A presentation on promotional tools of banglalink


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A presentation on promotional tools of banglalink

  2. 2. Submitted to: Mr. Md. Ashraf Harun Lecturer Department of marketing Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT )
  3. 3. Submitted by: Group name: Xenon Group member Nigar Nargis Jisa (10113101135) Afina Mashrufa Noushin (10113101099) Humayra Akter Shatu (10113101110) Mahmuda Akter Tuhin (10113101133) Md Rashedul Islam Sajal (10113101109) Ariful Hoque (10113101049) Samanta Zaman (10113101132) Program BBA, intake 25th, Section: 3
  4. 4. overview  Company overview  Promotional tools  Factors that determine the type of promotional tools used in banglalink  Promotional tools of banglalink  Services offered by banglalink  Latest package  Special offer  Banglalink confirms 3G licence  Current promotion  Achivement in promotional activity  conclusion
  5. 5. Company overview What Is Banglalink Banglalink is new brand name of Sheba World (019), which has been providing Global Service of Mobile (GSM) in the country since 1998. Orascom Telecom bought 100% share of Sheba Telecom and gave its new name as Banglalink aiming to provide quality service in Bangladesh.
  6. 6. Logo The meaning of Banglalink logo is tiger which is national animal of Bangladesh. Banglalink wants to become the national asset of Bangladesh; this is why it used the symbol.
  7. 7. Company History Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Ltd. Type :Subsidiary Founded : 1999 Headquarters : Tiger House, House # SW(H)04, Gulshan Avenue,Gulsha Model Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh Area served : 62 districts and 447 thanas Key people : Ahmed Abou Doma, CEO & MD
  8. 8. Industry : Telecommunication Products : Telephony Parent Orascom : Telecom S.E. Egypt Slogan : Making a difference, onuvutir network Website : http://www.Banglalinkgsm.com
  9. 9. Banglalink coverage Banglalink are constantly investing and expanding infrastructure to ensure high quality service for customers. Nationwide fiber optic network is a great example of this and speaks of relentless commitment. It will continue to strive to provide an excellent network.
  10. 10. Level of Competition Close Competitors: - Grameen Phone - Warid which is now known as airtel - Aktel which is now known as Robi - Teletalk - Citycell Distance Competitors: - RanksTel - Dhaka Phone - People’s Telecom
  11. 11. Departments of the Banglalink      Human Resource Marketing Customer Service Billing And It Operations: Network Planning  System Engineering: Procurement  Finance
  12. 12. Promotion- the promotional tools  Advertising  Direct marketing  Personal Selling  Sales Promotion  Public Relations
  13. 13. Factors that determine the type of promotional tools used in Banglalink 1 Resource availability and the cost of each promotional tool 2 Market size and concentration 3 Customer information needs 4 characteristics of Banglalink customer
  14. 14. Promotional Tools of Banglalink  Advertisements in the national newspapers It is the habit of our people to go through some kind of newspapers or magazines and Banglalink’s eye catching newspaper ads has attracted a lot of customers for the Company.
  15. 15.  Advertisements through billboards Billboards are the cheapest and easiest way to catch the attention of the moving people of the city. The billboards of Banglalink are hung beside the busiest of roads and streets of the city. Where people travel frequently such as Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, uttara etc.
  16. 16.  Advertisement through Electronics media: Banglalink published their advertisement different channel as like- ntv, channel 1, Rtv, Bangla vision, ATN Bangla, radio today etc.
  17. 17. Popular ad of banglalink Banglalink Customer Care Banglalink Jaagoroner Gaan
  18. 18.  Transit Advertising: One of the most popular ways of advertising today is transit advertising, which are the ads on body of the big buses as majority of the people of the country uses them for traveling.
  19. 19. Personal Selling Personal presentation by the firm’s sales forces for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationship. Banglalink uses personal selling in different stages of marketing and distribution.
  20. 20. Sales promotion Sales promotion includes a wide way of tools that can attract consumer’s attraction, strong incentive of purchase, free gifts, discount and several types of occasional program.  Road show  Handbag Distribution  Scarf Distribution  Free sampling
  21. 21. Public Relation Public relation is used to promote products, people, places, ideas, activities, organizations and even nations. Public relation can also influence a product sales or brand awareness. Banglalink arrange meeting always with the wholesalers and retailer for maintaining a good relationship with them.
  22. 22. Social Commitment  Blood Donation program  Blanket distribution Program
  23. 23. Other Promotional Activities  Banglalink continues to play an active role in the area of corporate social responsibility.  Banglalink has given Dhaka International Airport-the gateway of Bangladesh a completely new look.  Provision of high quality passenger trolleys, phone booths, emergency charging station and beautification of the premises is an exemplary initiative which no other multinational has taken.  Banglalink also contributed to an important tiger conservation project in the Sundarbans, and continues to support the Cox’s bazar beach cleaning program.
  24. 24. Service offered by banglalink  Banglalink ISO facilitie  SMS  Banglalink Push-Pull      Service Health link Railway tickets available DESCO Bill Service: Music Station krishibazaar
  25. 25. Value added services  » information based     services » entertainment » data based services » call management services » mobile financial services
  26. 26. Latest package  Banglalink desh banglalink entered the market with a promise of making mobile telephony affordable for people. banglalink "desh" was launched in september 2006. banglalink desh is the best prepaid package for making calls to any network in any time.
  27. 27. Ad of Banglalink Desh
  28. 28. Banglalink desh ek rate Banglalink offers customers to enjoy a single rate of tk. 0.89/min to any number 24 hours a day. this offer is specially targeted towards those customers who want flat call rate throughout the day.
  29. 29. Ad of Banglalink Desh Ek Rate
  30. 30. Banglalink desh ek rate darun banglalink brings ek rate darun which has a highly competitive tariff option of tk. 1.09/min in 1st min and from 2nd min onwards tk. 0.69/min.
  31. 31. Banglalink desh rangdhanu banglalink has once again hit the market with another exciting offer rangdhonu! with this package, banglalink customers will be able to talk for half an hour by paying for only 5 minutes!
  32. 32. Banglalink desh 7fnf banglalink launches a new package with 7 fnf numbers to any operator. any prepaid customer can migrate to the new desh package by typing ‘reg’ and sending sms to 2000.
  33. 33. 1 second pulse banglalink has introduced 1 second pulse for its customers. the new banglalink desh 1 second package provides customers 1 second pulse to any operator any time of day. This means customers will now only pay as much as they talk and the charge is only 2 paisa/sec any time in any local number.
  34. 34. Banglalink desh special fnf banglalink presents yet another attractive package, banglalink desh special fnf. as the name suggests, now you can talk to someone special at only 29 paisa/minute. the package also includes two fnfs at only 59 paisa/minute. all prepaid customers can migrate to this package by typing reg and sending sms to 7363.
  35. 35. Banglalink desh obiram banglalink has launched banglalink desh obiram package for the customers who enjoy long calls.it offers lower call rate for longer conversation. Customers can enjoy lowest call rate of 25 paisa/minute in long conversations
  36. 36. Banglalink inspire banglalink inspire brings special new features for postpaid subscribers with remarkably low monthly line rent and call rates, along with the lots of fnf numbers and many other services and facilities!
  37. 37. Ad of Banglalink Desh Obiram
  38. 38. Special Offer Priyojon program banglalink launches priyojon program where customers can earn and redeem points to enjoy wonderful gifts. Priyojon boisakhi offer priyojon partnership program with walton priyojon partnership program with seagull
  39. 39. Banglalink internet packages p1: pay as you go p2: unlimited internet p3: night-time internet pack p4: daily pack p6: 1 gb p7: mini pack
  40. 40. Banglalink Confirms 3G Licenses The launch of 3G services could also assist in closing the "digital divide" which results in Bangladesh being poorly served by broadband internet services. A recent ITU report on telecoms in the Asia-Pacific region found that the minimum advertised broadband speed in countries such as Hong Kong and Japan is faster than the maximum broadband speed available in Bangladesh.
  41. 41. Current Promotion  get a free smartphone with banglalink     inspire! introducing post-paid unlimited bundle instant bonus offer banglalink 2012, 100% bonus talk time Exciting reactivation offer Exciting incentive for banglalink customers
  42. 42. Achievement in promotional activity  Banglalink award winning Advertisement Banglalink introduce advertisement that is different in nature and manner. Their advertisement was awarded for the touching of heart of the people of our country.
  43. 43. Banglalink Ad on Independence Day 2007 Targeting the corporate and SME segments, banglalink has launched "Banglalink Enterprise" with state of theart services including GPRS, corporate SMS broadcast,dedicated customer relationship management, andcustomized packages.they offer many packages in different occasion.
  44. 44. Ad of Independence Day 2007
  45. 45. Conclusion Banglalink is one of the largest foreign director investments in Bangladesh. The company, after its inception in February 2005, has grown rapidly into the leading mobile phone service of the country. They plan product price place promotion to satisfy their target market. they segment their market and plan variety promotional tools to promote their product. This variety promotional strategy help them to survive in the market and holding top position in the market .
  46. 46. THANK YOU