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On page seo optimization seo traffic engine


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On page seo optimization seo traffic engine

  1. 1. We are doing On page seo forimproving Content, Title, Metakeyword, Meta description,robots.txt, Geo tag, Text/HTML ratio,Images, Link title, Xml sitemap,Xml.gz, Html sitemap, Urllist.txt,Ror.xml, Analytics code, Page URL,Heading, Frames, Flash, Language,
  2. 2. Doc type, Encoding, Micro formats, Dublin Core and Feeds. Search engine (robots) are checking on web page these elements. If search engine robots find web-page suitable then improve your webpage visibility on SERP (Search Engine Results page).
  3. 3.  Content must be unique and information type not advertise. Content visibility on webpage is too important. Most important used keyword on webpage primary keyword has 3-7% density and secondary keyword has 1-3% density. Title tag using on within head tag and title must be unique and length between 10- 70 character.
  4. 4. . Meta keywords length between 70-160 character and use 5 keywords and never use keyword staffing. Meta description length must be between 70-160 characters and fully describe your content. Must be creating robots.txt file allow or disallow page crawling and indexing or not. You can also use robots Meta tag.
  5. 5.  Geo tag not impotent because Google not recommended but you can use and describe local location on webpage visibility. Text/HTML ratio must be above 30%. Not be leave empty image alt tag. Must be give link title. Must be Tagging xml sitemap on page for robots. HTML sitemap is using only visitor. Analytics code putting on site for tracking visitor and verifying your ownership website and email.
  6. 6.  Improving page URL length and directory. Using Heading tag on webpage only one h1 tag, two h2 tags and h3 minimum 2 tags. Very important not be detect frames and flash on your webpage because Google bots hats flash site and flash content.
  7. 7.  Lang tag must be using for telling crawler which language in content written. Doctype declaration is telling which HTML version in webpage developed. Micro format is using for rich snapshot content visibility for visitor and search engine bots for SERP.
  8. 8.  Dublin core is using for describe resource for the purposes of discovery this webpage. Feeds is using for telling updated (content, news, product, services and events etc…) to subscribers. Think you for reading and like, tweet your comment and share this page to social media.