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HCI - online surveys


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HCI - online surveys

  1. 1. OnlineSurveysGroup 5
  2. 2. What is an online survey? is a perfect opportunity to measure your customer opinions about the software. Can use to get an idea about the usability of the system using this method can get ideas to make improvements what the user expects, can identify errors in the system which did not identify
  3. 3. There are various ways to conduct an online survey There are web sites available to create an online surveysEx- used to create our onlinesurvey regarding usability of UCSC website.
  4. 4. Advantages
  5. 5. Advantages … Higher response rate Much faster than traditional Statistical compilation is often in real time Fast final reporting results – less time consuming
  6. 6. Advantages … Quality of final data is higher World-wide different people can involve Low cost provide more time to think and to respond
  7. 7. Disadvantages
  8. 8.  Limited sampling and respondent availability.  Certain populations are less likely to have internet access and to respond to online questionnaires. It is also harder to draw probability samples based on e-mail addresses or website visitations. Double entry.  In many surveys, it is possible for the same subject to return to the survey and complete the questionnaire several times.
  9. 9.  Lack of help and support. Lackof a trained interviewer to clarify and probe can possibly lead to less reliable data. Varioustechnical problems can occur with online questionnaires.
  10. 10.  response drop out rate  Online surveys may have to be shorter than those conducted onsite. Response rates drop off after 10-15 questions and are directly and negatively correlated with questionnaire length Inaccurate Demographic Data  Unlike a study in which the researcher is interviewing a subject, online surveys depend on people to be honest about basic demographic information such as age, gender and race. Since people are not always honest, this can create inaccuracy in the data.
  11. 11. Examples - Screen Shots
  12. 12. Examples: Screen Shots Prettymuch interesting than Paper based. Only small no (5) ofquestion in one window. Then “Next” isto continue.
  13. 13. If all first page questions must fill, then user can’t escape first page.There is back button in 2nd to Make flexibility.“Done” is to submit.
  14. 14. Quick response
  15. 15. Things to Consider
  16. 16. Facts to consider when doing a survey• Clearly identify and describe the goal of the survey. •What is the purpose of the survey? •How do they use collected data from the survey?•Short and focused surveys. •Relevant questions. •Time limitation of 6 to 10 minutes.•Short questions •Questions should be to the point. •Do not use acronyms. •Each question should be specific and unique.
  17. 17. •Close ended questions. - Yes or no questions. - Multiple choice questions. - Rating scales. - Easier to analyze the result.•Survey should flow in logical order. - Begins with brief introduction. - Then broader based questions. - Finally narrow scope questions. - If need contact details then that should include at last.
  18. 18. •Pre testing. •Few people of target audience should be selected. •To identify the problems that may happen during the real survey.•Target audience. •Centered to target audience. •Survey invitation time should allocate according to the audience.•Except above facts there are few facts that is notimportant to all the surveys but few specific surveys. •Offer incentives •Sending reminders.
  19. 19. Companies which use OnlineSurveys
  20. 20. These are some examplecompaniesDominos Pizza – This is a company which provides dominoes pizza for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This company conducted a online survey with their customers to determine how their product, in this case pizza, was being consumed and how it would be better.
  21. 21.  Resultof that they re-invented their crust and sauce and they have changed drastically their product. This helped to increase their bottom line.
  22. 22. Vermont Teddy Bear - Thisis a company which is manufacturing various kinds of teddy bears. They conduct online business. They conducted online survey with customers and asked from customers how should be designs of their product to increase their sales.
  23. 23.  They use their large customer data base as a great resource. Finally they decided to change their products according to recipient and occasion.
  24. 24. Apple – Apple is an American multinational company that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Their best-known hardware products are the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. They conducted online customer survey to find out what is important to the company.
  25. 25.  According to that they allow them to provide innovative products like the iPhone and products that they have company like Apple TV. Result of that they got the idea about what their users really want.
  26. 26. American Pacific Enterprises – This is a large textile manufacturing company. They conducted a online customer survey on the use of their products to find out the ways to bring new products to the marketplace. Result of that their decided to do business on a more local level
  27. 27. How to Draft Questions for Online Surveys
  28. 28. Draft Questions for UsabilitySurveys Despite the popular belief that developing survey questions are easy people run into trouble while developing them. There are three components in questionnaire design.  The overall content of the survey  The phrasing of individual questions  The rating scale
  29. 29. Overall content of the survey Begin with the ending in your mind. that is the use of the data collected. Move people around questions they dont need to answer. E.g. Are you employed? if the answer no is selected skip the questions regarding job. Save demographic questions until the end. Give a text box at the end of the survey to write about other important information Proof read survey prior to publishing
  30. 30. Phrasing individual questions Use neutral wording and avoiding leading questions when introducing a questions Make simple questions Avoid having too many open questions Ask general questions before moving on to specific questions Using radio buttons and check boxes appropriately When using the why questions be cautious
  31. 31. The rating scale Have equal potions for positive and negative replies use scales where points are equally positive and negative Use scales that measure one thing at a time. be cautious of peoples normal tendency not to click end boxes plan ahead of how u will use the questions asked The points on a scale should be clearly different provide the options "does not apply" or N/A where appropriate when using the option "dont know" to ensure genuine answers Use mutually exclusive categories
  32. 32. How to Increase User Response Rate
  33. 33. Improving the User Response Rate Target Your Audience  Try posting for social networks , news groups etc Personalize your email invitations  E.g.:- Dear Mr. Perera instead of Dear valued Customer Short Email invitations  With just one link to survey  Explain  Who you are  Benefits  Length of survey  Privacy Make your first survey page simple  Let people get into the survey
  34. 34. Improving the User Response Rate … Be clear about Privacy statement Send Reminder Emails  Not more than twice Consider giving incentives  Small token, gift certificate Publish your survey results  Participants may want to know their results If it is possible allow participants to forward survey to others
  35. 35. Web Site usability evaluation
  36. 36. Web Site usability evaluation Notlike a software web site may be accessed by millions of people all over the world. Soit is very important to evaluate the usability of a web site. On line surveys can be used as an efficient tool to evaluate the web site usability.
  37. 37. Web Site usability evaluation Thereare five main areas that should be evaluated of a web site Site Content - Content of the web site should be able to fulfill the needs of target user set. Design of the web site - Design is the development of the graphics and interactive processes that drive user experience. Navigation - A website’s navigation scheme and features should allow users to find and access information effectively and efficiently. Page Layout - All web pages should be structured for ease of comprehension. Site Features - What feature that the site have to make the things easier for the users.
  38. 38. Web Site usability evaluation When designing a survey to evaluate the usability of a website we have to concern on following things How effectively the survey evaluates above five areas? How efficiently the survey evaluates above five areas? To what extent the questions of the survey comply with above five areas? How reliably the survey evaluates user responses?
  39. 39. Online Tools Available
  40. 40. Online Tools CrazyEgg  Usabilla Ethino  Userfly Feng-GUI  User Testing Fivesecondtest  Google Analytics Feedback Army  Website Grader Loop 11  Amazon Mechanical Turk
  41. 41. CrazyEgg popular click tracking usability tool data displays include heat maps of the more popular locations of clicks on a page, lists and overlays Pretty cheap, and has a nice array of data and reports to help you visualize your click traffic
  42. 42. Ethino can use to find and recruit real web site users for a live remote test works by adding some JavaScript code to the page displays a survey to web site visitors, asking them to participate in a brief usability test you are alerted that you have a live candidate ready for testing
  43. 43. Feng-GUI does not use real users. Instead, it uses algorithms to simulate a real user, in this case to generate eye tracking studies generates eye tracking heat maps using their artificial intelligence algorithms that predict what a human eye would when presented with the image
  44. 44. Online survey for UCSC website
  45. 45. Thank you! 