Music and what it means to meMUSIC IN MI LIFE                                   MUSIC IN MY LIFEMusic is very             ...
Music and what it means to meMUSIC                                             When I like a song very much, I usually loo...
Music and what it means to meI often sing karaoke with my family or with       la voz". In 2004 "Incontrolable". In 2008my...
Music and what it means to meTheir music is for me a great way of              Music in my lifethinking. They sometimes ma...
Music and what it means to meMusic and what it means to me                     Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Cassey, Hilary ...
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Anexo ii music and what it means to me (spanish samples)


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Anexo ii music and what it means to me (spanish samples)

  1. 1. Music and what it means to meMUSIC IN MI LIFE MUSIC IN MY LIFEMusic is very Hello!important and For me music isinteresting in our very important, Ilives. When you love it. I thinkare in your house that withoutand you aren’t music my lifedoing anything, wouldn’t be theyou can listen to same. I alwaysmusic. When you listen to musicare going to cook and when, forthe food, you can example, I’mlisten to music. angry or nervous;For these if I listen to musicreasons, to listen to music is important and is I forget everything and my mood changes.a different thing to do. I like pop music, well, that’s normally theIn all places you can listen to music: In the music that I listen to on the radio. I usuallysports centre, in town, when watching TV, in listen to the “40 Principales” radio program,your house… in my opinion it’s fantastic. In it they put allIn my life music is essential because I use kinds of songs that I like and with it you canthe music for a lot of things. When I’m know what the best songs are at the momentdoing my homework I’m listening to music, and other important things.when I need a relaxed moment I listen to My favourite groups are for examplemusic, when I go to sleep I’m listening to Amaral, Black Eyed Peas, El Canto Delmusic. I didn’t care much about music Loco, Katy Perry... I haven’t got a favouritebefore my favourite group called my song because there’s always a new fantasticattention some time ago. When this moment song, now I like a lot “I’ve gotta felling”arrived in my life, I started to listen to this (Black Eyed Peas)group, learn the lyrics of their songs and singtheir songs. The songs are very beautiful and But not only did I like listening to music, Iromantic. This group is in my soul, I love it. also like to play an instrument or sing. I playI don’t know why but this group impressed the trumpet but the wrong thing is that theme. songs that I play aren’t famous, they’re from a lot of years ago.Now I’m going to talk about my favouritegroup, Jonas Brothers. I sing too. I have a game to the on the Play Station and I sing in it. I’m always singingJonas Brothers is a pop/rock group. They when I am alone, well … I do it because thenhave had a great success. When I started to nobody is listening to me but when, forlike them, nobody listened to this group but example, I’m in class, my partner has to tellone day Jonas Brothers were on the cover of me that I must stop singing becauseone magazine and everybody liked them, it sometimes it’s annoying.was a surprise for me. But in my opinion Ithink that the people only like them because For me it doesn’t matter the language of thethey are very attractive, but I don’t think this song but I prefer in Spanish because Iis the most important reason to me, I like understand better what the song says.them because of their music. The music that Well, without music I feel I’m nothingthey sing is very interesting. A lot of songstalk about girls and bad romances. Edurne Urricelqui Goñi Maitane Aragón
  2. 2. Music and what it means to meMUSIC When I like a song very much, I usually look for the lyrics and listen to it again and againMusic is a very until I learn it by heart.important part of mylife because I listen I like songs from very different artists. Theto music all the time. best are pop songs. If I have to say who myI like all kinds of fauvorite artist is, I would choose Amaiamusic but I prefer Montero. In my opinion she is an excellentone kind in especial: singer. For that reason I went to one of herthe Bachata. The concerts three months ago in the Baluarte,only kind I detest is the concert hall in Pamplona. The concertthe music played by was wonderful and after that I could take aband named photo with her!Metallica, and other I don’t play any musical instrument, but Ilike them. like the flute and the guitar.My favorite band is "The Kings of Bachata" Naiara Irigoyen(Aventura), because are the best Latin band.The members of this group are: Romeo, MUSICHenry, Lenny and Mickey. My favorite song I love listening to "our song" because is very sweet. I have When I have free time Inever been to an Aventura’s concert because listen to the radio or amy parents don’t let my go. CD. Music makes meI like listening to the radio when I do the feel happy, it helps me tohomework, in the shower, in the bus and relax and I forget all mywhen I’m making up. problems for a few minutes.The thing I most like is to dance. I likedancing Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, But sometimes, when IRegaeton, etc, but I never dance Metallica’s have problems or Imsongs or others similar. worried about something, music makes me feel sad.I don’t have CDs because I listen to musicon my mobile phone and in the computer. I like pop music but I havent any favourite group or singer. I usually listen to The Yesenia Cevallos Script, Maná, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, April lavigne, The 5th Season...MUSIC I dont like rock or rap music. In my opinion, these types of music are very boring.Music has alwaysbeen very My favourite song is The Man who cant beimportant for me moved by Script. It is a very beautiful songand it still is. It is about a man who is sad and hes waiting fora way to spend his girl in the place where they met.the time: it can be A group I often listen to is Maná. It is a bandclassical to relax from Mexico and they usually play songsor more active to about love. The group formed in 1987. Theresing or to dance. are some of their CDs, like :Sol,Luna, AmarI find everyday a short time to listen to it. I es combatir... that I really like. The song Iprefer doing it in the computer. There I can like the best is Bendita la luz. Another songfind the lyrics and the music I want to listen I like is Rayando el sol. It is a bit old, but itto. On the contrary, on the radio, I can’t doesnt matter.choose it.
  3. 3. Music and what it means to meI often sing karaoke with my family or with la voz". In 2004 "Incontrolable". In 2008my friends. We dont sing very well but it is "Lagrimas y Gozos". I was the 15th ofvery funny!! August, in 2009 in one of their concerts in Bilbao.Four years ago I went to a concert of JulietaVenegas. All the people were singing and Iker Ilundaindancing and it was a very special moment. MUSIC´S IN MY SOULI dont play any musical instrument, only I love music.when I was in first and third of ESO I playedthe flute at music classes in the high school. Music is, for me, a way to express your feelings,I cant live without music. I think that it is your ideas, and sharevery important in our lives. them with the world. Laura Valencia I hear music every day;MUSIC it’s with me every moment. It’s reallyMusic for me is an important in my life.essential part of mebecause music makes There are kinds of music that suit my moodme feel well, helps me and my character, and I’m always singingto forgot things and them (and boring my friends with mychange my mood. In music).general I like all the kids Well, I know that all kinds of music are theof music, but there are same, I know they mean different things andsome that I prefer and different ways of thinking...others I hate. I like Reggae, Ska (that is verysimilar to Reggae), rock, techno... I hate rap, So my favourite kind of music is pop, andReggaeton, pop... also some of pop-rock. My favorite pop-rock group is "The Jonas Brothers": Joe, Nick andI don’t play any musical instrument bur if I Kevin, but especially the youngest of them,could play one, I want to play the drum. Nick Jonas. I love his voice and he’s myWhen I’m doing my homework, I like idol.listening to music because it inspirits me todo things better. Sometimes when I’m happy The Jonas Brothers´ band started five yearsI sing in the shower, not very well because I ago, when a producer discovered them.don’t sing very well and so I don’t like Before it, Nick sang alone Christian popsinging in karaoke. My favourite singer is music; he had a CD, "Nicholas Jonas".Bob Marley. He’s my idol! His music helps As a group they have four CDs: "It’s aboutme to relax. If you go to any part of the time", "Jonas Brothers", "A little bit longer"world, there’re always people who know and "Lines, vines and trying times".about Bob Marley. My favourite song byhim is "Buffalo Soldier" The Jonas Brothers’ aren’t only a music band, they are also nice people, they areMy favourite band is Ska-p. It’s a band from famous and millionaire, and they giveVallecas, a neighbourhood in Madrid. This annually a 10% of the money they get toband plays Ska music. Their lyrics talk about some ONGs that they have.the injustice, about abuses of the countries,about social issues, ... The band started in Nick also talks and gives his help and his1994 with the first single called "Ska-p". time to children that have diabetes, like him,Two years later, in 1996 they released their and he gives them a message: Hold on andsecond single: "El vals del obrero". One year have faith, wait a little bit longer until youlater, in 1997 the third single "Eurosis". In are fine!!2000 "Planeta Eskoria". In 2002 "Que corra
  4. 4. Music and what it means to meTheir music is for me a great way of Music in my lifethinking. They sometimes make me smile,and other times they make my cry, and their Hi! I’m Itziar andsongs get to my soul. I’m going to tell you some of theThey sing about everyday topics, that are best groups ofusual for everyone, they are close to the music from mypeople that hear them. point of view.My favourite song is "Please be mine" and I like a lot popthere are some lyrics in this song that are music, hip-hop,always in my head, like "I’ll be waiting for punk, etc. The groups I like a lot are:you till the end of time", "I can’t stop my Cascada, Rihanna, Alesha Dixon, Pussy-catheart from calling you" or "All our hopes dolls and Beyoncee. Other groups I like areand our dreams will come true". from Navarre such as: Kaotiko, Piperrak,I also listen to other groups and I need to Tximeleta, Ken 7 (Ken zazpi), etc. They arelisten to music, is very important for me. very good groups and the singers too. But there is a singer that sang very well but heI could not live without music because is a died and he was “The king of the music”, hepart of my soul. was Michael Jackson. Irati Segura Torres I like Cascada, Rihanna, Alesha Dixon, Pussy-cat dolls and Beyoncee because they sing very well and their music makes me feelMusic and what it means to me better because they are with rhythm and youMusic is a very feel like to dance. I understand some of theirimportant thing in my lyrics so it is good, so I can feel the songlife. It is present better. All of them are American’ singers. Ievery day, at any think that their songs are better because onmoment. the one hand you don’t understand all the song, so the song can be stupid or on theI play the trombone, other hand it can be very interesting, becauseso my afternoons are some of their songs tell a story, and I thinkfull of classes in which I have to play it, and that these stories aren’t fantastic, but formusic is present. When I play it in my house, them they are real because they want tomusic is also present. transmit their feelings, as Michael JacksonI like to listen to music when I am doing my did when he sang and danced his songs.homework, waiting for someone or just Then there are other groups such as,killing the time. Also I download a lot of Kaotiko, Piperrak, Tximeleta, Ken 7 (kensongs from the internet and I always wake zazpi) and more which they are fromup with the radio. I buy a lot of CDs of my Navarre and from the Basque Country.favourite groups and when they come here, I These groups sing rock and punk music.always try to go to the concert with my Some of them sing in Spanish and the othersfriends. sing in Basque. Their songs have a lot ofWhen I like a song very much, I listen to it rhythm and make people sing their songs atuntil I learn it by heart and sometimes I look the concerts. They are very good singers andfor the lyrics on the internet. make people feel better.In general, music is the first thing in my list So definitely, these groups are the best andof interests. For me it is really important and they are the only groups that make me feelI know that, without music, my life wouldn’t the same, it would be very boring. Itziar Vizcay Iriarte Leyre García
  5. 5. Music and what it means to meMusic and what it means to me Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Cassey, Hilary Duff...Music. This word keepsinside something special, Like you can see, I prefer songs in Englishsomething with which and English music. I like them more,everyone feels identified because they sound better than songs inand its also very Spanish and they are more beautiful.important to me. For me, But the bad thing is that sometimes youmusic isnt only a sound, think a song says a thing, but it really says abecause there are a lot of completely different thing.sounds. Its is more, is awonderful world to I dont have any favourite song, because Imwhich everybody can enter, and we can open always listening to all of my bands andit whenever we want: just press play! singers songs and I like a lot of them. I cant choose just one!Music contains experiences, feelings,emotions, memories, thoughts...and helps us Im listening to music all the time; when Ito understand and look at the things from a read books, when I do my homework (if itdifferent viewpoint, more cheerful and isnt very hard), when I am relaxing, when Ilively. Music gives us the energy that do sports, when I am on the Internet, when Isometimes we havent and the impulse we eat...but never when I am studying, if not Isometimes need...and because of this it is so cant concentrate in the book.necessary. When I am eating at home, alone or with my Music makes me happy and after hearing a family, I sometimes turn on the radio and Isong I like (because there are many kinds of listen to it during the lunch or the dinner. Isongs), I feel much better. always put music programmes like Cadena 100, Los 40 Principales, Kiss FM... and IIts a really good way to disconnect from our like them a lot because I can listen to myworld and to feel free. favourite songs. The world without music would be very When my family and me are traveling byboring and sad, and I think nobody would car we sometimes turn on the radio, becauselike it and wouldnt be happy there. we like the music a lot and we have similar I dont like all kinds of music, because same tastes on music. Although my mom prefersof them are very different to others. My Spanish songs, because she doesntfavourite kind of music are pop music and understand anything from the songs incountry music, and sometimes classical and rock music too. Most singers or I have got music in computer, in my Mp4,bands I like are pop singers, because this is in my mobile telephone...and sometimes Ireally my favourite type of music. But I have download songs from Internet, but not veryto say that lately I have started to like more music. And this is all that I can tell you about my There is a kind of music that I hate, and this tastes in music. And dont forget it: whenis heavy metal. I havent got anything against you feel sad, just press play!it, but simply I dont like it. Leyre Salvador I dont have favourite singers or musicgroups, because I like many of them. Theyare these: La Oreja de Van Gogh, Amaral, ElCanto del Loco and Amaia Montero fromSpain. Demi lovato, Green Day, Cold play,Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Pink,