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Abc brochure

  1. 1. AL BARAKA CONSULTANCY W.L.L project and management consultants Consulting with a business strategy
  2. 2. Al Baraka Consul ng Group (A Baraka) was established in 1994. Al Baraka is an independent project and management consultancy organiza on. Al Baraka Economic Consultancy in the Sultanate of Oman is the pioneer venture in the ‘Group. Al Baraka has many professionals with immense experience in management and industrial consultancy. Al Baraka also has an excellent library and data base on industrial informa on. Consultancy services offered by Al Baraka include feasibility studies, market research, project development, promo on and management, diversifica on, growth strategy and turnaround strategy. Project Management from concept to commissioning All Baraka has extensive resurces to carry out services from project conceptualiza on to project development and promo on. Feasibility studies, market research, technology sec on, site selec on and syndica on of funds are some of the ac vi es undertaken by Al Baraka, Al Baraka can also assist in company forma on. Project Development and Promo on Project Iden fica on Al Baraka has extensive knowledge of the GCC industrial sector and its development needs and has iden fied more than one hundred and fi y industrial investment opportuni es for promo on. At Al Baraka, project iden fica on is an ongoing ac vity. Al Baraka has iden fied projects and prepared profiles and pre-feasibility studies in various areas such as agro industries, food, tex les, leather, paper and packaging, minerals, chemical and petrochemical, metal plas c, rubber and engineering. Flour Mill Packaging Factory Project Management Al Baraka has extensive experience in managing projects from concept to commissioning which includes project monitoring and management. Al Baraka has carried out project management services for following industrial projects; Packaging Industry Vegetable Oil Refinery Wheat Flour Mill Integrated Poultry Farm Plas cs Industry Complex Ceramic Sanitary Ware Factory Integrated Poultry Farm Consulting with a business strategy
  3. 3. Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies Al Baraka has carried out more than 100 techno-eco- nomic feasibility studies in a variety of sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, engineering, building materials and food and agro industries. These studies invariably include assessment of market, technical feasibility and financial viability. The marke ng strategy, risk and sensi vity analysis and socio-economic aspects are also usually included in such studies. Some such studies carried out by Al Baraka are Petroleum Coke Project. Pre-Cast Concrete Products Integrated Dairy Project Project and Management Studies Flour Mill Medical College Investment Holding Companies Hotel Flour Mill Al Baraka understand that one of the key factors in the success of any industrial venture is marke ng. Consumer percep on, demand trends and marke ng. Consumer percep on; demand trends and marke ng strategies are key areas assessed by Al Baraka. Al Baraka also can carry out macro-economic studies of regional relevance. Al Baraka has a market intelligence unit and has carried out surveys in GCC, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Since it has offices in various GCC countries, primary research can be carried out in the region in a very cost effec ve way. Some of the market studies carried out by Al Baraka are: Market of ceramic sanitary wares in GCC, middle Human resources development in management and marke ng are trust areas. Al Baraka can provide consul ng interven on by experts with managerial exposure and real industrial experience. Market Research East and Europe Market study report for wheat flour in Middle East and Africa Market study for more then 100 products In a dynamic business environment, strategies can become outdated, business fortunes can fluctuate, and technology or even products can become obsolete leading to diminishing market share and profit. Business Re-engineering & Turnaround Studies Al Baraka can render services to enable sick companies to turn around or medium performers to achieve higher growth rate. Some of the services that Al Baraka can carry out area: Diagnos c analysis or opera on appraisal Development of growth strategy Business re-engineering Turnaround plan and strategy. Consul ng Interven on in Management Development Specialized Studies and Prac ce Areas. Other specialized studies offered by Al Baraka are: Technology and Innova on strategy Intellectual Property Management Business Intelligence and Strategy Training and development marco-economic and sector studies Environmental Studies Mul -client studies Consul ng interven on can be provided in areas like: Turnaround management Change management Project management Specialized Parc ce Areas Facili es Hi-tech full-fledged office fully networked Extensive industry informa on Access to databases, online libraries and other resources Consultants Al Baraka has got a mul disciplinary team of about 20 eperts consis ng of: Engineers Marke ng specialists Management experts Financial analysts Al Baraka experts has specializa on in various areas such as: Chemeical & Petrochemicals Metals Engineering Environment Other specialized fields Clients Al Baraka has an impressive list of clients which includes: Gulf Investment Corpora on AAAID, Sudan / UAE Societe Generate, UK Many GCC Ministries Public & Private Companies Hospitals, Educa onal Ins tu on etc. Associates Al Baraka has many joint ventures and associates in: India Oman UAE Saudi Arabia Other countries Al Baraka has carried out various major consultancy assignments jointly with many reputed interna onal consultancy organiza ons in highly specialized areas. Al Baraka has excellent consultants, facili es and database to ensure quality service. Al Baraka Group has a strength of about 25 personnel. Consulting with a business strategy
  4. 4. Al Baraka Consultancy W.L.L, P.O. Box 37376, Doha, Qatar, Tel: (974) 4441007, 4441008, Fax:(974) 4441009, Email: | Web: