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Bless Ur Heart


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Bless Ur Heart

  1. 2. Create Txt Msg Text [152/160] Abc SEND Options Bless ur heart, tramp is bout a southern's woman take on da south. Its goes ova stuff like how we talk and dress & da social life southern ppl live. &ICanOnlyBeMe
  2. 3. “ Bless Your Heart, Tramp” is a book full of satire. Satire is, in simple terms, making fun of a person, object, or subject. Sarcasm and parody are strong features of it.
  3. 4. <ul><li>&quot;I really loathe [the bumper sticker] 'Proud Parent of a Terrific Kid!' Why not a bumper sticker for the unlucky parents, something like: 'My Fifteen-Year-Old's in Detox and Not Speaking to Any of Us' or 'My Kid Robbed a 7-Eleven and is in a Center for Youthful Offenders.'&quot; [Bumper stickers should be more realistic.] </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;Never marry something until you've established the perfect pizza ratio...The premise is simple. My husband and I knew we were made for each other because we're a 6:2 ratio, six slices for him and two for me...Never marry a man who wants two slices one week and four the next. They're undependable and highly unpredictable and will likely dump you for some Internet honey who says she doesn't mind his back hair.&quot; [Basing a marriage off of the pizza ratio is a ridiculous way to determine the longevity of a marriage.] </li></ul>Examples Of Satire In “ Bless Your Heart , Tramp ” ” Continued -->
  4. 5. <ul><li>&quot;I'd sooner wear white shoes in February, drink unsweetened tea, and eat Miracle Whip instead of Duke's than utter the words 'you guys'.&quot; [Northerners are not fond of the word “yall” so Rivenbark pokes fun at their practices] </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;Jehovah's Witness are welcomed into my home...You gotta respect anybody who gets all dressed up in Sunday clothes and goes door-to-door on days so hot their high heels sink a half-inch into the pavement...The trick is to do all the talking yourself. Pretty soon, they'll look at their watches and say, 'Speaking of end times, wouldja look at what time it is now!'&quot; [Rivenbark noticed that Jehovah Witnesses love to do all the talking when they come visit you.] </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;Severe isn't a word normally associated with a cold. Severe is for weather or third-degree burns...No one responds 'severe' when someone asks how her cold is. In fact, nine out of ten Americans respond to 'How's your cold' with 'It sucks.' So there should be an It Sucks cold formula.&quot; [ Silliness of the names of the types of cold medicines] </li></ul>
  5. 6. Celia Rivenbark Jelissa Thomas Yes, I can make a connection with the author! Mrs. Celia and I were born and raised in the South and also reside in North Carolina now. While reading her book, some of the subject she commented on were what I had noticed occurring in my Southern life.
  6. 7. Compare & Contrast--> “A Study In Scarlet” A Study in Scarlet was written back in the late nineteenth century and based in England. It is also a detective mystery novel. The language and the author's style of writing to me can be described as “proper and standard”. In Tramp the writing is more laid back and is directed toward the reader. Scarlet is in third-person narration. Tramp is also written in the 21 st century and based right here in the South;North Carolina. In my opinion there are no comparisons that can be made between these books. They are different genres, style, and everything else.
  7. 8. This IS a MUST-READ for all my Southern women!