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Project charter j


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Project charter j

  1. 1. Project Charter Project Plan Steel fabrication design for Creation Date: Last Revised: Version: 1.0 UOB Steel manufacturing and fabrication 10/30/2010
  2. 2. PROJECT CHARTER PROJECT OVERVIEW Identification The project is known as “(Steel fabrication product design).” The project is focus on the replacement of the Metal fabricated design with STEEL FABRICATED DESIGN. Project Background The referendum of tender was held in November 2010 by getting the approval from client at the reasonable budget. staff had been working with lead consultant of organization to continued design work. Purpose/Business Need A project is required to establish an understanding of the expectation of client and to help the colony. The benefits of the project:1. Improved amenities for the residents. 2. Improved safety and accessibility. 3. Development of society. 4. To match the international standard of living. Project Scope The scope of work or deliveries for this project includes: 1. Manufacturing of new steel design. 2. Innovative and attractive product. 3. Link to existing and future renovation of colony. 4. Improved safety. 5. Utility relocation. 6. Decommissioning of existing design. 7. Improve the standard of society. Scope Exclusion: The following are excluded from the project scope of work- servicing or enhancement of adjacent properties, design fabrication for future construction, servicing of old design etc. Project Objectives a. The project aims to develop the new and innovative design for the residents. b. The project also aims to improve the living standard of society and provide the safety for the residents.
  3. 3. Sponsorship, Ownership and Responsibilities Role Project Sponsor Steering Committee Project Manager Responsibilities    Ultimate decision-maker Provide project oversight and guidance Review/approve some project elements   Commits department resources Approves major funding and resource allocation strategies, and significant changes to funding/resource allocation Resolves conflicts and issues Provides direction to the Project Manager Review project deliverables Manages project in accordance to the project plan Serves as liaison to the Steering Committee Receive guidance from Steering Committee Supervises consultants Supervise vendor(s) Provide overall project direction Direct/lead team members toward project objectives Handle problem resolution Manages the project budget             Project Participants           Subject Matter Experts   Participant(s) management and Paras Industry Area Managers Production manager Head of finance department Project Manager Understand the user needs and business processes of their area Act as consumer advocate in representing their area Communicate project goals, status and progress throughout the project to personnel in their area Review and approve project deliverables Creates or helps create work products Coordinates participation of work groups, individuals and stakeholders Provide knowledge and recommendations Helps identify and remove project barriers Assure quality of products that will meet the project goals and objectives Identify risks and issues and help in resolutions To be identified by Steering Committee Lend expertise and guidance as needed Fabrication expert of organization To be identified by Steering Committee Designer Welder Fabrication specialist Accountant Purchase manager Labour Program manager Project manager
  4. 4. PROJECT APPROACH PHASE I The schedule for this phase consider the time required for detailed design, steel manufacturing and fabrication equipment and machinery allocation, machine operators, designer, raw material purchasing and testing, labour allocation, budget allocation for every activity, risk analysis and deadline set up for project completion. PHASE II Production process of steel design started according to client expectation and as per the standard. PHASE III The testing of product and design as per safety standard. Aging testing of developed design. PHASE IV Necessary changes in design. Final assembling of design, cutting and welding. PHASE V Products and designs fabrication at minor level. Painting of products and designs. Delivery of product. Project Resources There is a minimal impact on the financial aspect on this project as this is more of a stream lining of the processes and procedures. The different departments involved will just have to adjust to the new workflow in order for this project to be a success. Commitment among the three departments, namely, manufacturing department, fabrication and operation and design is the most important resource in the successful implementation of this project. Risk Assessment Risk Risk Level Likelihood of Event Mitigation Strategy L/M/H Project Size Person Hours H: Overcapacity Certainty Assigned Project Manager, engaged consultant,
  5. 5. Risk Risk Level Likelihood of Event Mitigation Strategy L/M/H comprehensive project management approach and communications plan Estimated Project Schedule H: Over 2 months Certainty Created comprehensive project timeline with frequent baseline reviews Incearse in Future cost of steel H: more than 25% frequently Stored steel for 6 month as per the requirement. Project Scope Creep L: Scope generally defined, subject to revision Unlikely Scope intially defined in project plan, reviewed monthly by three groups (Project Manager and Steering Committee) to prevent undetected scope creep Market condition for manufacturing L: Well defined Unlikely Secure general contractor as early as possible to work with design-ssist team. Machinary breakdown M: identified likely Contingency plan for emergancy Steering Committee existence L: Identified and enthusiastic Unlikely Frequently seek feedback to ensure continued support Absence of Commitment Level/Attitude of Users L: Understands value & supports project Unlikely Frequently seek feedback to ensure continued support Physical Location of Team prevents effective management M: Team is dispersed among several sites Likely Use of Intranet project website, comprehensive Communications Plan Project Team’s Shared Work Experience creates poor working relationship M: Some have worked together before Somewhat likely Comprehensive Communications Plan Quality Management Procedures unclear L: Well-defined and accepted Unlikely N/A Project Leadership Project Staffing Project Control The project will be using Microsoft Office Project 2007 for which the company already has acquired licenses prior to this project in preparation for use on different projects implemented and to be implemented by the company. Each department involved in the project will have an officer in charge that is able to access their MS Office Project 2007 to view and update the progress on their assigned tasks.
  6. 6. The use of the existing email system will be a commonly used way of communication to update, get updates, and do follow ups in the deliverables of each department involved. A weekly meeting is to be held by the project team, which composed of Area managers, managers assigned to work on the. An emergency meeting is to be held when necessary. Project Schedule Work Breakdown Schedule WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish Prece dence Resource Names 1.start 0d 11/1/2010 2.steel design fabrication project 2d Mon 11/1/10 Tue 11/2/10 3.tender 2d Wed 11/3/10 Thu 11/4/10 2 program manager 4.project planning and budget allocation 1w Fri 11/5/10 Tue 11/16/10 3 project manager 5.product design 2d Mon 11/22/10 4 designer 6.machinary required 2d Thu 11/25/10 5 purchase manager 7.raw material 2d Mon 11/29/10 6 material manager 8.labour 2d Mon 11/29/10 6 Employee 9.production 20d Mon 12/27/10 "7,8" Employee 10.cutting 2d Thu 12/30/10 9 cutter 11.welding 2d Thu 12/30/10 9 welder 12.Fabrication and paint 3d 13.Delivery and billing 2d Thu 1/6/11 Mon 1/10/11 12 14.End 0d Mon 1/10/11 Mon 1/10/11 13 GANTT Chart Wed 11/17/10 Mon 11/22/10 Thu 11/25/10 Thu 11/25/10 Mon 11/29/10 Mon 12/27/10 Mon 12/27/10 Thu 12/30/10 Thu 1/6/11 designer and consultant and program manager "10,11" "fabrication specilist,painter" "delivery boy,accountant"
  7. 7. Network Diagram Cost Budgeting The overall cost of designing and manufacturing is estimated Rs. 50lacs and assuming no change in to current economic conditions and specifically steel prices and availability of qualified labour. This a cost estimated as provided in October 2010 and includes acontingency of 15%. Cost breakdown: Cost of raw materials: 25lacs Manpower Cost: 4lacs Consulting Cost: 1lacs Operating cost: 5lacs Fixed cost: 3 lacs Inventory cost: 3 lacs Other cost: 2lacs Profit : Revenue –all cost andExpenses 50lacs- 43lacs = 7lacs ROI: Profit / investment 7/ 50 = 14% APPROVALS I have read the above Project Plan and will abide by its terms and conditions and pledge my full commitment and support for the Project Plan.
  8. 8. Project Sponsor: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Project Manager: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Steering Committee: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Steering Committee: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Steering Committee: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Steering Committee: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________