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20 photos from Graz in December


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After you have bought these 20 photos you can use them freely on your social media updates.

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20 photos from Graz in December

  1. 1. 20 photos from Graz Photos: Jani Janhonen
  2. 2. There are 20 photos of Graz in December. The pictures create a set that can be easily used together. They are taken by an amateur photographer – so you can sense that they are not ordinary stock photos.
  3. 3. Details of Graz
  4. 4. The photos are taken during one day (16th Dec 2012) with one camera. There are no people in the photos – at least no one that could be recongnized.
  5. 5. All photos are landscape photos, and their size is 6544px * 3680px. As the width of Instagram photos are 1080px in December 2019 it means that you can crop dozens of different kind of photos from one photo to Instagram.
  6. 6. One photo, many views!
  7. 7. Create unique photos by cropping and zooming.
  8. 8. Use filters to make the photos look like your own brand.
  9. 9. A filter can change the photo rapidly.
  10. 10. The size of the photos vary between 3,7 MB (night photos) and 10,3 MB (day photos)
  11. 11. K u v a t : J a n i J a n h o n e n Most of the photos contain suitable places for your texts.
  12. 12. The fog is natures way of filter the panoramas!
  13. 13. K u v a t : J a n i J a n h o n e n There are plenty of details in the photos that can be used in many purposes.
  14. 14. You get all the rights to use these photos in social media and web.
  15. 15. There are 20 photos in the set.
  16. 16. There are 20 photos in the set.
  17. 17. There are 20 photos in the set.