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MOJA.ST : Search Service Middleware


Published on is mainly a search architecture where we’re trying to mashup multiple sources and apply to them our content Matrix. We are aiming to create a 360 view of search results by introducing a vertical algorithm process where the information adapt itself to the context.

- Context: General Search
- Social Dimension: Live social Search
- Location: Global
- Access Type: Mobile, Tablets and Desktop Web Browsers

by Jawad Jari

Published in: Technology
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MOJA.ST : Search Service Middleware

  1. 1. MOJA.ST:Search Service Middleware Vision, Strategy and Transition Jawad JariMsc. Ing. Montreal 2010
  2. 2. Agenda IT Principles Industry Trends IT Strategy Transition and Future : MOJA 2 Conclusion
  3. 3. Vision The aim of the MOJA.ST project is to develop a “Middleware” that can be used to access, search, and deliver content , filtered by our vertical algorithms.
  4. 4. Vision HTTP MOJA.ST SearchService Middelware (access, search, enrich, filter, deliver) HTTP
  5. 5. IT principles Scalability : Performance, Extensibility Flexibility : Ease of change Portability : Multiples devices, Mobility Interoperability : Standards et norms Reusability : Interfaces, integration Modularity : Components oriented User Oriented Services Business Continuity : Clusters
  6. 6. Industy Trends Cloud Comupting and SaaS Platforms, services and contents become User Oriented Multiple Platforms (Mobile, TV, Web….) Browsers more Intelligent ( WebWorkers , HTML 5)  Social CRM Enterprise 2.0
  7. 7. IT Strategy : Platform LLP Stack (Lunix + Lighttpd/cgi + PHP) APC for opcode and in-memory cache XML Javascript and Ajax for CSI (Client Side Include) HTTP as transport protocol HA proxy NoSQL Database : Redis
  8. 8. IT Strategy : Platform Trafic Externe (Internet) HTTP HTTP LOAD BALANCER HA-PROXY HTTP LLP+APC LLP+APC
  9. 9. IT Strategy: Design and Patterns Our Architecture is based on WOA and ROA patterns (Rest/HTTP, Mashup….) 3 Layers : Business layer (PHP components), Edge layer (Template engine), Data layer (Data sources) PHP WorkersusingParallel cURLexecution (curl_multi_xxx) Force to use CSI in place SSI
  10. 10. LLP+APC IT Strategy: Design and Patterns Presentation: FrontEnd & Edge Browser Client Client HTTP Client Client Client CSI Client CSI HTTP Business : BackEnd Service Master WS Master Service Service Master Curl_multi_xxx Worker Worker PHP Worker PHP Worker
  11. 11. Transition and Future : MOJA 2 MOJA 2 platform will be an CaaS (Content As A Service) MOJA 2 will replace the Search Service Middleware concept by Search Service Broker More HTML5 : Web Workers Messaging Others !!
  12. 12. Conclusion Keep MOJA2 on your RADAR 
  13. 13. Thankyou ! Jawad JariMsc. Ing.