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Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - March 2014


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Social business insights are revealed from the following thought leaders' engagement in the Jive Community: Dion Hinchcliff, Luis Suarez, R “Ray” Wang, Rachel Happe, Rawn Shah, Alan Lepofsky and Jive's EVP of Strategy and CMO, Elisa Steele.

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Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - March 2014

  1. 1. “We believe the secret to large scale change lies in the very forces disrupting us: vast digital networks of people and information aligned to dynamic business strategies coupled with highly adaptive cultures that embrace change.” Dion Hinchcliff Chief Strategy Officer, Adjuvi @DHinchcliffe CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  2. 2. “…We do have more appropriate and relevant collaborative and knowledge sharing tools that help us get our jobs done much more efficiently and effectively…[so] I decided to challenge the status quo of e-mail in the enterprise and, instead, prove and demonstrate, day in day out, that you can eventually have a very productive work life using social technologies versus just email.” Luis Suarez Chief Emergineer and People Enabler, Change Agents Worldwide @elsua CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  3. 3. “…People still play a key role in the success of digital business transformation. In the shift from selling products and services to promising outcomes and experiences, information flows faster.” R “Ray” Wang VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research @rwang0 CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  4. 4. “…Set the example. If your employees know that the internal network is the best way to reach you, and they learn that you’re using it to reach them, they’ll quickly make it the new norm of office communication.” Rachel Happe Principal and Co-Founder, Community Roundtable @rhappe CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  5. 5. “More and more people are working when, where, and with whom they need, organized in patterns they discover as the real way they can operate in the organization that gives them meaning and builds engagement. This creates the multiple dimensions of agility at work that we need…” Rawn Shah Chief Strategy Officer, Alynd @rawn CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  6. 6. “I like email…it’s great for what it’s good for (communicating), but it’s not good for collaborating. But the modern collaboration tools have so much more going for them, with commenting and liking and resharing.” Alan Lepofsky VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research @alanlepo CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW
  7. 7. “…Living this workstyle is no longer optional—it’s a business imperative to compete effectively. It isn’t about email replacement, online chat, or even important social features. Instead, it integrates all the ways people could work as a team to accomplish the great things they could not have otherwise achieved.” Elisa Steele EVP Strategy and CMO, Jive @ElisaSteele CLICK HERE TO READ MORE