National Policy on Farmers 2007 and AEFC 161209


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National Policy on Farmers 2007 and AEFC 161209

  1. 1. National Policy on Farmers 2007 and Agriculture Enterprise Facilitation Centres (AEFC) Jitesh Panda Vrutti Livelihoods Resource Centre 16 Dec 09
  2. 2. About AEFCs…. Focuses on Agriculture and related Enterprises Considers “Farming” as “Enterprise” and “Farmer” as “Entrepreneur” Facilitates Business Development Services (BDS) to Agriculture Enterprises through Cadre of Village based individual BDS Providers Linkage with other Government, CSOs and Private Companies supporting Agriculture Enterprises Promoted through local Civil Society Organization with experience/Expertise in promotion of Agriculture and/or Enterprises
  3. 3. National Policy on Farmers 2007
  4. 4. Primary Focus of Policy…. The Primary Focus of this policy is on ‘farmer’ defined holistically and not merely on Agriculture. Relates to Farmer as Entrepreneur
  5. 5. Overall Objective of Policy…. To improve the Economic Viability of Farming through substantially improving Net Income of farmers Focus on Farming as an Enterprise
  6. 6. Need for Policy on Farmers…. Profitability THAN just Productivity Consumption and Investment THAN just Consumption by Farmers Socio Economic Wellbeing THAN just Production/Growth Need relates to orienting Agriculture as Industry; Facilitating transition from Farming to Enterprise
  7. 7. Major Policy Goals…. To improve economic viability of farming Relates to Farming as Enterprise To promote protect and improve agriculture relates assets by creating economic stake in conservation Emphasis on Economic Stake To develop support services linked to inputs Focus on Business Services (could be facilitated through BDS) To strengthen the Bio-Security, Income Security of farmers and Trade Security of India Focus on Enterprise and Value Chains/Trade
  8. 8. Major Policy Goals…. To provide appropriate price and trade policy mechanisms to enhance farmers’ income Focus on Enterprise and Value Chain To provide for suitable risk management measures for adequate and timely compensation to farmers Focus on Risk Management To complete the unfinished agenda in land reforms and to initiate comprehensive asset reforms Focus on Economic Asset – including Land To mainstream the human and gender dimension in all farm policies and programmes
  9. 9. Major Policy Goals…. To pay explicit attention to sustainable rural livelihoods Relates to Employment and Enterprise To foster community-centred food, water, energy and nutritional security systems Focus on local level interventions To attract and retain youths in farming and value addition activities Involving youth in Agriculture through Enterprise Orientation To make India a global outsourcing hub in the production and supply of the inputs needed for sustainable agriculture; products and processes developed through biotechnology and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  10. 10. Major Policy Goals…. To restructure the agricultural curriculum and pedagogic methodologies for enabling every farm and home science graduate to become an entrepreneur and to make agricultural education gender sensitive Focus on Economic of Agriculture; Developing Agriculture Entrepreneur To develop and introduce a social security system for farmers. To provide appropriate opportunities in adequate measure for non-farm employment for the farm households Focus on Non Farm Enterprises
  11. 11. Focus of Policy relating Extension, Training and Knowledge Connectivity… Lab to Land Training by KVKs Strengthening Extension System through retraining and retooling of existing extension personnel Promoting farmer to farmer learning by setting up farm schools in the fields of outstanding / progressive farmers. Relates to Individual Village based BDS Provider Promoting Convergence at District level Establishing ICT led Gyan Chaupals in villages; Linking with Common Service Centres promoted by Department of Information Technology Relates Information aspects of BDS Limited focus on BDS
  12. 12. Overall National Policy on Farmers 2007 explains the relevance of Promoting Block level AEFC
  13. 13. Thank you