Ad Campaign for Advertsing Class Final Project


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Ad Campaign for Advertsing Class Final Project

  1. 1. tazo advertising campaignerin  irby,  jenna  jablonski,  nate  lawrence,  zach  millon,  sarah  parker,  tracy  r ivas
  2. 2. table  of  c ontents executive summary 3 overview 3 agency strategy 3 situation analysis 4 competitor analysis 5 swot analysis 6 objectives 7 target market 8-10 brand value proposition 11 campaign strategy 12 creative 13-19 media 20-28 brand activation 29 evaluation 30 biographies 31 creative brief 322
  3. 3. executive  summary agency  strategyto engage tea-drinkers with the Tazo brand. To achieve thorough Great Scott! Advertising prides itself in creative and cutting-edgeunderstanding of our target market, we conducted primary and strategy fueled by superior understanding of your target markets.secondary research. Then we completed the picture with competitorand situation analysis. For our creative strategy, we propose the Our insights are more than ideas; they are vehicles for making yourapproach of “the dream is in the Tazo,” a campaign that features goals a reality.women in our target market using Tazo Tea to add a bit of whimsy totheir routine. Whether its connecting with other cultures through We guarantee that our plans for your brand will make you saythe “escape” of a cup of tea, or connecting on a deeper level with “WOW.”themselves, the campaign shows how tea can enhance the meaningof everyday life and help women become who they want to be. Thesebrand activation methods. Evaluative tests ensure that our campaignTazo Tea brand with the goal of having more tea-drinkers choose Tazo. Witty, Original, and Worth your time & this phrase embodies how we approach our advertising strategy.Great Scott Advertising presents an ad campaign that will connect tea-drinkers with the Tazo brand in meaningful and sustainable ways. Bytapping into “tea culture,” we have learned that tea-drinkers seek anexperience in each cup of tea. Our plan uses the experiential quality oftea to appeal to consumers by showing them how Tazo Tea can enhancetheir daily routine and even the pursuit of their more whimsicalaspirations.overviewthem through a variety of media. Our plan not only employs the mediaour target market trusts for information and for entertainment, but itengages them on a new level with brand activation techniques. SpreadingTazo’s message through advertising and sales promotion alike will buildrelationships with consumers, increasing awareness and comprehensionof the Tazo brand. Ultimately, our campaign will make tea-drinkers seek 3
  4. 4. situation  analysishistorical   1994 1999 2010 context Created by Steve Acquired by Starbucks Tazo introduces 10 Smith, founder of for $ 9.1 million new full leaf teas for a Stash Tea premium experience technological  f orces socio-cultural  f orces Tazo is transforming the hot tea and iced tea experience relaxed, and laid back atmosphere. In this day and age, where people in North America through blending teas. Whether with traditional favorites or exotic combinations of teas, herbs and spices, Tazo challenges the boundaries of what tea can be. In the US and around the world, endeavors for a more sustainable or tea on the go! Yet, still experience the relaxed and pleasant feelinge n v i r o n m e nt a l   a n a l y s i s of a hot cup of tea. The “on-the-go” single cup brewer has created environment is becoming the new social movement. Amongst the Tazo community, they advocate clean air and healthy communities.Tazo for energy derived from windmills. Their purchases this year have technologies such as the “Keurig,” the quick and speedy on the go helped to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and business lifestyle can still be possible with a slice of tea heaven. legal  &  regulatory protection requirements.Tazo is helping to advance renewable energy development and joins a growing community of companies Tazo’s many tea assortments are promoted publicly as organically and individuals committed to clean, renewable energy solutions. produced. The regulatory force that Tazo faces is the USDA National Organic Program which creates the logo that must be stamped on their organically produced product. The U.S. Department of economic  f orces The increasing demand for premium products in food service is Agriculture established a set of national organic standards in the nowhere more evident than in the tea category. Given that tea is the national drink for two thirds of the world’s population and by an independent agency by the USDA, and that products labeled that much of the consumption is in the South where population is growing, there is some potential for increased demand for by the Legislation. The legislation requires all organic products tea across the world! To counter this trend, the tea industry is actively trying to promote consumption in the EU and the US to the guidelines set forth by the legislation. Under the NOP there perfect time for Tazo to be expanding its company. People are4 willing to explore the intriguing phenomenon that is Tazo Tea!
  5. 5. competitor  analysis Prides themselves on wide Easily accessible to aprogram all-natural, organic tea brand for mainstream audience; available over 30 years. Lower prices than Tazo internationallythat share similar visions; users More than twice the following on One of the largest specialty teacan request funding for events paperboard and cardboard Facebook companies in the United States Strictly adheres to the prohibition Promotions such as holiday of GMO ingredients as required by sweepstakes for a spa getaway the National Organic Program of Available internationally the U.S. Department of Agriculture Easily accessible; available in Uses recycled paper and paper Printed with environmentally many stores from sustainably managed forests friendly vegetable ink One of the largest specialty teaaudit on website to show for packaging and other printingenvironmental sustainability of manufacturers in North America projectsoperations Frequently donates to non- Committed to renewable energy; Committed for sustainability Purchases green power through Similar amount of likes on Boulder, ColoradoTazo local electric utility, Portland Facebook sponsors conferences for arts General Electric. and humanities events governed Frequently donates to Not accessible to a mainstream organizations in Oregon and in the market; mostly sold in health food Leading innovator for new tea stores. Less expensive than Tazo Advertising tailored to a select Low quality product Many negative customer reviews audience Negative customer reviews regarding taste and quality of tea More expensive than Tazo regarding taste and quality
  6. 6. SWO T  analysis Tazo has more than 80 unique tea, fruit, and herb teas Not seen at the “go-to” brand when buying tea in Devoted to giving back to those who live in the areas that grow and retail stores harvest tea. As a young label, the brand lacks history with Starbucks, which is dedicated to improving water quality strengt hs weaknesses and accessibility, providing vocational and leadership training for youth, training community health workers to provide preventive, basic curative and referral health care to rural villagers, and supporting social development projects chosen by the community. Member of the Ethical Tea Partnership Committed to clean, renewable energy solutions. ready-to-drink iced and juiced teas, tea lattes, and full leaf tea kits. Sold in over 50 countries through Starbucks Stand-out packaging design Unique brand personality Super-premium teas are the fastest-growing tea Increase product placement in organic section of segment in grocery and natural good stores, which stores/ health food stores has increased Tazo’s competitors o pp ort unit ies Increase distribution to more restaurants, cafes, and Many in the target market have already formed retailers brand loyalties Increase brand awareness through advertising Competition with brands with the USDA Organic t hr eat s and Fair Trade labels, sometimes a caveat for tea- points buyers who are also environmentally and socially Engage consumers more and demonstrate conscious appreciation for loyal Tazo-drinkers as an opportunity to build relationship with consumer6
  7. 7. objectives marketing: bags by 7 budgeting Great Scott Advertising was allotted $12,000,000 to create a campaign for Tazo Tea that both embodied the advertising: comprehension of what Tazo spirit of Tazo Tea and produced tangible results. tea is campaign. The campaign was fully executed for a total of $11,798,658. Below is a summary of the campaign budget. This campaign will run over time  frame: the course of a year, beginning in September and continuing until the end of August. Understand the brand personality of Tazo, its history, research: and the deep values and desires of the target market, women aged 25-44. 7
  8. 8. target  market We understand the needs, wants, and desires of women aged 25-44 based on our primary and secondary research methods. Great Scott! conducted 13 MediaMark database, and consumed various media and entertainment that the target market currently enjoys. Although they are often busy professionals, these women view themselves as a daily ritual. Flavor, familial preferences, and brand social responsibility govern their choice of tea. They are health-conscious; they live active lifestyles and prepare wholesome meals. They are well-educated and socially conscious. They often prefer organic and Fair-Trade products. They appreciate multiculturalism and pride themselves in worldliness. Their relaxation and entertainment often include nature and social activities with friends and family. They consider themselves to have well-developed connections with both themselves and with others. “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” -Eleanor  Roosevelt8
  9. 9. what’s  in  her  bag? what  are  her  new  years  resolutions? healthy  lunch,  t inted   1.  buy  only   chapstick,  iPad,  refillable   Fair  Trade   water  bottle,  &  Eat,   beverages   Pray,  Love 2.  become  a   “locavore”   3.  take  more  t ime  t o  read  f or  pleasurehow  does  she  unwind? 4.  try  acupuncture  f or  t he  f irst  t ime 5.  go  somewhere  beautiful cooks  a  challenging  new   6.  make  t ime  f or  exercise  t hree  t imes  a  week recipe,  goes  t o  a  yoga- 7.  drink  less  c offee   lates  class,  walks  t he  dog   8.  drink  more  tea on  a  scenic  trail,  travels,   9.  actually  grow  t omatoes  in  my  garden  t his  year &  watches  an  o ld  movie 10.  and  basil! 9
  10. 10. target  market  profilesBridget is a 40 year old college professor. She is Connie is 26 and fresh out of graduate school. Rebecca is a 34 business woman who livesvery passionate about education and loves her She is young and still yearning for adventure her life by a very structured schedule. Shecareer. She wakes up everyday happy to go to and exploration. She’s a small town girl in misses the days when she used to travel allwork, because it isn’t really work at all. One of the big city just starting her career. She can’t the time. Over the years she has become very knowledgeable about tea. She makes and movies online. Connie loves nature sure she drinks tea three times a day andare those herbal blends . She enjoys gardening and misses the many hiking trails available carries her portable mug everywhere. and going to the farmers market on the in her home town, so she goes on walks weekends. The main reasons she chooses Tazo through city parks to reconnect herself with loves feeling alert and energetic. Drinkingis because they care about making sustainably- nature. Tazo is her cup of relaxation. It is her tea makes her feel good, inside and out. informed choices, just like she does. transportation into calmer world. and focus on herself, which she doesn’t get week she enjoy doing yoga and trying new10
  11. 11. brand  value  proposition functional  benefits responsibility with its teas. It of the ancient tradition of drinking tea with a uniquely witty and playful personality. emotional  benefits the Tazo brand is that it is beverages, tea is ritualistic, Drinking Tazo tea projects a sophisticated and worldly self-expressive  benefits about their wellness and have a moment to relax with a cup of and easily form community with other tea-drinkers based on this common interest. 11
  12. 12. campaign  strategy Our target market consistently assigns more meaning to a cup of tea than that of any other beverage, describing each cup of tea as an experience. They often use the word “ritual” to describe the importance of tea in their daily routine. They further describe tea as an “escape” or a “retreat” when their cup of tea is what transports them away from the chaos of their everyday routine to a calmer place. To address the meaningfulness of tea to our target market of tea-drinkers, we structure our campaign around the experiential superior tea experience. Furthermore, our target market seeks the betterment of self and society, and they are in constant pursuit of these dreams. They are health-conscious, connected with nature, embracing of multiculturalism, socially-conscious, and always seeking enlightenment. We appeal to their dream-chasing idealism with market to wherever they want to be - whether their cup of tea simulates the zen of yoga, the calm of the outdoors, or the adventure of travel. what’s  t he  big  idea? The  dream  is  in  t he  tea.  tazo.12
  13. 13. art  direction creative  strategy The art direction for the Tazo Tea is an expression of Tazo Tea’s Through various forms of entertainment and interactive packaging design combined with the perceived style of our target market. First, the color scheme of our visual materials women in the ages of 25-44. From internet movie sites includes pastels and light earth tones, associating the brand with healthiness and nature. These materials also convey the value of values of the target market. The advertisements will multiculturalism shared by the Tazo brand and our target market. provide meaningful brand relationships with the target Arabic and Indian designs on the magazine ads represent the audience through media and promote the concept of “The dream is in the tea. Tazo.” The faces in our ads portray what individuals in our target market cup of tea. By putting emphasis on the photo instead of the text, we hope to show the positive emotions associated with drinking tea to achieve a sense of calm and simplicity that corresponds with the Tazo brand.copy  writing Our strategy for copywriting was using the same witty and whimsical style of writing that the Tazo brand employs on its packaging and website. In our print ads and radio ad, a narrative person, as if telling a story conversationally. We also include product. In all cases, we keep the copy concise and casual. 13
  14. 14. executions:  print My  travels  t o  India  led  me  t o  an  ashram  w here  I  learned  t o  calm   my  mind  ,  o pen  my  heart,  and  soothe  my  soul.  My  journey  is   most  vivid  w hile  drinking  a  steaming  mug  of  C alm™.   My  dream  is  in  t he  tea.  tazo
  15. 15. executions:  printWhile  studying  in  C hina,  a  family  invited  me  into  t heir  home  for  tea  brewed  from  herbs  in  t heir  own  garden.  This  experience  will  f orever  be  in  my  heart.  Keeping  a  garden  illuminates  a  sense  of  peace  and  balance  in  my  modern  world.   I  start  every  morning  in  my  garden  with    my  own  Zen  ™.   My  dream  is  in  t he  tea.  tazoAs a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, Tazo is working together to improve theenvironmental impact of tea production and help the lives and communities of tea workers.
  16. 16. creative  testing Great Scott! showed the print advertisements as well as the Internet banners to selected members of Tazo Tea’s target market to gain invaluable feedback from consumers that are most likely to be consumers of tea. The information was used to modify current Tazo Tea advertisements as well as provide a useful insight for the production of future advertisements. Initially, the print advertisements had much more copy, but through creative testing we found that consumers were distracted with trying to read the copy. Many said it was hard to All  my  favorite  places  in  executions:  print the  world  have  mountains.   When  I  l ook  out  at  t he   conveying Tazo Tea’s message. misty  peaks  t hrough   the  steam  of  my  morning   tea,  I  feel  l ike  I  c ould  be   anywhere  in  t he  world.     This  is  how  I  get  ready  f or  all  t he  adventures  my  day  will  bring.    This  is  how  I  Refresh.™  My  dream  is  in  t he  tea.  tazo.
  17. 17. executions:  internet  &  radio radio  spot “Work, work, work. Everyday is meetings, accounts, kids, and stress. All I want to do when I get home is relax and enjoy some peace and Tea. When I drink Tazo Tea, sitting under the willow tree on spring day, with my Tazo Tea in one hand and a good book in the other. I dream of escaping to a carefree environment with no worries in the world. With my busy life, Tazobanner  ads
  18. 18. executions:  television
  19. 19. executions:  television
  20. 20. media  objectives media  strategy who  are  we  going  t o  reach? reach  &  frequency Our target audience consists of women aged 25-44. These Reach of the target market women are media-savvy business professionals with higher There is large potential for Tazo to become the go-to brand education concentrated in cities in the north-east and west coast. Scott wants catch women early in their tea-buying decision to acquire new tea drinkers and convert brand loyalists of We are reaching our audience through four media channels, Tazo’s competitors. 4 where  are  we  f ocusing? The message will be sent out nationally, but it will be forefront of the specialty tea market. especially heavy on the east and west coasts. The east and west coasts will additionally receive radio advertisements, and the New York and Los Angeles regional areas will continuity:  pulsing receive advertisements in newspapers. most frequently during the colder months between October place in August, putting our tea brand into customers’ heads before any other brand has a chance to get themselves how  will  we  reach  t hem? noticed. The advertising campaign will consist of both national and in magazines will begin in May before the regional ads. The television, internet, and print magazine activation as busy professionals plan their winter holiday ads will run nationwide. The print newspaper ads will run and can associate Tazo with an adventurous getaway. in the new york and los angeles regional areas. The radio Bursting ads will be placed in large geographic areas on the east will release in a bursting pattern and run and west coast such as, New York City, Boston, New Jersey, September through February to get into the consumers Connecticut, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland. people to drink hot tea in the summer. Our will be bursting in the coldest months of the campaign while people stay inside for work and play.20
  21. 21. length  and  sizes media  mixshows ad can communicate Tazo’s message clearly. That clarity will speak to our target market in busy moments spent at home. broadcast sponsorship, and Tazo will be heard as the tea that supports our market’s favorite radio shows. Our target market is full of highly educated professional women who enjoy reading  f or  pleasure in the print media they consume every day will reach to our market far and wide.I media forms such as music sites, televisionPandora attracts millions of viewers each month,color background, and a video creative while Pandora reaches 24 million subscribersvideo creative with such high viewership. 21
  22. 22. media  choice:  magazines circulation circulation circulation 305,494 970,733 811,714 Barron’s Travel  +  Leisure Conde  Nast  Traveler This monthly leisure travel magazine This monthly high-end travel magazine appeals to the professional features articles by novelists, poets, appeals to women who like to travel woman who wants to keep up artists, and designers. The magazine to luxury destinations. Portion of the with the market. appeals to those who prefer an upscale magazine is dedicated to business destination environment. travelers. circulation circulation circulation 1,522,078 1,227,707 463, 385 Bon  Appetit Vanity  Fair W This monthly food magazine This monthly fashion magazine appeals to women who have an fashion and pop culture features the elite of fashion and eclectic taste in food, and can magazine allows women to keep entertainment in American and22 show recipes that use Tazo tea such as chai-infused cookies. up to date on the news and lifestyle in an up-scale and more European society, which appeals things in life.
  23. 23. media  choice:  radio San  Francisco Los  Angeles Portland San  Diego talk  news  shows Through primary research, it was found that the target market for Tazo Tea listens to the radio frequently. New  Y ork  C ity and information shows. Boston By underwriting popular shows such as “This American Life” and “All Things Considered”, Tazo will begin to establish a truly meaningful relationship New  Jersey with listeners in our target market. Connecticut 23
  24. 24. media  choice:  television music, contemporary culture, and travel. The network teams up with American cultural institutions and arts education groups to promote creativity through interesting content. Weekend nights comprise of So You Think You Can Dance marathons watched primarily by women in our target market. broadcast network stations that competes with FOX, CBS, and NBC for the most popular network. The channel tries to appeal for the avid cooking enthusiast who values to families and individual healthy, natural, and delicious food & drink. members of the family unit “Good Eats” airing Wednesdays and Fridays at with diverse programming. 8 pm, caters to foodies with a sense of humor Primetime on Wednesday and interest in pop culture. night revolves around Modern Family, an ensemble comedy about dramas and comedies to news specials and sports family structure. The show programming. Tuesday night primetime revolves is watched by 12.7 million around the new original comedy New Girl starring people and has won many Emmys for the unique million people and is a hit in our target market. and entertaining look at American life. Next, Now” reaches 40-million households with an age group between 25-54 seeking to is a primetime original series airing Monday nights that interviews professionals in stardom.
  25. 25. Pandora connects to more than 200 electronic consumermedia  choice:  internet iPads, in-home connected devices, and more. Tens of millions of people in the United States alone use Pandora to listen to their favorite music. Pandora reaches on average 24 million people every month. Each person can customize their own personal station by simply inputting a single word through the music genome project. This allows consumers to listen to whatever music they want, when they want. online database that provides people with a wealth of information relating to movies, televisions shows, actors, production crew of people with their favorite television shows, movies, characters from movies and televisions shows. With over 100 million unique opportunities to associate their brand with the premium viewers each month it is one of the most online video content of their choice. This allows popular online entertainment sites and is only gaining advertisers to connect with engaged consumers that more and more viewers each month. IMDb can be used on mobile devices to instantly view over 6,000 movies also reaches consumers through its ad-supported and television shows from CBS, Sony, and a selection of The Wall Street Journal has the largest circulation in the United States delivering 2.1 million copies each year, This form of internet media is considered to include “All which includes over 400,000 paid online subscriptions. In 2004 the Wall Street Journal released its Wall Street news, multimedia, business, sports, movies, travel, Journal Online mobile application. Now subscribers can books, jobs, education, real estate, cars and more. The access content wherever they are from a mobile device. target market enjoys being “in the know” and since this They recently launched a worldwide expansion of the newspaper covers many informative aspects of everyday website, which now includes the major foreign-language life, it is a perfect form media choice. editions. Its readership mainly consists of people that have management positions who are interested in reading about interest in buying it’s long time rival, Financial Times. 25
  26. 26. media  scheduling Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Executions Costs Weeks: 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 Print W 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 577,758 Vanity Fair 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 1,077,906 Bon Apetite 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1,011,220 Traveler 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 716,178 Travel & Leisure 1 1 1 1 1 5 522,300 Barons 1 2 4 7 324,076 L.A. Times 1 1 1 3 40,020 New York Times 1 1 1 3 87,900 Total Cost: 4,084,978 TV Good Eats 2 2 2 2 6 6 20 600,000 2 2 2 2 6 6 20 600,000 2 2 2 2 6 6 20 600,000 New Girl 5 5 5 5 10 10 40 1,200,000 Modern Family 5 5 5 5 10 10 40 1,200,000 Total Cost: 4,200,000 Internet Pandora 3 1,080,000 Hulu 3 1,200,000 4 120,000 4 120,000 4 120,000 Total Cost: 2,640,000 Radio: NPR 6 6,400 Los Angeles 6 78,400 Portland 6 4,240 San Diego 6 24,000 New York City 6 64,000 Boston 6 4,640 Connecticut 6 28,000 New Jersey 6 64,000 Total Cost: 273,680 Grand Total $11,798,65826
  27. 27. media  budgetingMagazines  :  all  executions  are  1  page  spreads   Internet Title # of times Cost per page Total Cost Website Frequency Impression CPM Total Cost1. W 6 96,293 577,758 Pandora 6m 3 18 m $60 1,080,0002. Barron’s 7 46,296 324,0763. Conde Nast Traveler 6 119,363 716,178 6m 3 18 m $100 1,200,0004. Vanity Fair 6 179,651 1,077,906 4 m 3 12 m $8 120,0005. Travel & Leisure 5 104,460 522,300 4 m 3 12 m $8 120,0006. Bon Appetit 6 144,460 866,760 4m 3 12 m $8 120,000Total Cost $ 4,084,976 Total Cost $ 4,273, 422Newspapers :  all  executions  are  1/2  page  spreads   Title # of times Cost per page Total Cost1. New York Times 3 29,300 87,9002. Los Angeles Times 3 13,340 40,020Total Cost $ 127,920Radio :  each  commercial  is  a  30-second  spot   Television :  for  each  execution  Great  Scott  has  budgeted,  1  rating  pointCity or State Population CPM Total CostSan Fransisco 800,000 100 $800 6,400 Show Executions Cost per point Total CostLos Angeles 9,800,000 100 $9,800 78,400 Good Eats 20 $30,000 600,000Portland 530,000 100 $530 4,240 Mortifed Sessions 20 $30,000 600,000San Diego 3,000,000 100 $3,000 24,000 So You Think You 20 $30,000 600,000New York City 8,000,000 100 $,8,000 64,000 Can DanceBoston 580,000 100 $580 4,640 New Girl 20 $30,000 1,200,000Connecticut 3,500,000 100 $3,500 28,000 Modern Family 20 $30,000 1,200,000New Jersey 8,000,000 100 $8,000 64,000 Total Cost $ 4,200,000Total Cost $ 273,680 27
  28. 28. brand  activation a  taste  of  serenityobjective: To allow a traveler to immerse themselves in the calmness,strategy: people can taste the richness of the tea and experience a getaway within the stress of an airport. Coupons would also be distributed in these cafes that would incentivize customers to purchase and experience themselves in the tranquility before & potentially enhancing their day of travel. show  us  your  mug  shotobjective: To build a better relationship with Tazo Tea customers by collecting personal stories from individuals about their favorite mugsstrategy: To use Facebook to promote Tazo Tea by asking people who visit the Facebook page to send in a picture of them with their favorite mug. when you are drinking it out of your favorite mug! People will be taken from the Tazo Tea Facebook page to the Tazo Tea website where they will be prompted to submit a picture of themselves with their favorite mug as well as 28 download free coupons.
  29. 29. evaluation Tazo Tea’s goals for this advertising campaign was executed over a period of one year. Great Scott felt it was important to collect quantitative data not just at the end of the year, but throughout the entire year. The increase in sales was recorded each month. To quantify the awareness how many individuals visited the website and the facebook page each month will be documented as well. 29
  30. 30. great  scott!  biographies meet  erin Erin Irby is an Integrated Marketing meet  jenna Jenna Jablonski studies Integrated meet  nate Nate Lawrence is a Cinema Production Major and Communications junior at Ithaca Marketing Communications and Spanish an IMC Minor. During his college career, Nate College. She is the president of as a junior at Ithaca College. She stays has focused on writing and directing dramatic Active Minds, a national organization busy working for the Ithaca College interned at a commercial production company that promotes mental health and positive stress relief on campus. She has volunteered at the local library, community, and enjoying the natural producing motion picture media and knowledge the TCPL, for the past two years and wonders of the Ithaca area. of the industry to build a successful career as now serves as their Foundation’s a director or commercials, music videos, and development intern. Jenna loves to start her days with Tazo Black Awake Tea Erin delights in the beauty of everyday and her dream is to hike among the Nate’s dream escape is into the snowy Sierras life, the warmth of the radiant sun, and giant redwoods in Northern California. around Lake Tahoe in California. Snow, inspiring terrain, and culture draw Nate to his favorite read a good comic book in her backyard, location to snowboard in the United States. After a long day of riding the best snow in the and watch the wildlife play. West, nothing sounds better than a hot mug of Darjeeling tea to unwind.30
  31. 31. meet  zach meet  sarah meet  tracy Sarah Parker is a sophomore Integrated Marketing Communications major with in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Long of Communications at Ithaca College a minor in Politics. She lives on the Island, New York. She is a member of the IC Women’s with a minor in Integrated Marketing Lacrosse Team and a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Tracy partakes in the Ithaca College favorite activities include sailing and Meadow, NY on Long Island, he does not coloring. take too kindly to the winters of upstateNew York. In his spare time he likes to takelong walks on the beach, go rock climbing, My dream is to be on a warm, sandy local families and families across the country. Tracy is an and read a good book. beach watching the ocean waves crash avid member of Korean style yoga her local community while drinking my favorite Tazo Tea the perfect balance of health and serenity that gets her and work for Saturday Night Live on NBC through each day with enthusiasm and wonder. of traveling to an array of places, experiencing all the unique. 31
  32. 32. creative  brief32