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Slides used to provide an overview of Business and Community Engagement activities undertaken by JISC Advance.

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  • In doing so we’ll cover the four points shown above.
  • Started -
    Simon Whittemore is the programme manager.
    Current tranche -
    Total funding -
    Tender for the evaluation is to go out soon -
    Planning underway for the next three years.
  • Hello - Andy Stewart
    Physical world
    Unfortunately Rob Allen couldn’t be here
    Set up in 2008
    Maintain active relationship: prog - advance
    1st 2 years - 6 projects
    A range of staff development activities
    Online presence
    Support and synthesis

  • It may not be known to everyone here but we actually have an abundance of information already available from a range of resources.

    JISC Website - More formal information about individual projects such as duration, cost, general overview and any final reports that come from those.
    JISC Advance Website - Signposts resources available from across the services and RSCs.
    BCE Blog - Provides highlights, news and updates on BCE what’s going on in and around the area.
    We also try our hardest to publish resources that come out of events, meetings so that others can make use of the information in different ways. So for example we have YouTube and SlideShare accounts.

    Having worked in this sector for 7 years now I know how frustrating multiple sources of information can be, so if i was to give you one tip in keeping up-to-date with BCE it would be to use the blog whether you look at it regularly, register for updates via email or add it to your RSS reader. If anyone wants to know more about those functions feel free to grab me afterwards.
  • A&E
    Supporting Staff Training, CPD and Exchange
    SME Engagement
    Embedding BCE
    Bottom of what aid/prevents BCE becoming embedded
    Focus on systems and processes
    Particularly those from functions within an college/institutions
    The project completed Dec 09 and is available online
    SME e-Empowerment
    Not to be confused with the engagement project
    Producing a package - colleges/institutions - SMEs
    Focuses on online proficiency
    Trialling Collaborative Online Tools for BCE
    Focus on external partnerships - crossing the boundary
    8 Trials - Elluminate, Ning, CRM Systems, Blogs etc.
  • And finally we’d just like to thank everyone in the room for what we’ve achieved to date. Everyone now recognises BCE as a strategic priority and it’s presence as one of the JISC Advance strategic themes is evidence to that. The time and effort in contributing to this agenda over the last couple of years has been fantastic. Thank you.

  • JISC Advance - BCE

    1. 1. JISC Advance Business & Community Engagement (BCE) Marc Dobson & Andrew Stewart www.jisc.ac.uk/bce
    2. 2. Outline 1) JISC BCE Programme 2) JISC Advance BCE Team 3) JISC BCE Presence 4) JISC Advance BCE Projects
    3. 3. JISC BCE Programme “Strategic management of relationships with external partners and clients, and of the associated services.”
    4. 4. JISC Advance BCE Team Rob Allen r.s.allen@newcastle.ac.uk Marc Dobson marc.dobson@newcastle.ac.uk Andrew Stewart a.stewart@northumbria.ac.uk
    5. 5. BCE Presence
    6. 6. JISC Advance BCE Projects 1)Awareness & Education 2)Staff Training, CPD and Exchange 3)SME Engagement 4)Embedding BCE 5)SME e-Empowerment 6)Trialling of Collaborative Online Tools
    7. 7. Thank you
    8. 8. Links to Resources • http://www.jisc.ac.uk/bce • http://www.jiscadvance.ac.uk/external-engagement • http://bce.jiscinvolve.org/bce • http://www.youtube.com/user/jiscbce • http://www.slideshare.net/jisc_bce JISC-BCE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
    9. 9. Links to Projects • http://bceawareness.jiscinvolve.org • http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/bce/embedding-bce • http://www.netskills.ac.uk/content/projects/2008/ jisc-bce-cpd/index.html • http://collaborativetools4bce.jiscinvolve.org • http://www.techdis.ac.uk/index.php?p=2_5