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Ppt1 london -simon allen ( concurrent thinking ) welcome


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Ppt1 london -simon allen ( concurrent thinking ) welcome

  1. 1. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres • What is it? • Who does it apply to? ( me? ) • Only new DCs? • I’m planning to refurbish? • Who else has signed up? • Does it cost anything? • Why should I? • What are the benefits? • Any risk? • How do I sign up? ( Practical steps )
  2. 2. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Dec 6th 2012 Theme = Cooling “Meaningful Data Centre Mar 7th 2013 Theme = Monitoring Performance and Efficiency Metrics June 6 th 2013 Theme = The Ideal Metric for the Financial Sector” 7th February th Sept 5 2013 Theme = DCIM Canary WharfMorrisons, RBS, Tesco, Visa Europe, Bank of England, HSBC, Barclays, BT Engage, BT Plc , BUPA, Transport for London, University of the ArtsLondon, Cap Gemini, Claranet Ltd, Colocentric Limited, Colt Technology Services, CSC, Defra, Dell Corp Ltd, Department of Energy & ClimateChange, Digiplex, Equinix UK, Fidelity International, Future-Tech, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, hurleypalmerflatt, Imperial College,Johnson Controls, Libra Investment Services, Morgan Stanley, NextiraOne UK Ltd, Novartis, NTTE, Optimum Group Services, Red EngineeringDesign, Research In Motion, TalkTalk Technology, Telecity Group, Thomson Reuters, Virtus Data Centres, Visa Europe, Yahoo!, Zen Internet,Barclays Global Work Place Solutions, Colt, Digital Realty (UK) Limited , Equinix, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, GCPD, HM Land Registry, LondonSouth Bank University, Arup, Mace Group, MOD, Morgan Stanley, NYSE Technologies, Star
  3. 3. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
  4. 4. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres UK 2011 2.70GW 2012 2.85GW 2016 3.15GW 3rd biggest consumer of DC related energy 2012 Greenpeace estimates that data centres will use 1,963 billion kilowatt hours of electricity by 2020. That is more than the power currently consumed by France, Germany, Canada and Brazil combined
  5. 5. EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres London 03:00 Introduction Simon Allen Concurrent Thinking Welcome –The EU Code of 03:10 Mike Walker DEFRA Conduct - Background An Overview of the EU 03:20 Sophia Flucker Operational Intelligence Code of Conduct 03:40 Monitoring and Metrics Michael Rudgyard Concurrent Thinking Sharing Experiences from Kevin Cope & Alex 04:10 Imperial College EU Code of Conduct Yakimov Data Centres: The backbone 04:25 James Harbridge Intellect UK of the UK economy’
  6. 6. Hotel Russell – Library Suite1898, Charles Fitzroy Doll. The hotels restaurant, which isnamed after the architect, is said to be almost identical tothe RMS Titanics dining room which he also designed
  7. 7. Development of the CoC• A holistic approach is needed to reduce these figures • Ecodesign goes some way in reducing energy consumption:  Regulations currently in force for air conditioning products;  Regulations planned for computers & displays; and  Servers being assessed under 2012-2014 Ecodesign work plan.• Lack of steer from EU level resulted in development of CoC, led by EU Commission JRC, with support from Defra and BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT
  8. 8. What is it and why should you sign up?• EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres launched in London in November 2008• Voluntary Initiative to reduce energy consumption of data centres through adoption of best practices• Benefits:  Greener and more efficient data centres  original estimates indicated savings of up to 4.7MtCO2 in UK alone following successful implementation of the CoC  Large cost savings possible thanks to reduced energy bills, more efficient running of the data centre  CoC Logo makes you stand out from your competitors!
  9. 9. The CoC and the UK Government• Defra signed up as an Endorser in 2010• Our IT providers are a Participant to the CoC• Other Government Departments also requesting that their IT providers become signatories to the CoC• Looking to include CoC Best Practices within the upcoming Government Buying Standards for Data Centres