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Episode 18 - Asynchronous Apex


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Getting started with Asynchronous Apex in Salesforce

Published in: Education
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Episode 18 - Asynchronous Apex

  1. 1. Path to Code Begin Your Salesforce Coding Adventure
  2. 2. Episode 18 Asynchronous Apex – Future, Queueable
  3. 3. Salesforce MVP, Founder of ApexHours Follow me at @Amit_SFDC @ApexHours Amit Chaudhary
  4. 4. Agenda • What is Asynchronous Apex • Why Asynchronous Apex • Different way of Asynchronous Apex • Future Vs Queueable
  5. 5. Some House Rules • Mute your mic • Keep adding questions in Zoom Q&A Window • No question is too small • Questions will be answered in last 15 mins
  6. 6. What is Asynchronous Apex
  7. 7. Why Asynchronous Apex 1. For higher Governor limits 2. Mixed DML operation 3. Long Running job 4. Make a callout from Trigger
  8. 8. Governors Limits Description Synchronous Limit Asynchronous Limit Total number of SOQL queries issued 100 200 Total heap size 6 MB 12 MB Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers5 10,000 milliseconds 60,000 milliseconds
  9. 9. Different Way of Asynchronous Apex Future Method Queueable Apex Batch Job Scheduled Apex
  10. 10. Future Vs Queueable Future 1. Easy to implements 2. Only accept primitive type arguments (Integer, String , etc, Collection of primitive) 3. Can’t chain jobs 4. Hard to monitor Queueable 1. Need to create one apex class 2. Support sObject 3. Ability to chain jobs 4. Can be monitored
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Trailhead Modules Asynchronous Apex
  13. 13. Thank You
  14. 14. Subscribe