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Insight from Social Business Thought Leaders - JiveWorld13


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Social business insights are revealed from the following thought leaders' at JiveWorld13: Eddie Obeng, Krissy Espindola, Jim Lundy, HK Dunston, Alan Lepofsky, Dion Hinchcliffe and Rachel Happe.

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Insight from Social Business Thought Leaders - JiveWorld13

  1. 1. JIVEWORLD13 October 22-24, Las Vegas 1 © Jive confidential
  2. 2. Dr. Eddie Obeng, TED Presenter “A conference call = 1 person talking and 26 people continuing to do their email” “Employees fear change. Talk to them about things that are familiar” “Humans are terrible animals not designed for change. Sure, you like change you do, but not changes others do to you” 2 © Jive confidential Click here to read more
  3. 3. Krissy Espindola, Director of Knowledge Management and Social Customer Support, T-Mobile • “Be un-traditional: Take Risks and try something new to achieve your goals” “Be un-filtered: Allow tough conversations to take place. You’re able to learn more about your brand and your employees” “Be un-stoppable: T-Mobile believes their continued partnership with Jive makes them unstoppable” • • “How do you deal with these conversations? People hare having them anyway…wouldn’t you rather be involved?” Click here to read more 3 © Jive confidential
  4. 4. Jim Lundy, CEO, Aragon Research Inc. “The social collaboration market has a high degree of technology convergence. Products have to function in synergy and address the way users actually work. Siloed approaches to both internal and external collaboration are dated. Vendors that do not have a vision for a unified social collaboration paradigm will be challenged to remain relevant” Click here to read more 4 © Jive confidential
  5. 5. HK Dunston, VP Communications, Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters’ strategy for rollout and how they achieved success with three main tactics: • “Building a coalition” • “Committing to a simple technology approach with few customizations” • “Committing to a partnership with Jive” Click here to read more 5 © Jive confidential
  6. 6. Alan Lepofsky, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research “It’s important for a collaboration tool to show people the impact and reach of their own content. Have you ever wondered presentations you posted were used the most, or which questions you answered reach the most people? Now with Impact Metrics people will start to be able to answer those questions and more.” Click here to read more 6 © Jive confidential
  7. 7. Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group “The key: To design our organizations for a more networkcentric and participatory model employing the latest digital tools, in an environment designed around constant change and learning” Click here to read more 7 © Jive confidential
  8. 8. Rachel Happe, Principle & Co-Founder, Community Roundtable “Community teams are feeling squeezed, but many executives still feel like they are gambling.” Click here to read more 8 © Jive confidential