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  2. 2. Telomereis the estructure of thechromosomes more asociated with cellular aging The telomeraseactivity make that the cell division be uncontroled, and the cancer appears
  3. 3. A new study by researchers atBrigham and Womens Hospital(BWH) shows that a common formof anxiety, known as phobicanxiety, was associated withshorter telomeres in middle-agedand older women. The studysuggests that phobic anxiety is apossible risk factor foraccelerated aging.
  4. 4. Telomeres are DNA-protein complexes at theends of chromosomesThis structure preventsthe fusion with otherschromosomes Telomeres are considered markers of biological or cellular aging.
  5. 5. researchers had obtained bloodsamples from 5,243 women, age42 to 69 yearsBeen related the anxiety and thelength of the telomeres.The shortest telomeres are asociatedwith the anxiety in the persons.
  6. 6. The psicological stress produces an endless of molecular process y the organism. The immune cell function, oxidative stress or activitytelomerase, are some impact that the psicological stress produce in the cell.
  7. 7. OBSERVATIONThe psicological stress caused by the anxietyproduces many cellular process that can changethe course of the aging. In some cases this agingbrings the risk of cancer, heart desease,dementia and mortality. This study providesmany cuestion about the real process of theshortening of the telomeres and the securitymeasures for the people.
  8. 8. DEMYSTIFYINGTHE IMMORTALITYOF CANCER CELLS In cancer cells, normal mechanisms governing the cellular life cycle have gone haywire. Cancer cells continue to divide indefinitely, without ever dying off, thus creating rapidly growing tumors. EPFL scientists have discovered a protein complex involved this deregulated process, and hope to be able to exploit it to stop tumor formation in its tracks.
  9. 9. The telomere of the cell play a big role in the division of the cell. This part of the chromosomes defined the lifespand of the cell.The telomeres are controlled by thetelomerase, a enzime charge of thecreation of the secuence of ADN in thetelomeres.
  10. 10. In most of the cell of the organism thetelomerase are inactive to meet with theinternal clock, and give to the cell at least 60 division. In the cancer the cell have a mutation,because the telomerase are active , and regenerates the telomere In this form the cell can divide indefinitely, in others words is inmortal
  11. 11. The scientist found a complex of three proteins that prevents the activity of the telomerase, adhering to the telomere In the cancer this protein complexstarted his activity very late, and the telomerase acts in the telomere.
  12. 12. OBSERVATIONThe role that play the diferents proteins in thecell shows the complicated proces in thedivision. Surely in the division are involved manyothers factors, but we can see that the smallestmutation produces a variety of deseases like thecancer. This kinds of studies give us many toolsto combat this pathologies.
  13. 13. MEDICAL UTILITY Anxiety linked to shortened telomeres, accelerated aging: research• Many people can considerate the anxiety like a form of aging, in this form the health autorities can take action for prevent the shortening of the telomeres
  14. 14. MEDICAL UTILITY Anxiety linked to shortened telomeres, accelerated aging: research• The diet and somes drugs can be used for reduce the oxidative stress in the cell.• The profundization of the study of the real asociation between telomeres and anxiety, can tell us if the small telomers its a factor to anxiety or the anxiety make the shortening of this structures
  15. 15. MEDICAL UTILITY Demystifying the immortality of cancer cells• The inhibition of the telomerase can be on of the mathods of stop the cellular division, so the cancer process will be controlled
  16. 16. MEDICAL UTILITY Demystifying the immortality of cancer cells• Knowing that the protein complex stop the activity of the telomerase, the researchers can synthetize it, and develop a form to transport the complex to te telomeres before the telomerase act in the DNA structure.
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