Week Four EDLD Blog Post


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Week 4 Parts 1-3
Technology Integration

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Week Four EDLD Blog Post

  1. 1. Week Four EDLD 5352 Part 1 Jeannie Istre Personnel/Stakeholders Role and Responsibilities 1. Include technology infrastructure, equipment, and software in district and campus plans and evaluate Implementation. 2. Maintain and support technical support school- Superintendent owned equipment placed in community-based Satellite labs. 1. Monitor and improve administrative procedures for a district hardware inventory and standardization of district hardware purchases. 2. Annually update maintenance agreements of existing equipment. 3. Develop and implement district-wide staff Technology Director development database. 4. Annually review and regularly maintain campus multimedia lab content software, accessibility & system Updates. 1. Maintain instructional support equipment and software for: Library management, textbook management, student attendance and grade book, and staff email. 2. Monitor and improve administrative procedures for Assistant Superintendent of a district hardware inventory and standardization of Curriculum and Instruction, district hardware purchases. 1. Actively solicit community partnerships to provide technology resources for the district. Business Manager
  2. 2. 1. Maintain instructional equipment and software for: Library management, textbook management, student Textbook Coordinator attendance and grade book, and Staff email. 1. Purchase multiple wireless mobile computer carts for library check-out on each campus. Principal 2. Implement, monitor, and document cyclical plan to reposition technology at all campuses. 1. Upgrade the district training lab to accommodate 24 participants. Technology Staff 2. Maintain and update campus multimedia labs and increase the number of classroom student units as part of the LRPT student 1:1 ratio initiative. 1. Expand use of WOCCISD Intranet to include student access for student-developed project posting. 2. Expand use of WOCCISD Intranet to include student access for student-developed project posting. Teachers 3. Encourage active participation in creation and maintenance of teacher webpages. Week Four Part 2 Session Purpose: Provide professional development to faculty concerning a variety of sources that show the importance of technology integration. Learning Objective to Be Addressed: Technology Integration Learner- Purpose Description Steps Estimated Time Centered Activity PowerPoint To show PowerPoint will 1. Show 10 minutes Presentation teachers the show how to PowerPoint highlighting importance of complete the 2. Show data importance of the STaR Chart STaR chart as results of STaR Chart and why each well as how it previous year’s teacher needs to can affect the survey. complete the school as well as survey. highlight areas of 3. Discuss areas need through its of weakness. results. Analysis of AEIS To review data Teachers will 1. Pass out 20 minutes
  3. 3. and AYP Data and find areas of gather in groups AEIS data and strengths and and review AEIS highlight the weaknesses. and discuss pertinent findings. They information that will then rotate to will be reviewed a new group and within each discuss findings group. of AYP including 2. Do the same areas of for AYP. weakness in both. 3. Instruct teachers the purpose and the goals for reviewing the data. 4. Break into groups and allow teachers to discuss findings. 5. Open-forum for concerns and potential solutions for problem areas. Cross-Curricular Discuss ways to Teachers will 1. Work in 30 minutes Integration integrate collaborate with vertical teams to Applications technology within each other to discuss each grade level build lesson upcoming lesson that would allow plans that plans. for vertical incorporate 2. Discuss ways alignment. This technology. that technology would enhance can be comprehension incorporated to of lesson as well increase student as improve engagement. technology skills. 3. Assign or choose activities that would build upon each teacher’s lesson. (For example, Pearl Harbor lesson could incorporate a slide show of the destruction, math graph or timeline
  4. 4. and geography maps created via technology.) Week Four Part 3 The technology action plan integrating instructional an organizational leadership must include evaluation components that provide measurable outcomes designed to address the following: • Uses data and other analysis from the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. For this component, I would implement a follow-up survey to be completed at the end of each six weeks. This would allow teachers to remain aware of the importance of integrating technology as well comply with integration ideas that were previously developed collaboratively. Teachers would also need to turn in lesson plans at the end of each week for the following week’s plan. This plan would show how they intended to incorporate technology in their lesson. By doing this, administrators can continue to monitor teachers’ use of technology and conference with them if they feel there is insecurity in this area.