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  • Jean
  • Jean
  • Jean
  • Marian If you build it, they will come…… So something here about developing some great resources in 500-& 600 level and students not engaging with them – hence the portfolios.
  • Marian Wanting to incorporate themes across the papers Coping with the abduction of Chris part way through (an alien attack from EIT). Getting the curriculum changed Dreadlines
  • 701- Susie 702 - Susie 703 - Faye 704 - Faye 705 - Judy 706 - Judy 707 - Steph 708 - Steph
  • Marian /Jean here… should we print examples of a portfolio ???
  • Jean to run through a Moodle site
  • Jean: Feedback from students
  • Carol & Marian to talk
  • Marian
  • 700 level

    1. 1. 700-level: The final frontier
    2. 2. These are the records of the star ship, Curriculum. Our 7-month mission: To explore strange new learning outcomes... To seek out new session plans and new assessments, And to boldly dare to go where no curriculum has gone before...
    3. 3. The cast
    4. 4. The plot I will get you to do your independent learning, even if it kills me! Mwa-hahaha! Oh feeble lecturer – you have no power to force me!
    5. 5. The battles
    6. 6. The scripts 701 The nursing context III: Primary health care 702 Professional nursing III: Preparing for registration and beyond 703 People with acute/complex care needs 704 People with long-term conditions: a partnership approach 705 Skills for nursing III: evidence for practice 706 Person centred care II: The health/illness experience 707 Clinical practice (primary health care) 708 Clinical practice (transition)
    7. 7. The portfolio
    8. 8. The finished product
    9. 9. The critics’ responses I enjoyed SDL. I found group work beneficial i.e. comparing ideas and interpretations. I do enjoy the SDL’s this year, they are well thought out and informative. I enjoyed the independent learning and the quizzes to test my knowledge. The SDL really suits me. I like to be able to work through the material in my own time and place Having marks allocated to the independent learning gives me a reason for doing it. The independent learning is very time consuming. Just too much! Posting comments to the forums has really helped me improve my communication skills I don’t like it when the online learning isn’t included in the assessment.
    10. 10. Series II: 500-level review
    11. 11. The end… (Beam us up, Scotty!)
    12. 12. Live long and prosper!