Winning Business Faster with Social Business Technology - Jive Software & Millward Brown Case Study


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With clients’ expecting "real-time" responses to RFPs, marketing agencies have to act fast to find experts and develop innovative solutions that win new business. But with agency teams distributed globally, it is increasingly difficult to coordinate a comprehensive response that incorporates relevant case studies, employee backgrounds, and 'elegant solutions' for each opportunity within a few days.

In this webcast, Jackie Bartolotta from Millward Brown and Elizabeth Brigham from Jive Software will share how Millward Brown is generating new business by using social business technology to find internal experts, collaborate on proposals, and reduce the time it takes to respond to RFPs.

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  • Agenda:What is our Q3 Marketing ProgramGoals, size of the opportunity, targets, typical campaign processHow Jive can help Customer examplesBenefitsFAQ
  • I imagine many of you are planning a campaign or in a campaign mid-flight. You put together your plan in Excel, draft a creative brief in Word, save to Sharepoint, email a link around and then morph everyone’s feedback into a slide deck for leadership. On top of that, you’re spending about 80% of your day in meetings rather than actually getting your deliverables out the door. This is what I lived every day at Disney as a marketer before I knew about social business.Time wasted in tools focused on documents instead of peopleEvery day spent going from meeting to meeting talking about work instead of getting it done No good way to collaborate with External PartnersTurn it over to Scott to talk through his experiences within his marketing team at UBM Tech Web to illustrate how Social Business technology has changed the way his team works
  • Today we want to talk about the intersection of social business technology and marketing. So what do we mean by social business technology? All of you are familiar with how social media has influenced your lives as consumers and how your customers “own” your brand –the usual suspects: facebook, twitter, + social network flavor of the month.For 20+ years, we’ve been using tools that are focused on mechanization and automation. However, those tools are table stakes. To build a competitive advantage, we need to move toward tools that help us harness social capital.
  • What that means is focusing on the people in our network to create a working platform. That said, social business technology won’t completely remove email or Excel or PowerPoint. However, it does bring all of those deliverables into one place where you can easily collaborate with your cross-functional team to get work done. So the emphasis for social business technology is on connecting people to get work done, rather than a system that’s just a container for documents.
  • We’ve been talking thus far at a high level which makes social business technology sound like a nice to have. But I’m arguing that social business technology is a disruption to marketing operations and can generate real value.For example, overall, McKinsey is estimating the potential to unlock 900B - $1.3T ANNUAL value. For marketing alone, there’s the potential for $500B – namely through reduction in operational costs (fewer meetings trying to wrangle buy in from stakeholders all over the world) and decreased time to market which leads to beating the competition.
  • To wrap things up concretely and to set up Scott’s case study, I wanted to highlight a few of the top use cases for specifically how marketers can use social business to collaborate in their daily lives.Marketing campaigns:You have to work in cross-functional teams across the org and outside (e.g. agencies) to get strong campaigns to market. Social business brings all of that work into one place, rather than having to chase down spreadsheets and stakeholders across the worldPartners:Agency work involves many meetings/conf calls/travel and sending large files back and forth via email for feedback. Again, social technology gives you a platform with one place to store all this data and have active discussions/provide feedback.Sales enablement:A major focus of our job is to ensure sales has the right product material and has access to us as subject matter experts for questions. Streamline conversations about deals, distribute the latest collateral and close more with social business.
  • Who we are: We are the world’s leading expert in helping clients grow great brands that thrive in even the most challenging market placesWe do this through our people and solutionsThe Impact is helping our clients brands grow financial value
  • In development with Stephanie
  • Registered users: Users who have logged in at least onceActive Users: Users who have viewed at least one document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group overview page, space overview page, or project overview page in the previous 30 days
  • Winning Business Faster with Social Business Technology - Jive Software & Millward Brown Case Study

    1. 1. How Social BusinessTools Are AcceleratingSales & MarketingU S I N G S O C I A L B U S I N E S SE L I Z A B E T H B R I G H A M , P R O D U C TM A R K E T I N G M A N A G E RJ I V E S O F T WA R E
    2. 2. Today’s Speakers© Jive confidential 2Jackie BartolottaDirector, Knowledge ServicesMillward BrownElizabeth BrighamProduct Marketing ManagerJive SoftwareDeepa RameshGlobal Greenhouse ManagerMillward Brown
    3. 3. Common ChallengesDocument-focused toolsMarketingdisciplinesilosClientmeetingsConferenceCallsTravelCreative:DevelopmentDesignReviewIterationInternal teamdispersedgloballyLastMinutefire drills
    4. 4. FROM TOMechanizationTransactionsRecordsProcessesCRMERPECMSocial CapitalPeopleConversationsIdeasExpertiseDecisionsRelationshipsWhat is Social Business Technology?The biggest from > to in a generation.
    5. 5. 5 © Jive confidentialPeopleare theplatform.
    6. 6. SO CIAL BUSINESS L EADS TO REAL VAL UEMcKinsey estimates:• Social business technology can unlock $900B-$1.3T annual value• $500B from marketing, sales and after-sales support• 45% reduction in marketing costs• 29% decrease in time to market
    7. 7. Social Business is transforming Marketing & Agency Teams• Responding to RFPs: Find experts and get input from colleagues globallyto deliver RFP responses faster• Marketing Campaigns: Tear down walls between teams in silos, makingcross-functional team projects more efficient• On-Boarding & Project Ramp Time: Get project teams up to speed andon the same page faster, regardless of where they’re located
    8. 8. The Greenhouse:Harvesting Millward Brown’s CollectiveKnowledge To Create Meaningful ImpactMAY 2013
    9. 9. 9W E A R ETHE WORLD’SLEADINGEXPERThelping clientsGROWgreat brandsIN
    10. 10. MILLWARD BROWN
    11. 11. • Multiple, disconnected intranets• Too many places to go• Limited search functionality• Duplication of efforts• Mass emails• Collaboration across global teamswas difficult• Knowledge sharing andcommunications were siloedOur challenges at project kickoff (January 2011)Our Task: Redevelop MB Online into a social intranet
    12. 12. Intranet objectives12Create a MB Company hub where all regions,divisions and business units can gain access to ourcollective knowledgeImprove community across the company byfostering dialogue, sharing and learningImprove access to knowledge and collaborationfeatures will give staff a tool to tell a better storyand create more meaningful impact on our clients
    13. 13. Our solution13Our home to cultivate knowledge and grow ideas that will impactMillward Brown’s community, business and brand.
    14. 14. What is the Greenhouse?14One Front DoorConnecting LearningCommunicationCommunity
    15. 15. Generating pre-launch buzz among staff15StakeholderInterviewsInternalIdeaBlog®MB Board PilotSeniorExecsRegionalAmbassadorsContentOwnersOfficeChampionsAll StaffTeaserCampaignGetting buy-in atevery stagethroughout thedevelopmentprocess was criticalto employeeengagement.The Greenhousewas built by ouremployees, not forthem.
    16. 16. February 15, 2012: 24 hour global Greenhouse launch!16Sydney Vietnam BostonBrazil Korea South Africa80%+ logged in during 1st month
    17. 17. Greenhouse at a Glance17
    18. 18. Greenhouse Home Page18
    19. 19. Usage Top Spaces Top Social GroupsHighest viewed pieces of content Total Content1297 ViewsDocument on Millward Brown solutionresponding to a press article1706 ViewsSolution Fact SheetGreenhouse at a glance19Local Country/Office GroupAccount Servicing TeamThought Leadership93%TotalLogged-in~4,000Users per month Practice Areas4%22%1%4%14%Status UpdatesVideos PollsBlog PostsDiscussions56% DocumentsTotal Content = 50,045Thought LeadershipSolutionsGetting started in the GreenhouseKnowledge2255 ViewsDocument on career progressionRegional SpacesWorking Groups
    20. 20. Daily Activity over the past year20
    21. 21. Case Studies21
    22. 22. Case 1: Solving problems through knowledge sharing22Client wanted Millward Brown’s POV on‘consumption shots’ in ads.Posted question in the GreenhouseFeedback from 16 colleagues from 7 countries(178 views)Team had been facing this question across allclient brands for a few months (both client teamand ad agencies) and had struggled to give aclear answer on pros and cons.“I feel like this is a greatexample of the Greenhouse inaction. We will definitely beusing some of the POVs fromthis discussion to build ananswer for our client andbeing able to draw fromeveryones experience givesus a very powerful answer.”- Account DirectorFound relevant and useful answers to client questions from othersexperiencing similar challenges.
    23. 23. Case 2: Cross departmental collaboration23Used the Greenhouse to find experts in different offices and leverageglobal expertise.Team working on a proposal for a client in South Africa, requestedhighly specific examples.Posted in our ‘Can You Help?’ space.7 responses from 5 countries within 11 hours with names of expertsaround the globe who could help.
    24. 24. Case 3: Winning new business24Saved time gathering the right information from the right people, some ofwhom they had never known before.Help with a proposal for a client looking for industryspecific experience and in their request, teammentioned could potentially become Australia’s largestclientFeedback from 10 colleagues from 3 countries within2 days (186 views)Built into their proposal a couple of slides aboutGreenhouse and how it can be used to leverageglobal expertiseWon the pitch and this is now the second largestclient in Australia.“The Greenhouse replies werehelpful - and we incorporated thisin the proposal. We were actuallyusing Greenhouse todemonstrate how we can reachout to our global community…There were obviously lots of otherelements involved in the pitch, butIm confident this was a part ofwhat highlighted our competitiveedge.”- Account Director
    25. 25. Response from Employees andcontinued engagement25
    26. 26. What employees are saying about Greenhouse?26
    27. 27. We continue to engage employees and drive adoptionWhat’s your favorite brand Europe photocompetition tied to our BrandZ Top 100launch.Feature Greenhouse Stars on our homepageInterview series that give other users ideas on how tostay engaged in the communityGlobal Scavenger huntCan You Help: Highly visible cross collaboration platform for questions across theglobe.Anyone can post a question and answer. Moderated by our Knowledge leaders.‘Best Use ofGreenhouse’competition tied to our1 year anniversary‘Year inReview’Infographic
    28. 28. How has knowledge sharing changed with Greenhouse?28“With our old system, the small team ofKnowledge Managers were a bottle neckin terms of knowledge sharing; now thereis an increasing sense of a globalcommunity, sharing ideas andexperiences.”-- Dominic Twose, MillwardBrown’s Global Head ofKnowledge Management
    29. 29. Thank you!29Jackie BartolottaDirector, Knowledge ServicesJackie.Bartolotta@MillwardBrown.comDeepa RameshGlobal Community
    30. 30. Panel Discussion and Q&A© Jive confidential 30Jackie BartolottaMillward BrownElizabeth BrighamJive Software@esbrighamDeepa RameshMillward Brown