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M & E of Value Chain Development 291007


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Published in: Technology, Business
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M & E of Value Chain Development 291007

  1. 1. Monitoring & Evaluation of Value Chain Development Jitesh Panda Vrutti Livelihoods Resource Centre 29th Oct’07
  2. 2. Typically a Value Chain Intervention is… Complex – many activities and actors; Changes do not move in a Linear way Interlinked with other Value Chains Interventions are done by and for the people…making it complex Dynamic – keeps changing Influenced by factors internal and external to Value Chain
  3. 3. Contd… Positive intervention may yield negative result and vice versa Program can influence outcome; but it cannot control them…needs support of many stakeholders Value Chain Interventions are not straight forward; Intervention at one place may yield result at another place
  4. 4. Some Examples…. Market linkage of an Exporter, can support establishment of infrastructure at procurement points and also increase in income of primary producers Collective marketing efforts of primary producers can result in increase cost of production of Manufacturers Intervention at primary producer level, may completely remove one link like small scale procurement agents Increase production in an importing country, may affect Value Chain in Exporting countries.
  5. 5. Typical Value Chain Development includes… Aggregation – Collective Marketing Segregation – Grading Quality Control Infrastructure Development – Market yards Market Linkage Buyer Seller Meets An intervention could be linked to many actors & services
  6. 6. In conventional M & E…. We focus on all the aspects like… Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes Impact and also on Processes
  7. 7. M & E of Value Chain Development… Would more focus on…. Outcome THAN on Output and Impact Processes THAN on Inputs and Activities
  8. 8. Key aspects of M & E of Value chain Development Focus on all levels in the Value Chain – all links Involve all Actors in the Value Chain Focus on the purpose of the Value Chain Development THAN on activities/ interventions Be clear on the purpose of the evaluation Focus on all aspects of business like productivity, profitability and Income than on any specific aspects Emphasize on Sustainability
  9. 9. Give emphasis on qualitative and soft data THAN on hard data; as initial changes would be like change in behavior; Tools like Peer Review, Story Telling and Self Evaluation are useful Triangulation of data (in built to Value Chain Approach) should be continuous process Detail information could be collected at primary producers level and less information could be collected at higher level points May be wise to start evaluation process from lowest level of Value Chain; Other levels data could be extrapolated Involve actors with in and outside the Value Chain; Involve BDS providers
  10. 10. Thank you