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Cathy Clarkson, Kirklees College, Mobiletech classipads


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Cathy Clarkson, Kirklees College, Mobiletech classipads

  1. 1. Action Research using iPads Cathy Clarkson Kirklees College
  2. 2. Background Teacher education Foundation learning maths ESOLESOL ESOL /Teacher education Technology for Learning Delivery L4 Course
  3. 3. The Project • Set up 8 iPads to be used as a class set; • 6 tutors have access to personal iPad for research purposes; • Introduce iPads in the classrooom & meet to share and discuss activities; • Agree to take part in interviews.
  4. 4. Questions • What can a group of tutors learn from each other in making effective use of mobile technologies with their students
  5. 5. iPad Whiteboard Apps
  6. 6. iPad Whiteboard Apps Rashid Code: 34328
  7. 7. The nature of iPad use THE IPAD AS A TOOL FOR EDUCATION A study of the introduction of iPads at Longfield Academy, Kent published by NAACE
  8. 8. Activity Take a photo of the Wordle Discuss your interpretation of the Tag Cloud Make of 30 second video of key points discussed & highlighting key words.
  9. 9. Activity Festival of Tech Code: 63301 Festival of T&L Code: 157CF61
  10. 10. iPad Whiteboard Apps Superman Code: 31420 Differentiated reading: Ss can read and listen ESOL 2 Code: 54676 Post by Kannika : Ss read alphabet & record themselves Football & Cleaning : ICT exam prep Post by Sylwia: language experience reading practice Post by Naziander: Ss listen and then practice reading Money Code: 47440 Ss identify the coins and answer the question
  11. 11. Findings ESOL Foundation learning ESOL /Teacher education maths ESOL ESOL Teacher education Science
  12. 12. Findings • Critical place of tutor dialogue : being inspired from & by each other. • Critical place of student voice • Taking risks and trying something new • Confidence with technical skills • Confidence with pedagogy of using technology ‘effectively’ • Access to the technology
  13. 13. Recommendations Give Tutors freedom to take risks Use peer obs as a vehicle for CPD Consider JPD as an ‘offer’ of CPD The 2014 Professional Standards: 20. Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others