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Salesforce winter 16 release


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Top features of Salesforce Winter 16 release

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Salesforce winter 16 release

  1. 1. Salesforce Winter 16 features Jitendra Zaa
  2. 2. Object Manager • Object is object, should it be Standard or Custom • Access all objects from “Objects and fields” menu in setup
  3. 3. Lightning App builder to edit Record page (Pilot) Note : “Lightning App builder” should be enabled first in Salesforce Org
  4. 4. Rollup Summary limit • Increased from 10 to 25
  5. 5. Restricted Picklist (Pilot) • Using Apex , Dataloader or any other API , it is possible to save any other value than allowed value in picklist field. This future will enforce data integrity and result in error if selected.
  6. 6. Global Picklist (Pilot) • Reuse a single picklist field across objects. • Picklist data clean and redundant free, less maintenance issue.
  7. 7. External Objects - Writable • We can Create, Edit as well as delete records from external objects in lightning connect. • Option available in External Data source wizard.
  8. 8. Separate Loading of related list of external objects • External objects are not on Salesforce servers and chances are high that network issue may cause slow loading of page if external object is added in related list.
  9. 9. Process builder – Schedule multiple action • Before Winter16, only one Schedule was allowed to configure in process builder. • Now, we can define multiple time dependent actions
  10. 10. Process Builder - Bulkified • Before Winter 16 – Process builder issues 1 SOQL internally for each record, so in batch size of 200 records, 200 SOQL were hitting and therefore ended with limit error. • In Winter 16 – SOQL query is bulkified till 20k character limits.
  11. 11. Lookup fields on Activity Object • Now we can create Lookup fields on Customer Activity, very useful feature
  12. 12. File related list • Files uploaded via chatter are available as a related list on record page.
  13. 13. Broadcast Group (Pilot) • Now we can create Chatter group where only intended users can post messages and other users can add comments. This type of group is very useful for announcements and avoid off topic discussions.
  14. 14. @Mention record to Group • You can share record with Chatter group using @Mention. • Any user in That Chatter group who does not has access to record will not able to see chatter post mentioning record. • Means Group @Mention doesn't provide access to record being mentioned in group. • You can also add Trigger on GroupRecord Sharing to closely monitor scenario where record is being mentioned in public group accessible to customers.
  15. 15. Mute Chatter post – Salesforce classic only • This is feature right on time when my client asked me that is there any way to archive chatter posts and should not appear in feed ? We uses chatter heavily and posts many automated post to remind SLA going to be missed in insurance setup. It is available by default in every new Org however if you want it in your existing org, we need to contact Salesforce support to enable it.
  16. 16. Global Search • Your Organization may have many background objects which should not appear in Search result. Now we can control which object should appear in Search result by selecting checkbox "All Search" checkbox on Object edit page.
  17. 17. Apex Hammer Data Silo : Test classes with @SeeAllData = false
  18. 18. Auto Activate Sandbox • After Sandbox refresh, we don’t need to wait for email reminder to activate recently refreshed sandbox. • Very small but handy and powerful feature.
  19. 19. Rich-text in Chatter post Now we can use Rich-text in chatter post as shown in below image. Please note that this is available only in Classic Salesforce.
  20. 20. Choose which test to run in Change set • Default – Keeps the default behavior for all tests. In sandbox, no tests are executed. In production, all local tests are executed if your change sets contain Apex classes or triggers. Local tests are all tests, except the ones that originate from managed packages. If your package doesn’t contain Apex components, no tests are run. • Run Local Tests – All tests in your organization are run, except the ones that originate from installed managed packages. This test level is the default for production deployments that include Apex classes or triggers. • Run All Tests – All tests in your organization are run, including tests of managed packages. • Run Specified Tests – Only the tests that you specify are run. Provide the names of test classes in a comma-separated list.
  21. 21. Ability to write Trigger on ContentDistribution or ContentDocumentLink • The ContentDistribution object represents a file shared externally. A ContentDocumentLink represents a file shared with an internal object, such as a user, group, or record. • The ContentDocumentLink object supports triggers before and after these operations: insert, update, delete. • The ContentDistribution object supports triggers before and after these operations: insert, update, delete. It supports triggers after undelete. • Some common use cases for content triggers are: • Publish content to multiple libraries. • Prevent sharing specific files or specific file types. • Deliver content to certain users, profiles, or groups. • Deliver content only if external sharing is allowed. • Verify that the latest version of a file is shared.
  22. 22. Setup Audit Trail Object • Audit Trail information is available via SOQL now • SELECT Action, Section, CreatedById, Display FROM SetupAuditTrail
  23. 23. PageReference.getContent() in Asynchronous Apex • You can now make calls to the getContent() and getContentAsPdf() methods of the PageReference class from within asynchronous Apex such as Batch Apex, Schedulable and Queueable classes, and @future methods. This allows you to design much more flexible and scalable services that, for example, render Visualforce pages as PDF files. • generated-pdf-as-attachment-from-trigger/
  24. 24. Thanks