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Dhwani 2012 Prelims


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Dhwani 2012 Prelims

  1. 1. Jithin & Raouf with inputs from VR and VIP(you know, of MusicAloud fame )
  2. 2. 1. The quiz master is always correct.2. Don‟t forget rule 1.
  3. 3. This genre of 19th century novels, also called Plantationliterature, was written in response to an 1852 novel.What is the name of the genre? 1
  4. 4.  Anti – Tom literature Named after Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  5. 5. In business, a defensive manoeuvre to stave off a hostiletakeover in which a company that is threatened attempts toreverse the situation and take over its would-be acquirerinstead is called X defence. This is named after X where a„Power Pellet‟ causes a similar role reversal. The first of itskind would be the attempted takeover of Martin Marietta byBendix Corporation in 1982.X? 2
  6. 6.  Pac Man
  7. 7. “I went to Madras hoping to replace X from playbacksinging. When I realised that it was not gong to happen, Itried to make X‟s life difficult by giving him tough songs.Even the songs I thought X would find difficult, he amazedme with his rendering, giving them heights I didn‟t evenimagine.” Translation of excerpts from a book by RaviMenon, a Malayalam music critic.Identify the speaker and the person he is referring to here. 3
  8. 8.  Raveendran on K.J.Yesudas
  9. 9. This phrase didnt originate in Australia but in the Americanfrontier of the mid-19th century. It probably originated from______ “hopping” from one place to another foremployment. Other authorities suggest that the name comesfrom the tendency of unfair ______ during that same timeperiod to jump to conclusions. The earliest recorded usage isin a news report on The Mississippian in January 1849.What phrase? 4
  10. 10.  Kangaroo court
  11. 11. What word can be best used to connect these rulers as per a 2004 top 10 list?1. Suharto, Indonesian President (1967-98)2. Ferdinand Marcos, Philippine President (1972-86)3. Mobutu Sese Seko, Zairian President (1965-97)4. Sani Abacha, Nigerian Head of State (1993-98)5. Slobodan Miloševic, Yugoslav President (1989-2000)6. Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haitian President (1971-86)7. Alberto Fujimori, Peruvian President (1990-2000)8. Pavlo Lazarenko, Ukrainian Prime Minister (1996-97)9. Arnoldo Alemán, Nicaraguan President (1997-2002)10. Joseph Estrada, Philippine President (1998-2001) 5
  12. 12.  Kleptocracy Lit. “Rule by thieves”
  13. 13. One of the nicknames of the Netherlands national footballteam is _________ ______. The first word of the nicknameis generally used in contexts to denote machine like regularityand describes the precision passing involved in the totalfootball practiced by the Dutch in the 1970s. The secondword has significance for the Dutch in several ways. It is oneof the national symbols of Netherlands, which was in turnadopted from the current ruling dynasty.This nickname is also a reference to something totallyunrelated to sports. What is the nickname? 6*
  14. 14.  Clockwork Orange
  15. 15. Where is this plaque by ASM International located? Use theother 2 visuals, which show the street signs at the place, asclues.7
  16. 16.  Ytterby
  17. 17. In Déjà Q, the 61st episode of Star Trek: The NextGeneration, the crew of the Starship Enterprise attempt toprevent a moon from falling from its orbit and crashing intoa planet. Complications arise when Q, their foe, who hasbeen stripped of all his powers and turned into a human onhis request, appear on the ship. His explanation of thesituation has led to one of the most popular memes on theinternet.What? 8
  18. 18.  Facepalm
  19. 19. Mansa Musa was the ruler of the Malian empire in the early14th century. He is considered the wealthiest ruler of histime and is mostly remembered for his extravagant hajj toMecca in 1324.What devastating impact did his trip have according to theArab historian al-Umari? 9
  20. 20.  Destroyed the local economies He gave out so much gold that they depressed its value in Egypt and caused its value to fall.
  21. 21. What does this list constitute?1. Uncut hair2. Wooden comb3. Metal bracelet4. Specific style of cotton underwear5. Ceremonial sword or dagger 10
  22. 22.  The five Ks of Sikhism (Kakars) Kesh, Kanga, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan
  23. 23. In linguistics, a __________ or loan translation is a word orphrase borrowed from another language by literal, word-for-word or root-for-root translation.Some examples of a __________ would be „Flea market‟from the French “marché aux puces” (“market of fleas”) and„Free Verse‟ from Latin „Vers Libre‟.Name the linguistic phenomenon. 11
  24. 24.  Calque
  25. 25. Why is this street in London a popular photo spot?12*
  26. 26.  Cover art of Abbey Road by The Beatles
  27. 27. X was named by his father after English football team________. When X told English cricketer Jim Laker this,Laker reportedly replied “It was a good thing your fatherwasn‟t a Y fan.”The player X and the team Y? 13
  28. 28.  X - Everton Weekes Y - West Bromwich Albion
  29. 29. The ________ ___ __________ is an organisation whichwas established by 1844 by Joseph Smith, Jr, to symbolizeand represent a future theocratic or theodemocratic“Kingdom of God” on the earth. Smith and his successorBrigham Young hoped to create this Kingdom in preparationfor the Millennium and the Second Coming of Jesus.According to X teachings, while Jesus himself would be kingof this new world government, its structure was in fact to bequasi-republican and multi-denominational; therefore, theearly ________ ___ __________ included both Xs andnon-Xs. Regular meetings of the ___________ _________________ ended in 1884 and was technicallyextinguished in 1945 when its last member Heber J Grantdied. 14
  30. 30.  Council of Fifty X - Mormon
  31. 31. Something which is permissible with 1 is not so with 2.What title does this result in? 15*
  32. 32.  To Kill a Mockingbird “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit em, but remember its a sin to kill a mockingbird”
  33. 33. José Carlos Mariátegui was a Peruvian politician andphilosopher, who founded one of the earliest communistparties in Peru in 1928. His most famous work, SevenInterpretative Essays on Peruvian Reality, examines Peru‟ssocial and economic situation from a Marxist perspective.One of his most famous maxims is “Marxism-Leninism willopen the _______ ____ to revolution.”Complete the blanks. 16
  34. 34.  Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path)
  35. 35. In 1347, during the Hundred Years War between Englandand France, England‟s Edward III laid siege to the Frenchcity of X. Even after nearly a year of siege, the French forcesfailed to lift the siege and starvation forced the city to parleyfor surrender. Historian Jean Froissart (1333-1410), describesthat King Edward demanded that six important citizens ofthe city to appear bareheaded, only dressed with a shirt, witha rope around their necks and the keys for the town in theirhands, ostensibly to be beheaded. However, Queen Philippaof England persuaded Edward to spare their lives.How has this incident been immortalised? 17*
  36. 36.  Burghers of Calais by Rodin
  37. 37. Araneta Center is a commercial area in Quezon City,Philippines and is the home to one of the oldest shoppingmalls in the country built in 1976. Their website claims thatit “was the very first truly modern shopping mall in thePhilippines”. The mall is named after someone who achieved worldwidefame a few blocks from the place a few months before itsconstruction. Who? 18
  38. 38.  Muhammad Ali
  39. 39. The story about the origin of this temple goes thus :Adi Shankara meditated at Kodachadri hills and Deviincarnated before him asking for his wish. He revealed hiswish to install the Devi idol in a place in Kerala to worshipwhere he wanted. Devi agreed but put forward a challengethat she will follow Shankara and he should not look back tillhe reaches his destination. But to test Shankara, Devideliberately stopped the voice of her anklets when theyreached X whereupon Shankara turned and looked backbecause of doubt. Devi then asked Shankara to install hervigraha, just as he sees her, at that very location in X.Which famous South Indian temple? 19
  40. 40.  Kollur Mookambika temple
  41. 41. There are two theories on the origin of ________ , two ofwhich denote an ancient Greek dish. The main theory is that_______ comes from Greek λάγανον (laganon), a flat sheetof pasta dough cut into strips.The other theory is that the word ___________ comes fromthe Greek λάσανον (lasanon) meaning "trivet or stand for apot","chamber pot". The Italians used the word to refer tothe dish in which _________ is made. Later the name of thefood took on the name of the serving dish.What dish? 20
  42. 42.  Lasagna
  43. 43. What did this strip of theJapanese sci-fi manga /anime series Gantzcontribute to popularculture?21
  44. 44.  Y U No Guy
  45. 45.  “They Saved _______‟s Cock” by Angry Samoans “Even ________ Had a Girlfriend” by Mr. T Experience “____________ as Kalki” by Current 93 “_________ Was a Vegetarian” by The Residents “Springtime for __________” from the film and play The Producers by Mel Brooks “Even ____________ Had a Mother” written by Herbert Farjeon and John Pritchett, performed by Chas & Dave “__________”, by Eek-a-Mouse “Pictures of __________” by Bill Fay “__________‟s Still Alive” by The Tokens “___________‟s Favourite Song (Please Dont Tread On My Cheeseburger)” by Pig With The Face Of A Boy One name fills all. Who? 22
  46. 46.  Hitler
  47. 47. He is the current 100 metre World Champion. He holds thenational junior record for the 100 metres, and tied SeunOgunkoya as the youngest sprinter to have broken the 10-second barrier. On September 16, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium,he won in a time of 19.26 seconds, the second fastest 200 mever.Identify this Jamaican sprinter. 23
  48. 48.  Yohan Blake
  49. 49. The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a United Statescongressionally mandated immigration program for receivinga United States Permanent Resident Card. It is held annuallyby the Department of State and conducted under the termsof Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.The Act makes available 50,000 permanent resident visasannually to natives of countries deemed to have low rates ofimmigration to the United States.By what alternative name is it known? 24
  50. 50.  Green Card Lottery
  51. 51. XYs are phenomena said to arise when a number of Xsbecome intertwined at their tails, which become stucktogether with blood, dirt, ice, excrement or simply knotted.The animals reputedly grow together while joined at the tails.The phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany,where the majority of instances have been reported.Historically, there are various superstitions surrounding XYsand they were often seen as an extremely bad omen,particularly associated with plagues.No part-points. XY. 25*
  52. 52.  Rat King (or King Rat)
  53. 53. When asked when he first acknowledged his sexuality, Xquipped: “I suppose it all began when I came out of thewomb. I looked back up at my mother and thought tomyself, „Thats the last time I‟m going up one of those.‟”Who? 26
  54. 54.  Stephen Fry
  55. 55. Whose ad?27
  56. 56.  Pears
  57. 57. Connect the town marked in red in the map of theShropshire county in UK on the left and the hospital inBuckinghamshire on the right. 28
  58. 58.  Wenlock and Mandeville, London 2012 mascots
  59. 59. The ___ ________ ______ when the palm is facing toward theperson giving the sign, has long been an insulting gesture inEngland and later in the rest of the United Kingdom. It isfrequently used to signify defiance to authority, contempt, orderision.According to an urban legend, it has its origins in the Battle ofAgincourt (1415) during the Hundred Years War and derivesfrom a gesture made by English and Welsh longbowmen.According to the story, the French were in the habit of cutting offthe arrow-shooting fingers of captured longbowmen, and thegesture was a sign of defiance on the part of the bowmen,showing the enemy that they still had their fingers.Fill in. 29
  60. 60.  The two-fingered salute
  61. 61. The song “Thanannam thannanam” from Balu Mahendra‟sYathra (1985) is largely inspired from a song from a 1959Broadway musical. The story goes that the director requestedthe music director to use the tune of this particular song andIlayaraja complied with the request.Id the song and the musical. 30
  62. 62.  My Favorite Things The Sound of Music