Branding Yourself on LinkedIn


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Why does my brand matter? 92% of employers either already use, or are planning to use, social media as a recruitment tool.

Melissa Barker, Social Media Manager at Jive Software, explains how to brand yourself with LinkedIn.

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  • 180M Memebers + 3 new members per second2M Company Pages1M Groups
  • Branding Yourself on LinkedIn

    1. 1. 89%11%Employersusing Social Media forRecruitingSocial Media No Social Media80% of thoseEmployersused LinkedIn92% of employers eitheralready use or areplanning to use socialmedia as a recruitmenttoolSources: Wall Street JournalSacramento BeeWhy does my brand matter?
    2. 2. BRANDING YOURSELFWITH LINKEDINMelissa Barker, Social Media Manager@Melissa_Barker
    3. 3. Why LinkedIn?@Melissa_Barker
    4. 4. 1. What do you want out of social media?2. What do you want to be known for?3. What digital assets do you have now?4. What digital assets do you need AND want to have?Branding Yourself 101@Melissa_Barker
    5. 5. #1 LinkedIn is simply an online resume.#2 I have a profile, but the site just doesn’t work!#3 If I scream loud enough, people will be enchanted byme.Myths@Melissa_Barker
    6. 6. The best profile tells the story of “you” …who you are, whatyou’ve accomplished, and why it is of value to connect withyou• Goal: All-Star Profile• Be sure to use keywordsOptimizing Your Profile@Melissa_Barker
    7. 7. • Use keywords• 120 Characters Available• Recommended Formula:Who I am | Value or Solution | Trust/CredibilityCreating a Headline@Melissa_Barker
    8. 8. Opening: Your PassionMethod: Work PhilosophyClose: Call to ActionBrevityCrafting a Summary@Melissa_Barker
    9. 9. • Have a Twitteraccount?• Have a blog?• Have a personalwebsite?• Have a companywebsite?Link Your Other Profiles
    10. 10. • A job listing forEACH title• Bulleteddescription ofwhat YOU havedoneExampleJob Descriptions@Melissa_Barker
    11. 11. Recommendations Matter#1 Thing you can do to gaincredibility amongst potentialemployers.Source: JobviteRecommendations & Endorsements
    12. 12. Which of these URLs would you rather use? a Custom URL@Melissa_Barker
    13. 13. Build Your Network
    14. 14. Create Your Connection PolicyConnect with people you’venever met in person?– Pros:1. More business networking opportunities2. Increased discoverability andapproachability3. Improved credibility– Cons1. Spam communication2. Shares your network with people you’venever met
    15. 15. Sending Invitations@Melissa_Barker
    16. 16. Connecting: Someone You Do Not Know1. “Read” the Profile2. See Who & What You Have inCommon- See image.3. Get an Introduction- Don’t be afraid to ask.4. Send a Personalized Invite
    17. 17. Status Updates• Status Updateso Start with updating your status several times a week.o Add Valueo Recommended Updates• - Informative articles, ask questions, post newso How do I know I’m on the right track? When you get“Likes” and comments.• Engagement Strategyo “Like” several status updates daily.
    18. 18. 1. Activity2. Group Size3. Amount of SpamWhat is your goal?1. Relevance2. Position Emphasis3. Company Size EmphasisJobsSalesNetworkingJoin Groups@Melissa_Barker
    19. 19. Finding Groups1. Search• Use Keywords: Industry /Purpose / Location2. Connections• Review their group list• Join groups that are relevant to you3. Company• Find a company• "Read" the company profile• "Read" the profile of the best point of contact• Join the same groups (natural fit)
    20. 20. Posting EtiquettePost ProfessionallyAvoid Online ArgumentsPost Relevant ContentRespond Quickly@Melissa_Barker
    21. 21. Group Engagement ProcessContribute Create Follow Up ConnectBecomeanInfluencer@Melissa_Barker
    22. 22. Create: Discussion Examples1. Title should be less than 10 words2. Use “2-sentence snippet” test for a summary of an article orblogEnd with a CTA (call to action): a question or request3. Include a link to more information
    23. 23. Create: Discussion Examples
    24. 24. Process in PracticeWeek 1: Contribute• Join Group• Comment on 3-5discussions: askquestions, respondgenuinelyWeek 2: CreateFollow UpConnect• Start 3-5Discussions (shareindustry news)• Respond tocomments on yourdiscussions ASAP• Connect withpeople who replyWeek 3: Repeat• Strive to becomean Influencer• Comment on 3-5Discussions• Start 3-5Discussions• Respond tocomments on yourdiscussions• Connect to peoplewho reply@Melissa_Barker
    25. 25. Job Search
    26. 26. #1 Company Pages@Melissa_Barker
    27. 27. #2 Recommended Jobs
    28. 28. #3 Upgrade Account@Melissa_Barker
    29. 29. Keys to Success
    30. 30. “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.”• Add coworkers• Add friends and family• Add group members• Add other social media contactsMake Networking a Habit@Melissa_Barker
    31. 31. 1. Greeting with theirname2. Where you knowhim/her from3. WHY you want toconnect4. ClosingPersonalize It@Melissa_Barker
    32. 32. Organize ItTags are secret categories you can use to organize your connections.
    33. 33. Email SignaturesBusiness CardsOther Social Media ProfilesAdd Your Profile URL to …
    34. 34. Make it a Routine – 15 minutes every morning!• Clear your Inbox• Add people you met in the last 24 hours• Status Updates• GroupsParticipate Daily@Melissa_Barker
    35. 35. 35Consistent engagement.What is the secret to beingsuccessful at using social mediato create my brand?@Melissa_Barker
    36. 36. 36© Jive confidential