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torque - Aautomation Testing Tool for C/C++ in Linux


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torque - automation testing tool for C/C++ application in Linux.

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torque - Aautomation Testing Tool for C/C++ in Linux

  1. 1. torque Automation Testing Tool for C/C++ in LinuxPrepared By :-Jitendra LenkaSenior Software EngineerL&T Integrated Engineering Services (IES)
  2. 2. History• Why torque : To get availed of all testing functionalities without paying huge money.• Ideas : Utmost use of open source renowned tools such as splint, valgrind and lcov/gcov to compete with other expensive tools in the market.• We did the automation by using shell script.
  3. 3. Introduction• Functional and Regression testing can be accomplished easily.• Static Analysis, Code Coverage and Memory Management are taken care with the help of open source tool such as splint, lcov/gcov and valgrind respectively.
  4. 4. Contents Inside… Design Architecture Structure of TORQUE tool A study on each directory Test Scripts and their execution Significance of tools deployed Generation of Reports.. A Detailed approach
  5. 5. Design Architecture – A Simple Approach include src Reports lib project test TestScripts tools torque.conf
  6. 6. src It is a folder which contains the source codes of the respective modules. Illustration by screenshots as below.
  7. 7. includeIt is a folder which accommodates header files of therespective modules.Depiction using screenshot as below.
  8. 8. libIt includes library files to support thefunctionality and execution of test scripts.
  9. 9. testPlatform where testscripts are written,compiled, executed.
  10. 10. torque.conf Decides which module has to be compiled, executed.
  11. 11. TestScriptsSegregation into Individual modules withrespect to the generation of Testscripts asshown below..
  12. 12. TestScripts -How does each module look like..?
  13. 13. Scenario of a Test script
  14. 14. ./RunTestScriptsThis executable enables all written test scripts to getexecuted. Once the test scripts get executed, reports,log, code coverage and related folders will be updated.First step…
  15. 15. ./RunTestScripts contd…Second step…Third step…
  16. 16. ./RunTestScripts contd…Fourth step…Fifth step…
  17. 17. ./RunTestScripts contd…Sixth step…
  18. 18. toolsDriving force of TORQUE tool.Includes supporting shell scripts for the properfunctioning of the tool.
  19. 19. ReportsThis Directory contains 2 folders.
  20. 20. Reports – A Detailed ApproachIt encompassesCodeCoverageCompilationLogLogMemCheckStaticAnalysisStatusFiles
  21. 21. CodeCoverage
  22. 22. CompilationLogGives details about the compilation of each testscript.
  23. 23. logSystem Monitoring - ProMonTest
  24. 24. Lon Module - LonTest
  25. 25. MemCheck
  26. 26. StaticAnalysis
  27. 27. StatusFilesSystem Monitoring - ProMonTest
  28. 28. Lon Module - LonTest
  29. 29. Thank you all forconsistent support