How to Create the Perfect Support Case


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How to Create the Perfect Support Case

  1. 1. Be in the KnowSupportal Training 101
  2. 2. Step One: Logging In1. Go to If you’re new to Jive, register as a new user, being sure to use your company email address so you can join or create your Company’s Private Community.3. Once logged in, select the large orange button that says “Customer Support” to the right. © Jive confidential
  3. 3. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  4. 4. Step Two: Navigating The SupportalGeneral Community Tabs:1. Home: All the info in one place.2. Content: Blogs, Docs, Discussions, Polls, etc.3. People: Everyone who is a part of that Community.4. Places: All Public Spaces that exist in the JC.5. Links: Resource for the most useful Jive info.6. Apps: Plugins that use Jive more uniquely.7. Create: Contribute your genius to Jive. © Jive confidential
  5. 5. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  6. 6. Step Two: Navigating The SupportalCustomer Supportal Tabs:1. Overview: All activities in the Private Community.2. Content: Five sub-tabs for private documents, discussions, cases, environments, calendar.3. People: All current members of your community.4. Projects: Strictly for Professional Services Engagements. © Jive confidential
  7. 7. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  8. 8. Step Two: Navigating The SupportalMy Accounts:1. Select “My accounts” from the top of the page and accept terms and agreements to reveal purchased licenses, modules, RPMs, etc.2. View the Purchases area by selecting “Purchases.” © Jive confidential
  9. 9. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  10. 10. Step Two: Navigating The SupportalInviting New Members:1. Click on “Invite people to join this group” from the Actions menu.2. Use the email that the user registered in the Jive Community previously.3. Once the invitation is sent, the user will receive an email that they must accept to gain access to the Private Group. © Jive confidential
  11. 11. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  12. 12. Step Three: Creating a CaseCase Creation:1. Select “Start a case” under the Actions bar.2. Title: Keep as relevant to the request as possible.3. Body: Include as much details as possible, images, etc.4. Case Details: Select the appropriate severity; Low, Medium, Critical.5. Product: Select the most relevant item from the list.6. Select “Post” to submit your new case. © Jive confidential
  13. 13. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  14. 14. Be In The KnowJive 6.0 Community:Supportal Training 101
  15. 15. Step Four: Engaging your Jive EngineerCase Responses:1. Response times to cases will depend on the SLA level of Support purchased via customer contracts.2. Jive Engineers often ask for additional information, such as logs. The sooner these requests are answered, the sooner cases can be resolved.3. Be polite and cooperative. Jive is made up of real people, and we all work very hard to resolve every issue in a timely and professional manner. © Jive confidential
  16. 16. Step Five: Stay In The Know via The Jive CommunityImportant Blogs to Follow:1. Space: Support | Jive Community Jive Release Schedule Jive Release Blog Ongoing Support Services Product Documentation2. Space: Plugin Downloads | Jive Community3. Space: Developer Community | Jive Community4. Space: Website Info & Feedback | Jive Community5. Space: Jive Talks | Jive Community © Jive confidential