What does central IT really cost? - An attempt to find out


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Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Director of IT at the University of York explores some of the issues she encountered in trying to understand the true costs of the central IT provision at the university

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What does central IT really cost? - An attempt to find out

  1. 1. What does central IT really cost? An attempt to find out! Heidi Fraser-Krauss Head of IT Services University of York
  2. 2. Why? • To understand where money is spent. • To be able to compare our costs with those of other providers- cloud….. • To be able to price services that we offer to others. • Curiosity! • To have evidence to argue for more resource. • To understand central vs. local provision costs.
  3. 3. Its worth noting….. Our methodology evolved, we had to start somewhere
  4. 4. How- understanding services? 1. Started with getting an understanding of our systems and services – DNS – Finance system – Active Directory – Storage 2. Listed physical and virtual servers and attributed each server to a service There were lots of gaps!
  5. 5. How- Costs? 3. Got a handle on license and maintenance costs – Hardware maintenance – O/S licences 4. Added up hardware capital costs 5. Worked out a cost for a virtual machine – – Physical infrastructure VM license
  6. 6. How- Costs? 7. Worked out a cost per Gb of storage – Differentiated tiers 8. Attributed these costs across the different services 9. Group heads allocated staff-time to the previously identified services 10. We attributed staff costs to services – Difficult to do as no time sheets – Accounted for time spent supporting non-central systems
  7. 7. Work in progress….. • Software license costs – To date a broad brush for major systems • Attribution of data centre costs – Capital – Running costs • More accurate attribution of power and cooling – Can do it per server • More sophisticated use of TraC costs • Add in depreciation of capital costs • Cover whole University
  8. 8. Keeping up to date • Attribute purchase orders to service • Once model in place and costs known shouldn’t be difficult to keep things up to date
  9. 9. Lessons learned • Need a firm grasp of services at a detailed level – Takes time – Things get missed out • Staff cost allocation without time sheets is a best guess. • We used an iterative approach for obtaining costs – This annoyed people – It could have been done in one iteration
  10. 10. Challenges • How to allocate network costs or other costs that are truly infrastructural? – How do you cost the network for student record system?
  11. 11. Some figures….. • Storage tiers /Gb/year – £2.33 NetApp – £0.31 Sunfire X45100 • • • • • • Wireless/year £338,000 PURE/year £41,000 Identity management/year £79,000 SITS/year £163, 000 Agresso/year £95, 100 VLE/year £155,000k
  12. 12. Thanks to…. Stefan Wielgosz Data Centre Manager Sarah Hall IT Accountant