have the chance to have a healthy start in a business field since all inmates have a huge entrepreneurial potential in that field.
  3. 3. How did the speaker capture theattention of the audience in his or her introductionJeff Smith captures the attention of the audience by giving an example of how things was inside the prison. And his job of unloading trucks for 5 dollars a month. When he gave thisintroduction he basically let the audience understand what he will be talking about in relation to prison and business
  4. 4. How did the speaker maintain the engagement of the audience throughout his speechMr. Smith maintained the engagement by keeping the audience involved in the comparison between real world business towards the correctional system of business. By him showing and explaining that certain way shows that even though are prison system have prisoners that they are still have to have entrepreneurial traits for the real world.
  5. 5. Which of the TED Commandments does the speaker best follow. HowVI & IV Mr. Smith used these both in his interview as an advantage insupporting his story to the success that could come the way of the inmates ifthey was given the opportunity in the real world in a business atmosphere
  6. 6. Which of the TED Commandments does the speaker best follow. WhyVI & IV Mr. Smith followed them because of the opportunity to share hisstories with the public of the importance of what inmates are faced with asbusiness deals as well to help the audience understand what he is trying toteach them.
  7. 7. Evaluate the speaker in terms of dynamism from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). What couldthe speaker have done to increase his or her dynamism? 5 ( Highest) While watching the interview I would say I was understanding what Mr. Smith was trying to teach me about how the correctional system has various promising business entrepreneurial traits. He gave perfect examples in how he saw the potential in everyone that passed his way. Also he showed and explained the value in which everything was in priced in jailand how inmates would make transitions to add to or make value towards their way of living.
  8. 8. What have you learned about delivery based upon watching your presenter? I have learned how to deliver a better interview by using every exact bit of information that could be used to help or succeed ingiving the audience a better understanding of what I am trying to talk to them about. His interview gave me a lot more knowledgeabout how to keep the audience in your attention meaning how to keep the audience relevant in your conversation.
  9. 9. Compare your speaker to Sir Ken Robinson from the two videos you watched (“Schools Kill Creativity” and “Changing Education Paradigms”) Sir Ken Robinson Jeff Smith• Able to keep the audience • Able to keep the audience entertained listening and hearing to what he has to say• Uses drawings to show or explain what he is telling • Uses his past to keep his the audience topic relevant
  10. 10. Sir Ken Robinson Jeff SmithContrast your speaker to Sir Ken Robinson from the two videos you watched (“Schools Kill Creativity” and “Changing Education Paradigms”)Both Speakers kept me involved in what they were explaining in reference to their speeches I also saw that they kept the audience in the ability to learn from their speeches
  11. 11. What tips can you give your classmates on delivery for their upcoming speeches based ONLY on your TED Talk? The tips I could give is to follow the Ted commandments in order to explain better how the speeches are able to stayrelevant towards what the main point of their speeches aremade of. Also keep the audience entertained as well to get a better feedback and enjoyment.
  12. 12. What I learnedThe ability to share and learn from how these great speakers have the ability to keep their speeches to stay key onto the topic
  13. 13. What I learned cont.Keep your interview simple and relevant in the ability to sharewith the audience. When I usually give out an interview I don’t put to much into keeping the audience active, but afterwatching the speeches of both videos I will now use a better knowledge in reaching out to my topic.
  14. 14. What I learned cont.Finally is to use the Ted commandments in your speeches tokeep everything flowing properly and smoothly both speakersdidn’t show no sign of nervousness and was about to connect with the audience.
  15. 15. REFERENCES • Ted Interviewhttp://www.ted.com/talks/jeff_smith_lessons_in_business_from_prison.ht ml • http://www.cityandstateny.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/jsmith.jpg • http://www.timlonghurst.com/blog/wp- content/uploads/2008/05/tedcommandments.jpg • http://images.ted.com/images/ted/172559_389x292.jpg• http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8005/7539304878_b16928e65a_m.jp g