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CaGBC Ottawa Chapter Green Space Issue 9[1]


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Your Summer Issue of GREEN_SPACE--the Retrofit Issue--is now available for download in pdf format. Read articles on
• The Future is NOW house
• Report from Green Building Ottawa conference
• Tips for waste diversion in office retrofits
• Ottawa Urban Design review panel: Call for members--Green Building Engineer submit by July 5
• Construction Recycling Initiatives (CRI) task group update
• and more

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CaGBC Ottawa Chapter Green Space Issue 9[1]

  1. 1. RETROFIT ISSUE Issue 9 | JUNE, 2010 CANADA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL OT TAWA REGION CH A PTER NE WSLET TER ThE FUTUrE IS NOw hOUSE UPCOMING EVENTS While many builders build new homes to greener standards, a number of existing homes are in need of an environmental tune up. The National Roundtable on the June 23, 8:30 am-1:30pm: Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) estimates that 66 per cent of the residential ORC CaGBC buildings that will be standing in Canada in 2050 are already built, so we need to Building Tour: LEED for Homes Platinum learn how to retrofit these homes to reduce our ecological footprint. Candidate One national research project involves the near Net Zero energy New windows were installed, including increasing the south facing retrofit of a 60-year-old post-war home in Toronto that produces window area, for passive solar gain and day lighting. June 24, 5pm-8pm: ORC almost as much energy as it uses on an annual basis. Summer Social Other improvements made to the home included the installation of The Now House™ is part of Canada Mortgage and Housing solar hot water panels, a photovoltaic array, Energy Star® -certified Corporation’s (CMHC) EQuilibrium™ Sustainable Housing appliances, and a waste water heat recovery system. October 12: Demonstration Initiative, which brings together the private and LEED Canada The mechanical system was changed to allow for the solar thermal public sectors to build homes and communities designed to be Documentation Course system to produce energy, while still leaving an existing high healthy, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, resource-efficient efficiency furnace in place as a backup. A heat recovery ventilator October 26: and produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis. (HRV) was installed to provide increased ventilation. LEED Core Concepts and Once completed, the demonstration homes remain open for tours for a minimum six-month period to allow Canadians to learn first- Ultimately, the retrofit reduced green house gas emissions for this Strategies Workshop hand about available sustainable housing choices. home by 5.4 tonnes annually, reduced electricity use by 60% and will enable the home to produce enough energy to pay its own November 16: There were 15 housing projects selected from across the country energy bills. LEED Canada for the EQuilibrium™ initiative. Given CMHC’s role in post-war housing, The Now House™ project had sentimental significance. Since the completion of the renovation, The Now House ™ project Documentation Course team and CMHC have both built on the success of the project. CMHC was founded in 1946, in large part, to help create affordable Please check the events housing for returning Second World War veterans. The project team worked with Ottawa Community Housing calendar on the Ottawa To ensure there was enough housing, prefabricated Corporation and the Ontario Power Authority to do an extensive Region Chapter pages post-war homes were constructed. These houses were energy retrofit of a wartime house in the Overbrook neighbourhood of the CaGBC website durable and built to last; however, energy efficiency was not that served as a demonstration project for the area. (http://ottawachapter. the main consideration. CMHC has partnered with Natural Resources Canada to launch for more “The Now House™ was the only winning retrofit project The EQuilibrium™ information about these from the EQuilibrium™ housing initiative. The project team, headed Communities Initiative, a $4.2-million sustainable community and other events. by Lorraine Gauthier of the design firm, “Work Worth Doing”, demonstration project. selected a 1200 square foot home in east Toronto To learn more about CMHC’s EQuilibrium that was built in 1947. They intentionally made simple changes to Initiatives™, the Now House™ and how the house to show how to dramatically improve the environmental you can reduce your own home’s energy performance of an existing house with straightforward consumption, visit the CMHC website at modifications. The majority of the work was completed from the exterior of the (Arlene Etchen is a Senior Consultant home. The team started by insulating the foundation walls to six with Ontario Research and Information feet below grade, then insulating the attic, including the slope of the Transfer, Canada Mortgage and Housing roof. They also insulated under the basement and added a layer of Corporation. radiant floor heating. THE OTTAWA REGION CHAPTER Silver: SUSTAINING SPONSORS: Advanced Business Interiors/Haworth M.P. Lundy Construction Gold: HOK Architects Morrison Hershfield MHPM Project Managers PCL Constructors Canada Capital Office Interiors/Steelcase Thyme and Again Catering
  2. 2. PAST EVENT rEPOrT: GrEEN BUILDING OTTAwA RETROFIT—SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE FUTURE My favorite CARLETON UNIVERSITY MAY 12-14, 2010 presentation As an emerging green builder, my experience at Green Building was on how Ottawa was inspirational and worth every hour. Speakers from all housing retrofit over the world and varying in all disciplines of the green building projects make industry showcased their work and accomplishments. With an a difference. abundance of natural resources, Canada has the potential to CMHC accommodate a sustainable environment, but it seems we are presented the lacking on policies and consumer demand. Green Building Ottawa Now House, brought together a community of dedicated professionals to help a case study of an existing post WWII house, showing how the inspire change amongst others. Many speakers made it clear that retrofit techniques could be replicated in millions of other homes. I grassroots action is required to create new policies. could easily relate to the technical retrofits involved into upgrading The most effective way to achieve the building envelope and implementing renewable technologies. I a green building is through an found this presentation extremely useful. Visit their integrated design process, which website at for means collaborating with many more information. different professionals on a single The Green Building Conference reassured me that project. In practice, this meant a we have the burning desire and talent to achieve wide range of people with diverse sustainability in our regional built environment. For skill sets attended Green Building photos and more information on Green Building Ottawa, making for interesting Ottawa, visit networking. I am currently (Jean Carrière recently graduated from the Green working on a major residential Architecture Graduate program at Algonquin renovation and I was able to gear College, and has a pretty open mind about the my sessions to suit my goals. world at this point.) GREEN GALA WITH EDWARD BURTYNSKY MAY 13 The Ottawa Region Chapter of the CaGBC brought its most the pathetically high-profile guest speaker ever to Ottawa, and one hundred and small attempts fifty lucky souls were in the LeBreton Room of the Canada War organizations are Museum to enjoy it. After a wonderful three-course dinner, we heard taking to clean it up. renowned Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky, O.C., speak and “During the course explain his evocative 4’ x 6’ photographs that capture humanity’s of my work - as the impact on the landscape. Mr. Burtynsky showed photographs years have turned from his travels to Chinese factories, mining operations, recycling to decades - it depots, and quarries around the world, forcing us to confront has become clear where the resources for our buildings and consumables come to me that the plant, animal and mineral resources of the earth from – and where they end up when we are finished with them. He are overwhelmed by the robust wheels of economic progress. had just flown in from the Gulf of Mexico, where he treated us to Cheap fuel in the form of oil, coupled with the internal combustion a sneak peek of some photographs he took of the BP oil spill and engine, have begun to tear at the edges of nature’s envelope. As my ideas have evolved, I’ve looked at railcuts, mines, quarries, oilfields and refineries, homesteads, factories and farms - all in search of images that describe our changing and complex relationship to nature.” –Edward Burtynsky The Lundy Construction table at the Green Gala dinner
  3. 3. OFFICE RETROFITS AND WASTE DIVERSION— OR, HOW LONG DO YOU PLAN TO SIT ON THAT? Part of any building retrofit involves buying new TIPS FROM JEFF - ASK YOUR DEALER: NEw SUSTAINABLE things– from lighting and flooring to office fittings and furniture. You may have considered the • What are they doing to reduce waste in their PACKAGING OPTIONS: product packaging? impacts on recycled content and indoor air quality your new purchases will have on your retrofit (and • What can they do to reduce packaging in Eco-Smart Packaging your LEED® rating). But what about the other your order? Steelcase International started impacts? What happens to the packaging your • What happens to any packaging or product purchases come in? And what happens to your shipping chairs in two, three, or waste once it leaves your premises? old things once you are done with them? four parts. Shipping a chair in MICHAEL HOdGINS: Introduced in 2005 Waste diversion is one area many product by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry parts requires just 30% to 50% of manufacturers and dealers are focusing on. Jeff (MBDC), Cradle to Cradle® certification is a the room in the warehouse and in Snyder, a furniture dealer, and Michael Hodgins, multi-attribute eco-label that assesses a product’s the truck compared to a boxed, representing a furniture manufacturer, each have safety to humans and the environment and their own viewpoints and tips for reducing waste assembled chair. Eco-smart design for future life cycles. Steelcase offers more in an office retrofit. Cradle to Cradle Certified products than any other packaging is available on nine company in any industry. We’re certifying not only different seating lines, and two our new lines, but also our older lines. A client more lines will be added this year. JEff SNydER: Work has changed a lot in the can add on to their existing inventory of 25-year last 30 years, and office fittings and furniture has old Steelcase product to meet their new workflow changed with it. Lots of office furniture is built to last, needs, which reduces the likelihood that they will but may no longer be serving the needs of clients. If have to throw things away. Ecovative Packaging this happens, we first look at how we might be able What if you could eliminate non- to reuse their existing furniture in a more modern configuration that better suits their workflow. Next, TIPS FROM MICHAEL: recyclable packaging altogether? we look at how we may be able to redeploy surplus • For more information on the Cradle to What if the packaging could product instead of sending it to a landfill. If it can be Cradle certification program, visit actually contribute to the resold, we take it back to our warehouse. Perhaps it environment instead of detract? is reusable, and we can match it to a charity. Some • We can ship blanket-wrapped or in wood These are the goals behind product lines can be refurbished. As a last resort, crates. However, blankets take up space, you can recycle it. We have a supplier that uses innovative new packaging and fragile products or those with many small shredded fabric for stuffing. Most office furniture— components require individual packaging. See Steelcase plans to begin using like Steelcase—contains lots of steel, probably the the sidebar for some innovative packaging ideas later this year called ecovative most recycled material in the world. We can have the new from Steelcase. packaging. It’s made with steel recycled and present a certificate to (Jeff Snyder is with Capital Office Interiors. agricultural byproducts like cotton clients showing them the tonnage of steel they have Michael Hodgins is with Steelcase Canada. seed hulls and mushroom roots. diverted from the landfill. They both enjoy golfing and good furniture.) It’s so natural you can even eat it, though admittedly it’s not quite bon appétit. It requires very little energy to produce and it provides the cushioning and strength of expanded polystyrene foam —without the hydrofluorocarbon/ non-biodegradable downside. After its useful life, the packaging can be composted to add nutrients to the soil. In just 30 days, it becomes part of the earth again.
  4. 4. OTTAwA rEGION ChAPTEr MEMBEr PrOFILE They say the habits we learn as children affect our behaviour as adults, and that certainly seems to be the case for Roy Nandram, ORC CaGBC member and owner of RND Construction, an Ottawa-based general contractor specializing in green projects. As a child from a large family in Guyana, Nandram says he had While he sold his interest in this second business to his colleague no choice but to learn early in life the benefits of conservation, two years ago, Nandram is proud of the environmental initiatives he resourcefulness, and reuse. was able to lead. “We set up a carpet recycling program in Ottawa, which has (as of December 2008) diverted over half a million “We were a very big family – 10 children – and grew up poor,” says square yards of carpeting back to the manufacturer for recycling Nandram, “While we were always well-fed, our parents couldn’t instead of going into our landfills,” he says. “RND Construction afford to buy us toys so we had to make our own.” Nandram tells also built an 8000 square foot green warehouse and showroom to of how he and his brothers would volunteer to help shop owners house this flooring business.” The facility was certified under the in exchange for their old codfish boxes, which the future builder Canadian Building Incentive Program (CBIP) and was designed would fashion into carts and toys. Nandram says his family lived to be 42% more efficient than the Model National Energy Code for a green lifestyle by necessity. Everything that they could possibly Buildings (MNECB). re-use, like those codfish boxes, was transformed into something new. These principles have remained important to him to this day. RND Construction was “green” long before it was trendy to be so. In Nandram’s office hangs a framed certificate from 1982 showing Nandram arrived in Canada in 1976 and studied Mechanical his certification from the Canadian General Standards Board’s and Industrial Engineering at Algonquin College, later obtaining course on Insulating Homes for Energy Conservation. In 1998, a degree in Economics from Ottawa U. He started his own when LEED® was still on the USGBC’s drawing board, Nandram contracting outfit, RND Construction, in 1990 and is now built a house for himself that surpassed the R2000 standard and celebrating their 20th year of serving the Ottawa area with pride was measured to be 47% more energy efficient than an average and environmental responsibility. house built to code. In 2009, Roy earned his LEED® Accredited In 1999, Nandram and a colleague had an idea for a system Professional designation. that would allow offices to replace their carpet without removing “What he was building back in the eighties was just as energy all the furniture. They founded Accu-Lift Flooring, a company efficient as what he’s building today,” says Ross Elliot of Homesol that mechanically raises cubicles and installs new carpet tiles Building Solutions, who does all of Nandram’s eco-audits. “Roy underneath. The lift system is patented in the United States was really ahead of his time.” and in Canada. Nandram’s firm has handled many green projects in Ottawa over the years, including LEED® commercial interior (CI) renovations, warehouses, and custom homes. He is currently working with Ottawa architect Linda Chapman on a custom home in Rockliffe that is targeting LEED® Platinum certification. This home is the focus of the ORC Building tour June 23rd. To learn more about Nandram and his company, you can visit them on the web at (Do you know a chapter member who is a green leader? Contact to tell their story.)
  5. 5. OTTAwA UrBAN DESIGN rEVIEw PANEL: CALL FOr MEMBErS—GrEEN BUILDING ENGINEEr The City of Ottawa is seeking one Green Building Engineer to serve sustainable building design, construction and operations, have as a member of the new Ottawa Urban Design Review Panel. an understanding of the municipal planning system and the The Panel shall provide a peer review of large and medium scale development approval process, have practical work experience, projects proposed within the City’s designated Design Priority be a champion for design excellence in the City of Ottawa, and Areas. be a registered member in good standing of their respective professional associations. The Panel will play an important role in helping create a design culture befitting the Nation’s Capital, and in helping achieve better The Ottawa Urban Design Review Panel shall commence in urban design and an improved public realm in the City. September 2010. The Panel shall be comprised of 10 professionals, with expertise The application deadline is July 5, 2010. Interested candidates ranging in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae in PDF or Word engineering, and heritage conservation. The Panel members will be format to appointed to a three-year term, and a quorum of seven members For more information on the history of the Ottawa Design Review will convene up to eleven times annually. Panel please refer to the following report: Panel members serve on an unpaid, voluntary basis; however, travel, accommodation and incidental expenses incurred by the convening panel members shall be reimbursed by the City. pec/2010/05-11/6%20-%20ACS2010-ICS-PGM-0085%20 -%20Design%20Review%20Panel.htm All applicants must be able to evaluate projects of varying complexities and contexts, communicate effectively within a multidisciplinary panel, have an understanding of environmentally yOUr 2010/2011 OTTAwA rEGION ChAPTEr BOArD OF DIrECTOrS don Anderson, LEEd AP Mark Gray, OAA, M.Arch., LEEd AP James J. McNeil, LEEd AP Vice President, Business Development, Principal Architect, Edward J. Cuhaci Associate Vice President M.P. Lundy Construction and Associates Architects Inc. Commercial Sales & Leasing, Cushman & Wakefield Lepage Inc. diane Beaulieu, BId, ARIdO, IdC LEEd AP Teresa Hanna, B.Arch., LEEd AP Director, Interior Design, CB Richard Ellis Global Founding Partner, live ARCHITECTURE Jay Moore P.Eng, LEEd AP Corporate Services Sr. Project Manager, Ashcroft Homes Judy Klenik, PMP, LEEd AP, MBA Mark T. Brandt, OAA, MRAIC, CAHP, LEEd AP, Principal, Verterra Corp. Paul L. Parsons Senior Conservation Architect, MTBA Mark Director, Environmental Services, Thompson Brandt Architects SNC-LAVALIN O&M Inc. Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, P.Eng., ing., LEEd AP Ann Callaghan, LEEd AP Managing Director / Directrice, Robin Hutcheson P.Eng. LEEd AP Principal, Callaghan Letellier Wiens InAIR Environmental Ltd. Principal, Arborus Consulting Gibbons Facility Planning & Design Inc. OTTAwA rEGION & OUTAOUAIS LEED STATISTICS LEEd REGISTEREd LEEd CERTIfIEd LEEd ACCREdITEd CaGBC ORC PAId PROJECTS BUILdINGS PROfESSIONALS MEMBERS 88 11 468 400 The number of LEED Registered buildings in Eastern Ontario and The LEED Certified Buildings directory is available at: Western Quebec is growing. The CaGBC ORC wishes the proponents of all registered projects greenspeed as they work toward achieving a LEED Canada_Updated_100604.pdf Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum The LEED Registered Projects directory is available at: Winning ConCept Design for neW CanaDa sCienCe anD teChnology MuseuM (CONtINUED ON PG 6) The LEED AP directory is available at:
  6. 6. PrESIDENT’S MESSAGE: OTTAwA NEEDS LEADErShIP IN CrEATING SUSTAINABLE wOrKPLACES A corporation’s commitment 2. Toronto Green Development Standard to creating a sustainable workplace is probably the greendevelopment.htm#bbp. best indicator of their sincere A set of performance measures with supporting guidelines related to effort to “go green.” Canada’s sustainable site and building design for new development. commercial building sector 3. Toronto Better Building Partnership is a City energy and carbon footprint of Toronto program that works with building owners, managers and is significant, accounting for builders to ensure that buildings achieve high energy performance and 14% of all end-use energy low environmental impact. consumption and 13% of the 4. Vancouver requiring all rezoning to be LEED Gold equivalent country’s carbon emissions. Companies incorporating LEED high performance 5. Vancouver has also set a number of climate protection targets: features in their buildings will • 2010 - Reduce municipal operations emissions by 20% (achieved) not only save in operating • 2012 - Reduce community emissions by 6% (on track to achieving) costs, reduce exposure to • 2020 - Reduce community emissions by 33% rising utility rates, or enjoy • 2030 - All new buildings are carbon neutral faster lease-ups. It may also be their single greatest action they can • 2050 - Reduce community emissions by 80% undertake to have a positive impact on climate change. While vehicles The City of Ottawa has the potential to become a world-class region get the most attention, buildings use more energy—and contribute for eco-innovation. We need a champion who can turn this vision more to global warming—than cars, trucks, and buses combined. into reality and true competitive advantage demands collaboration Companies are starting to understand the benefits of green between local businesses, governments and communities. While buildings. A full 89 % of corporate real-estate executives have made the City has little power to amend the building code, there are other sustainability part of their decision when selecting office locations. avenues to make Ottawa more competitive. Creating sustainable incentives is an obvious answer. But there are also mechanisms What we need in Ottawa is for City Council and PWGSC to make this they have used in the past, for example, to ensure developers connection and to include sustainability as part of every aspect of their include things like affordable housing downtown, or parks and interactions with real property. recreation facilities. Why not use these same approaches to mandate sustainability within these developments? We have the opportunity Imagine if the tenets of LEED had a weighting in all RFPs, RFIs, and to gain a competitive advantage if all stakeholders work together to was a requirement for any federal lease renewals. This action could create an internationally recognized ‘eco-business city’ and turn the lead to urban renewal for major sections of our downtown. Nation’s capital into a “green beacon” in sustainability both nationally and internationally. Municipalities across Canada are encouraging stakeholders to adopt sustainable strategies to reduce energy consumption and GHG and Sustainable business practices are becoming a competitive most have made buildings a core part of these strategies. advantage. I believe the business community can do more for the environment working together than apart. Facilitating innovative, Great examples of sustainable municipal building collaborative partnerships will help companies achieve results faster, strategies include: cost effectively and with less individual risk. 1. Partners in Project Green http://www.partnersinprojectgreen. (James McNeil is President of the 2010 Ottawa Region Chapter com. The Pearson Eco-Business Zone - a joint partnership with Board of Directors, and the Associate Vice President for Greater Toronto Airport, Toronto Conservation, Region of Peel, City of Commercial Sales and Leasing—and Green Real Estate Practice Toronto, Brampton and the City of Mississauga Lead—for Cushman and Wakefield Ottawa.) WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW TO GREEN YOUR EXISTING BUILDING AND NOT SURE HOW TO PROCEED? CHECK OUT THIS QUICK FACTS DOCUMENT ON LEED® FOR EXISTING BUILDINGS: OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE, AND GREEN UP,A PROGRAM THAT HELPS ASSESS AND IMPROVE AN EXISTING BUILDING’S PERFORMANCE ON WATER, ENERGY, AND GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS. see
  7. 7. ExECUTIVE DIrECTOr’S MESSAGE: UPDATE ON OTTAwA’S CONSTrUCTION rECyCLING INITIATIVES TASK GrOUP Our August newsletter last year told the story of how Ottawa does not contractors and a member of the Task Group. “Ontario recycling recycle drywall, and how a Construction Recycling Initiatives volunteer regulations are not being enforced, so a municipal ban makes a stronger Task Group formed to research the issue and create a report. Several statement that drywall does not belong in our landfills.” members of the board of the Ottawa Region Chapter are on the task The report says the construction and demolition industry generates over group. Here is our update. a fifth of solid waste in Ottawa. About 10-15% of that waste is drywall The Task Group a report on June 2 recommending the City of Ottawa (also called gypsum board)—most of it cut onsite and discarded without and other neighboring municipalities ban dumping construction ever being used in a building. According to the Ontario Ministry of and demolition drywall in our landfills. The report, released by the Environment, while Ontarians divert about 39% of our residential waste, Construction Recycling Initiatives (CRI) Task Group, shows that Ottawa we only divert about 12% at work and play (referred to as Industrial lags significantly behind other major cities in Canada when it comes to Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) waste, which includes construction recycling drywall. Ottawa construction and demolition projects transfer and demolition waste). 250g of drywall per resident per year to a recycling facility, compared to For a complete copy of the report visit 164Kg per capita from Vancouver, 48Kg per capita from Toronto, and 2Kg per capita from Montreal. Since the report was released, the task group has raised awareness of the report through interviews on local print, TV, and radio. Now, city “We decided to first focus on drywall as a material for recycling because Councillor Shad Quadri is putting a motion before the planning and it is ubiquitous in construction, yet it seems to be mostly ignored”, environment committee on July 5. Among other things, the motion says Renee Gratton, leader of the CRI Task Group and Principal of RG includes requirements Integration, a building industry consultancy. “Ottawa’s construction and for recycling in site plan demolition projects dump the equivalent of 4500 sheets of drywall in our approvals, subdivision landfills every day.” agreements, and demolition Besides overloading our landfills, gypsum mining and dumping has permits. Stay tuned: the several environmental impacts. Only about 1% of drywall in Ottawa is efforts of the Task Group currently recycled, even though several waste disposal companies in the over the last year are Ottawa region can receive drywall and transfer it for recycling. Ontario certainly having an impact! Ministry of Environment regulations require building projects over 2000 sq. meters to develop a waste management plan and source separate (Lori Gadzala, LEED AP, materials, including drywall, for recycling. The Ontario Ministry of the is the Executive Director of Environment’s own records show 78% of inspected construction and the CaGBC ORC and can demolition projects in Ontario did not comply with these regulations, and be reached at 95% in the Ottawa area were non-compliant. “Contractors like the idea of a ban because it levels the playing field,” says Guy Beaudoin, Project Director, Ed Brunet & Associés general ThE CrI TASK GrOUP ThANKS ITS SPONSOrS: LAFArGE NOrTh AMErICA ACC PAr SySTEM LIMITED Tomlinson Environmental Walls and Ceilings Contractors Association (WACCA) Arborus Consulting Construction Specifications Canada Ottawa Chapter Ottawa Region Chapter CaGBC Ottawa Regional Society of Architects (ORSA) Minto Communities CGC Inc. CONfERENCE COORdINATOR EMAIL: POSTAL AddRESS: Ottawa Region Chapter Canada Green Building Council ExECUTIvE dIRECTOR: Station B P.O. Box 723 WEBSITE: Ottawa . ON . K1P 5P8