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University of Warwick Video Conferencing Service


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Jonathan Owen, Audi Visual Service at the University of Warwick describes the way that the university has improved the range of of the service it offers and greatly improved uptake, use and user satisfaction

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University of Warwick Video Conferencing Service

  1. 1. University of WarwickVideo Conferencing Service Jonathan Owen – Audio Visual Service Owner University of Warwick
  2. 2. Background• 24,000 FTE students.• 5000 staff.• 2010 – Warwick had a single video conferencing suite which was used 3 times per month.• It was identified that significant investment was required to create a new video conferencing service.Reduce Travel- Reduce Waste - Increase Collaboration
  3. 3. • Video conferencing system design was included in a campus wide network replacement project during 2010.• Phase 1 involved rolling out 5 new Cisco Telepresence suites across campus.• Telepresence was chosen due to it’s high quality and ease of use.
  4. 4. Benefits of Telepresence• 1080p HD video.• Directional audio combined with voice switched video.• People appear life size on the 65” screen.• Allows for direct eye contact.• Integrated lighting.• Meeting rooms designed around the technology to enhance the experience for all participants.• Compatible with traditional video conferencing systems.
  5. 5. Access to 250 Cisco Telepresence endpoints in Education
  6. 6. How did we promote the service?• Removed all charges and absorbed costs centrally.• Worked closely with departments to advise them how video conferencing could be used.• Managed all calls centrally.• Quickly expanded the service to include portable VC equipment.• Adopted a flexible approach which allowed us to adapt the service based on specific user requirements.• Employed a dedicated VC specialist to manage the service.
  7. 7. How is the service being used?• Interviews• Link to local schools• PhD Viva’s• Management meetings• Student engagement• Distance learning• Supporting staff and students with disabilities
  8. 8. International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY) Talking to students in Brunei, Pakistan and Canada using Cisco Telepresence unit connected to the JVCS Desktop service.
  9. 9. Institute of Advanced Teaching & Learning IATAL
  10. 10. Supporting Warwick’s International OfficeBuilding strategic relationships with other international Universities. Monash University – Australia Boston University - US
  11. 11. Warwick and Monashform global alliance
  12. 12. What was the impact? 40-60 Calls per monthGreater awareness of VC technology has lead to an increase in distance learning and international collaboration.
  13. 13. Video Conference Service Usage
  14. 14. Next Steps• Designing a new Video Portal to support distance learning and international collaboration.• Opening our doors to local SME’s and allowing them to use our video conferencing facilities.• Working with Warwick Manufacturing Group to create VC enabled design studios for partners in industry.
  15. 15. Questions?