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Management Information System 5


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Management Information System 5

  1. 1. Amity School of Business Jitendra TomarAmity School of Business, Amity University, UP 09911331317 0120 4392875 MIS - Orator
  2. 2. Amity School of Business • Organizations, Management & Information. • Information Technology Infrastructure.• Managing and Organizing Support Systems for the Firm. • Building Information Systems in the Digital Firm. • Managing Information Systems in the Digital Firm. MIS - Curriculum
  3. 3. Amity School of Business Issues with Society. • One should realize Privacy that IT has had beneficial results asEpyemm lo n well as detrimental t effects on society and Win okg r people in many areas. Ethics & Society • The use of IT has major impacts on society, Cdios oitn n and thus raises issues in the areas of crime, privacy, individuality, irC employment, health & em Individuality working conditions. Issues with Information System
  4. 4. Amity School of BusinessIs the person a responsible Professional?As a business professional• Managers have the responsibility to promote ethical uses of IT.• They should accept the ethical responsibilities that come with their work activities.• They should abide by the Ethical Foundations in business and IT. – Business Ethics – It is concerned with the numerous ethical questions that managers must confront as part of their daily business decision making. – Technology Ethics – These principles can serve as basic ethical requirements that companies should meet to help ensure the ethical implementation of IT and IS in business. Issues with Information System
  5. 5. Amity School of BusinessBasic Categories of Ethical Issues:• Equity – Executive Salaries, comparable Worth, Product Pricing, Intellectual Property Rights, Noncompetitive Agreements, Etc.• Rights – Corporate Due Process, Employee Health Screening, Consumer Privacy, Employee Privacy, Sexual Harassment, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Shareholder Interests, Employment at Will, Etc. Issues with Information System
  6. 6. Amity School of BusinessBasic Categories of Ethical Issues:• Honesty. – Employee Conflicts of Interest, Security of Company Information, Inappropriate Gifts, Advertising Content, Government Contract Issues, Financial and Cash Management Procedures, Questionable Business Practices in Foreign Countries, etc.• Exercise of Corporate Power – Product Safety, Environmental Issues, Disinvestment, Corporate Contributions, Social Issues Raised by Religious Organizations, Plant/Facility closures and Downsizing, Political Action Committees, Workplace Safety. Issues with Information System
  7. 7. Amity School of BusinessPrinciples of Technology Ethics.• Proportionality. – The good achieved by the technology must outweigh the harm or risk. Moreover there must be no alternative that achieves the same or comparable benefits with less harm or risk.• Informed Consent – Those affected by the technology should understand and accept the risks.• Justice – The benefits and burdens of the technology should be distributed fairly. Those who benefit should bear their fair share of the risks, and those who do not benefit should not suffer a significant increase in risk.• Minimized Risk – Even if judged acceptable by the other three guidelines, the technology must be implemented so as to avoid all unnecessary risk. Issues with Information System
  8. 8. Amity School of BusinessEthical Challenges – Few More• Employment Challenges. – IT is directly related to the use of computers to achieve automation of work activities. Use of IT has created new jobs and increased productivity, while also causing a significant reduction in some types of job opportunities.• Challenges in working conditions. – It has eliminated monotonous or obnoxious tasks that formerly had to be performed by people. – This allows people to concentrate on more challenging and interesting assignments, upgrade the skill level, which upgrades the quality of work and working conditions and the content of work activities. Issues with Information System
  9. 9. Amity School of BusinessEthical Challenges – Few More• Challenges to individuality. – Computer-based systems are criticized as impersonal systems that dehumanize and depersonalize activities eliminating human relationship.• Ergonomics & Health Issues. – Use of IT raises a variety of health problems like job stress, damaged arm and neck muscles, eye strain, radiation exposure, etc. – Ergonomics, some times called as human factor engineering, is to design healthy work environments that are safe, comfortable, and pleasant for people to work in, thus increasing employee morale and productivity. Issues with Information System
  10. 10. Amity School of BusinessGoals of Information Security.• The development, implementation, and maintenance of ISs constitute a large and growing part of the cost of doing business.• The protection of these resources is a primary concern.• The increasing reliance on ISs, combined with their connection to the outside world in the form of the internet, makes securing corporate ISs increasingly challenging.• The major goals of information security are: – To reduce the risk of systems & organization ceasing operations. – To maintain information confidentiality. – To ensure the integrity and reliability of data resources. – To ensure the uninterrupted availability of data resources. – To ensure compliance with national security law and policies. Information System Security
  11. 11. Amity School of BusinessComputer Crime.As per Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), computer crime is defined as• The unauthorized use, access, modification and destruction of H/W, S/W, data or network resource.• The unauthorized release of information.• The unauthorized copying of S/W.• Denying an end user access to his or her own H/W , S/W, data or network resource.• Using or conspiring to use computer or network resources to illegally obtain information.This definition was promoted by the AITP in a Model Computer Crime Act and is reflected in many computer crime Laws. Information System Security
  12. 12. Amity School of BusinessTools for Computer Crime.• Hacking. – Denial of Service, Scanning, Sniffing, Spoofing & Phishing, Trojan Horse, Back Doors, War Dialing, Logic Bombs, Password Crackers, Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving.• Unauthorized Use at Work. – Moonlighting.• Software Piracy.• Piracy of Intellectual Property.• Computer Virus and Worms.• Computer Censorships. Information System Security
  13. 13. Amity School of BusinessTools for Security Management.• Encryption. – Cipher (Public & Private Keys). – Digital Certificate. – Virtual Private Network. – Secured Socket Layer (SSL).• Firewall.• Email Message Monitoring.• Security Codes.• Biometric Security.• Backup Files.• Virus Defense.• Operating System Controls.• Fault Tolerant Systems. Information System Security
  14. 14. Amity School of BusinessIS Security Management Control.1. IS Control – They are designed to monitor and maintain the quality and security of the input, output, processing, and storage activities of IS. S/W Control H/W Control Firewall Input Checkpoints Output Security Codes Security Codes Encryption Encryption Data Entry Screens Control Listings Error Signals End User Feedback Storage Control Security Codes Encryption Backups DB Administration Information System Security
  15. 15. Amity School of BusinessTools for Security Management.2. Auditing IT Security• Manual. – System is periodically examined manually to see the fault if any. – Such audit review evaluate whether proper & adequate security measures & management policies have been developed & implemented.• Audit Trails. – It is presence of documentation that allows a transactions to be traced through all stages of its processing. – It takes the form of control logs that automatically record all computer network activity on disk. Information System Security
  16. 16. Amity School of Business