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Insightswebinar23 janv2


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Community insights webinar 23rd Jan 2019

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Insightswebinar23 janv2

  1. 1. Digital experience insights Webinar 23 January 2019
  2. 2. Welcome from the digital experience insights team Ruth Drysdale – service manager Mark Langer-Crame – senior analyst Sarah Knight – service owner Clare Killen – content manager Darren Colquhoun – client support officer Lola Harre – research manager
  3. 3. • Introduction and background to insights, Sarah • Setting up your institutional insights project, Ruth • Getting started with insights, Mark • New developments, Ruth • Next steps Agenda
  4. 4. Introduction and background to the Digital experience insights service Sarah Knight Digital experience insights
  5. 5. Why run digital experience insights? Digital experience insights 1. With the high investment in the digital environment and supporting infrastructure, how do you know whether the investment is being made in the right places and realising benefits to overall student experience?
  6. 6. Why run digital experience insights? Digital experience insights 2. How are you co-developing your digital environment? 3. How are you engaging staff and students in these developments to ensure a high quality student experience? 4. What evidence of impact do you have to feed back into the development of your digital strategy?
  7. 7. Why run digital experience insights? Digital experience insights 5. How do you know how the digital experience of your students and staff compares with other institutions in higher or further education?
  8. 8. ‘Not just another survey…’ Digital experience insights
  9. 9. Who is using or has used digital experience insights (was previously known as tracker)? A. Yes, running 2018-19 survey for students only B. Yes, running 2018-19 survey for staff only C. Yes, running 2018-19 surveys for both staff and students D. Yes, participated in previous pilots but not signed up yet for 2018-19 E. Never participated Digital experience insights
  10. 10. What is digital experience insights? 1. A tried and tested (over three years) student and staff survey, made up of: • Closed questions that can be benchmarked • Open questions for local analysis • Add or customise further questions 2. A student and staff engagement process, supported by our guidance 3. A community of practice around the insights process and findings (including student representatives) 4. Compare student feedback with teaching staff views and organisational factors 5. Professional services staff pilot survey, TNE and research insights pilots for 2019 Digital experience insights
  11. 11. Insights report 2018 • Our 2017-18 student survey collected data from a total of 37,720 students - 14,292 FE learners - 23,428 HE students • 36 FE colleges,4 sixth form colleges and 43 universities – approximately 16% of UK colleges and 30% of UK universities • Report of 2018 insights findings: survey-18 • At a glance: summary of 2018 insights findings: exp-insights-summary-18 37,720 students surveyed across 83 UK institutions Digital experience insights
  12. 12. Staff insights 2018 pilot report • Four colleges and 11 universities across England, Scotland and Wales piloted the surveys • 376 college responses • 1,545 university responses • The survey contained 17 items (mini-survey) or 47 items (full version) • Core questions were benchmarkable • Customisable questions 1,921 teachers surveyed across 15 institutions as a pilot
  13. 13. Digital experience insights 2018: ANZ Due to be released this week • 30 % of universities across the 2 countries • A mean average of 864 responses per university • Students studying in ANZ universities, have very similar expectations and experiences of technology to those of our UK students • Some differences: • ANZ students take part in significantly more digital activities than UK students • However, they want digital technologies to be used less on their course 21,095 students surveyed across 13 universities in Australia and New Zealand
  14. 14. Other outputs expected •Exploring the student digital experience: student, staff and organisational factors •Digital learning activities briefing •Enabling an excellent student digital experience – briefing for HE and FE leaders •Supporting students to improve their digital experience – update to the NUS Jisc Student experience •Supporting students with digital learning: Briefing for teaching staff in HE and FE Digital experience insights Will be available from service/our-reports/
  15. 15. Any questions? Digital experience insights
  16. 16. Setting up your insights project Ruth Drysdale Digital experience insights
  17. 17. Institutional insights project 4. Enhance student digital experience 1. Plan 3. Analyse Digital Experience Insights  Student  Teaching Staff Senior Champion Project team Working group Stakeholders: SU , IT, library, academics Benchmark Recommendations Change initiated Feedback to respondents on changes Enhance services 3. Survey Governance Survey set up in BOS Design local questions Lunch surveys BOS or export Into excel SPSS NVIVO Quantitative and Qualitative analysis Monitor responses Report to SE Governance groups Surveys start & end dates Sampling cohort Budget Communication plan Prizes? Link to other SE Datasets NSS, modular feedback
  18. 18. Digital experience insights service and institutional activities
  19. 19. Any questions? Digital experience insights
  20. 20. Insights process and quick guide to getting started and running your project Mark Langer-Crame Digital experience insights
  21. 21. Insights process 2018-19 You: Submit ‘expression of interest’ online We: Send quote for cost, ‘sign- up’ form and ‘terms and conditions’ You: Return completed ‘sign-up’ form (and purchase order, if applicable) We: Send you the ‘getting started’ form asking about your current digital experience and which surveys you want You: Return the ‘getting started’ form We: provide access to Jisc online surveys and master copies of surveys you want You: Copy, customise, launch your surveys (full guidance provided) We: Close surveys (30 April for students and 28 June for staff), benchmark -ing data available shortly after
  22. 22. Quick guide to getting started & running your project • Log into Jisc online surveys and make copies of the survey(s) you require • Customise your additional questions (if you wish to) – main questions cannot be changed to allow benchmarking • Prepare engagement strategy with students and staff to ensure high response rate • Decide who want to survey – all students/staff or sample? • Check survey(s) and launch
  23. 23. Quick guide to getting started & running your project • Monitor survey response and send reminders to complete • Close survey(s) and download data from Jisc online surveys into Excel, SPSS etc (and also download benchmarking results) • Carry out analysis -review statistical data and charts for key messages • Report and communicate – produce reports and present findings to students, staff and key stakeholders – with key recommendations • Full guidance on all these steps and more can be found at
  24. 24. Any questions? Digital experience insights • Have you launched your surveys? • Any challenges? • How are you engaging your staff and students?
  25. 25. New developments Ruth Drysdale Digital experience insights
  26. 26. • Eight new institutional case studies see • Three video case studies –University of Stirling, Canterbury Christ Church University and City of Wolverhampton College • Service animation • Professional services staff pilot • Transnational education pilot • Research insights pilot • See • Contact Ruth Drysdale for further information on how to participate New guidance & support Digital experience insights
  27. 27. Any questions? #digitalstudent
  28. 28. Join us for the next community of practice event on 22 May 2019 at the Studio, Birmingham #digitalstudent Join our community of practice: COP Follow our blog:
  29. 29. Follow developments • Report of 2018 insights findings: • At a glance: summary of 2018 insights findings: summary-18 • Report on 2018 staff insights and ANZ report: • Digital experience insights service site: • Join the insights community of practice: digitalinsights-cop • If you would like to enquire about how to participate in insights please register your interest by filling out our form: insights Digital experience insights
  30. 30. Get in touch… Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY Digital experience insights Sarah Knight Ruth Drysdale #digitalstudent Digital experience insights