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  1. 1. By Jules Jacob
  2. 2.  Initiates global transaction ◦ Conceive, design, an d produce offering Essentially, principa l in production of a good/service
  3. 3.  Headquarters are in Palo Alto, California ◦ Additional US Facilities  San Carlos, CA in Silicon Valley  Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA  Multiple Retail Stores in US European Facilities ◦ Regional HQ is in Maidenhead, UK ◦ Retail Stores in each major European country
  4. 4.  In 2003, two independent teams sought to commercialize electric vehicles ◦ Make it an everyday reality for mainstream consumers  Merged and formed Tesla Motors  Long term strategic goal was to create affordable marketable electric vehicles as an alternative to oil consumption  Winners of numerous Design and Environmental Efficiency awards for its models Forecasted to be eminently profitable in 2013-14
  5. 5. Roadster Roadster Sport Model X Model S
  6. 6.  Operates its own retail centers rather than contracting out to dealerships Able to produce 20,000 vehicles a year and employs around 1,000 workers at Pao Alto, CA HQ ◦ Limited production run model  Very specific market segment until economic infrastructure is shored up ◦ Utilizes 5.5 million sq. ft of the factory and the rest is left for collaboration projects/design
  7. 7.  Powertrain is designed and built in California Carbon fiber body panels are made in France by Sotira ◦ Panels are fused with chassis in a partnership with Lotus Proprietary components are built in Menlo Park, CA Battery pack is assembled in Palo Alto, CA while using battery cells from Japan Revolutionary gearbox is built in Michigan’s BorgWarner
  8. 8.  All separate components arrive in the Tesla Factory ◦ Where they are combined and fused in order to manufacture the final product They build their own cars and operates a equipment manufacturing side ◦ They sell their components to other automakers to purchase and retail under their respective brands
  9. 9.  Complete quality control Little waste or inefficiency No Outsourcing