6 Secrets to Social Success Checklist


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Deirdre Walsh, Senior Manager of Social Strategy at Jive Software, unlocked the secrets to social success with her eBook, The Business Guide to Social Success. With this checklist, you can stay on track to implement a successful social strategy for your organization.

Download The Business Guide to Social Success eBook here: http://bit.ly/14TJN1Z

Jive is the world's #1 social business platform. We help employees, customers and partners connect, collaborate and communicate to achieve breakthrough results in sales, marketing, customer service and workforce productivity. http://bit.ly/1aTo6Vq

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6 Secrets to Social Success Checklist

  1. 1. Define Integrate Build Manage Activate Analyze
  2. 2. 3 © Jive confidential Define Goals  Understand your audience. Understand what users want and what they will get by participating in your social channels  Align social with business objectives. Identify real business goals and set measurable targets  Determine social channel roles. Determine unique purpose of each of the social platforms to customize strategy  Build a community. Community has various audiences, goals and roles within an organization
  3. 3. 4 © Jive confidential  Understand integrated vision. Integrate social efforts and make valuable connections to the right content  Get executive sponsorship. Empower an executive who can champion your successes  Integrate social with traditional roles. Provide central resources to empower business units  Create governance, training and education. Meet regularly to discuss strategy, review social guidelines and receive relevant training  Build technical integrations. Connect social channels to existing enterprise applications Integrate Social within the Organization
  4. 4. 5 © Jive confidential  Determine social identity. Understand the cost of social branding, and create a balance between usefulness and promotion  Deploy relevant solutions. When creating a quality social solution, accessibility, usability, versatility, and leadership are among the most important characteristics  Drive membership. Make it simple and beneficial for new members to engage right away Build Valuable Social Channels
  5. 5. 6 © Jive confidential  Create a plan. Have a plan that outlines training, necessary processes, and a scalable timeline  Formalize social listening. Engage customers and prospects to identify opportunities and threats, and collaboratively respond in a timely manner  Build relationships. Listen, empower your employees and customers to respond, and utilize insights to make real business decisions  Create strong content. Develop an integrated content strategy, and vary your content to optimize engagement  Get noticed. Find unique ways to get your content noticed, like gamification Manage Strategy and Content
  6. 6. 7 © Jive confidential  Understand your advocates. Create meaningful relationships with your loyal influencers  Create easy to share content. Build a unique experience that customers will want to share  Reward evangelism and loyalty. Reward loyal customers to increase social reach among qualified people  Amplify brand heroes. Build meaningful connections by highlighting brand champions  Activate employees. Empower employees to participate as your brand’s advocate Activate Advocates and Brand Heroes
  7. 7. 8 © Jive confidential  Define success metrics. Capture and report data on business value and program health  Understand business value metrics. Outline how specific social strategies impact top line goals, like growth, employee productivity and cost savings  Create relevant program metrics. Regularly check metrics within your social communities including reach, engagement, awareness and loyalty Analyze Business Value
  8. 8. Download the 6 Secrets of Social Success ebook: www.jivesoftware.com