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1. Who must take care of the environment
2. Has globalization really worked
3. Are layoffs a solution to efficient managem...
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Topics for Presentation


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Topics for Presentation

  1. 1. 1. Who must take care of the environment 2. Has globalization really worked 3. Are layoffs a solution to efficient management 4. Is the Nuclear deal good for India 5. Is the nuclear deal a windfall for the Congress party 6. Are the finance ministry measures confidence building measures 7. Will Obama’s Anti-outsourcing stand spell doom to India 8. Has reservation in professional courses worked 9. Our true strength comes from our ideals 10. With the economic downturn will sponsorships dry out 11. Is the global slowdown here to stay 12. Why we never learn from History 13. Did History not offer lessons to avoid the recent market crash 14. The pursuit of Excellence 15. Terrorism: The Nation’s new Angst 16. Organisational behaviour an important tool for successful management 17. Is Time management the key to success 18. Talent development and management 19. Gross Domestic product 20. He who conquers himself obtains happiness 21. Has Greenpeace been successful in highlighting environmental issues? 22. Climate change: How can we stop the disaster 23. Suggestions for a toxic free future 24. Solutions for energy revolution 25. Corporate Social Responsibility 26. Should rivers be nationalized 27. India’s green revolution 28. Was the Kosi breach caused by human error 29. Is rain harvesting a solution to Bangalore’s water woes? 30. Hazardous waste management solutions 31. Is the nuclear deal good for India 32. Should Tatas’ have stayed in Bengal 33. Should politics decide the fate of our industrial growth 34. Does our democracy need cleaning up 35. Has the tourism industry been affected by the economic downslide 36. Is pumping liquidity helping ease the economic crisis 37. Did Obama really pressure Pakistan to Admit to 26/11 38. Is Gandhi relevant today 39. I believe, success in life comes from…………….. 40. Dependence on computers a blessing or bane 41. Can I succeed without an MBA 42. Voters and not politicians responsible for criminalization of politics 43. Business ethics – A necessity or luxury 44. What is the job of the Manager? 45. Is democracy working for India 46. Performance appraisal- A Useful tool for growth 47. Corruption an outcome of Democracy 48. Agricultural subsidies: A Boon or a Bane 49. Does the media need censorship 50. Reforms in education – a necessity